What I Wore Lately Vol. 128

Hi friends! Happy Hump Day! It’s time for another edition of What I Wore Lately.

These are my real life outfits as of late, so they aren’t especially creative, and of course, they all feature The Boot. But, the show must go on! As usual, I did my best to link up similar styles and more budget-friendly options when it makes sense.

Two Weeks of Everyday Outfits

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small or medium in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans and pants, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

These first few photos actually date back to before we went to Florida for Spring Break! This was the day I went to see my podiatrist to get the results of my MRI. It seems so long ago, and yet… I’m still in The Boot!

Vuori jacket c/o (S) // Zella tee (M) // Vuori joggers c/o (M) // On Cloud sneaker (9) with shoe leveler // Lagos hoops // Capital Z sling bag c/o

This might have been the first time I wore real clothes (other than activewear) after my injury. Some of our friends came over and brought dinner, so I decided to see if The Boot fit under these wide leg jeans.

Michael Stars pullover (S) // KUT from the Kloth Meg (6) // On Cloud sneaker (9) with shoe leveler

This next outfit is from Easter Sunday. I didn’t have a lot of footwear options because I didn’t want to wear sneakers, but I needed a shoe that would offset the height of The Boot. Plus, it was still chilly here in Pennsylvania, so I wanted to wear a closed toe.

The heel on these slingbacks actually worked out, and these ecru kick flares fit over The Boot, so I recreated this outfit from my trip to Sarasota in February. I topped it off with a denim shirt jacket for extra warmth and added interest. I love how these earrings coordinate with the colors in the outfit.

AG Chiro Jacket (S) (similar for less) // Wit & Wisdom jeans (6) // similar belt (M) // Treasure & Bond sweater (S) // Steve Madden pump – 40% off (8) // Dragon Diffusion bag (similar for less) // earrings // similar necklace // cuff bracelet

I’ve worn this Spanx AirEssentials set several times over the past few weeks. It’s super comfy while looking somewhat put together, and the pants fit easily over The Boot.

Spanx AirEssentials Half Zip (S) // Spanx AirEssentials Wide Leg Pants (M) // Brooks Ghost sneakers (9) // Longchamp tote

And this is another “outfit” — if you can call it that — I wore quite a bit in those early days with The Boot, simply because it’s so comfy.

Treasure & Bond sweater (S) // Athleta Balance Flares (S) // On Cloud sneaker (9)

I think this was one of my first trips to physical therapy. I usually wear some variation on this look.

Vuori jacket c/o (S) // old Vuori tee (S) // Vuori joggers c/o (M) // Brooks Ghost sneakers (9)

And this was what I wore to one of our many Indoor Drumline events over the past few weeks. These Sketchers espadrilles aren’t as sporty as sneakers, but they’re the perfect height to offset The Boot.

Also, my MOTHER Weekenders are on sale at Bloomingdale’s! These jeans are so versatile; they’re one of the only pairs in my closet that I can wear with both sneakers and heels.

Varley zip-up (S) // colorblock tee (S) // MOTHER Weekender (29) // Sketchers espadrille (8)

I wore this to church a couple weeks ago. It’s rather plain without a topper, but I love it with the swing trench from LOFT, which unfortunately sold out almost as soon as I got mine. It has just been restocked in a few sizes, plus I linked a similar option below.

Nordstrom stripe sweater (S) // LOFT trench (S) (similar) // Frame Le Easy Flare (29) (similar for less) // Sketchers espadrille (8) // Lagos hoops

This was a casual day at home after a photo shoot with Alison here at the house. It’s been warming up here, so I’ve taken to wearing shorts whenever I can because they don’t interfere with The Boot.

Faherty stripe top (also at Nordstrom) (S) // KUT from the Kloth Porkchop Shorts (6) // Paul Green sneakers (8) // Jenny Bird earrings

I wore this next outfit to PT one day last week because all of my activewear was in the wash, and it worked out just fine. I also had a manicure appointment that afternoon, and my sweet husband drove me since the girls were both busy. (Last time, I bribed one of them with a pedicure.) I’m pretty sure Paul is more eager for me to start driving again than I am!

taped half zip (S) // AG Becke shorts (29) ( similar for less) // Brooks Ghost sneaker (9) // Lagos hoops

And then I wore this to church last Sunday, and out to lunch afterwards. I prefer this outfit with a more open sandal, but this espadrille has a platform that’s the perfect height with The Boot, and the top does have some black stripes, so it worked okay.

stripe popover (S) // KUT from the Kloth Meg (6) // Sketchers espadrille (8) // Jenny Bird earrings // YSL belt (similar for less)

I changed into this casual look for the afternoon after church.

Madewell top (S) // KUT from the Kloth shorts (6) // Birks in Metallic Black (39)

I wore these new white shorts with a black smocked tank on Monday after I got back from PT. I actually wore sneakers with the lace-up brace for most of the day, but I took this picture with these slides before putting the brace and sneakers back on. I’m really tired of looking at that boot!

These slides are super comfortable with a supportive molded footbed, and I’ve been shuffling around in them occasionally when I don’t feel like putting on the boot or the lace-up brace. I know it’s too soon to go without support, but occasionally I need to hop up to let the dog out or something, and these feel more substantial than hobbling around in my bare feet.

Evereve tank (S) // KUT from the Kloth shorts (8) // Dolce Vita sandals (also at Zappos and Bloomies) (7.5)

And then I threw this outfit on again yesterday. It was at the front of my closet, so easy to grab and go.

This is how the lace-up brace in the sneaker looks. It’s marginally better than The Boot, but it doesn’t give me as much flexibility with footwear options. Oh, well. This too shall pass! The most important thing is to protect my fragile ankle from any further injury while I regain my strength and mobility.

Madewell top (S) // KUT from the Kloth shorts (6) // Brooks Ghost sneakers (9)

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17 Responses

  1. Great post! As someone who’s been dealing with back and hip pain, these posts are more helpful than you realize! Loving all the outfit inspiration with sneakers and more comfortable shoes. Hoping to see you continue to feature more stylish ways to wear comfort shoes even when the foot gear is gone 😃.

  2. Only you can look stylish in a boot, but I hope you are healing.
    I love a black t-shirt/tank top and white shorts. One of my favorite outfits for the summer.

  3. All the outfits look good with sneakers. I’ve never seen anyone wear dress shoes with a boot like you did with the slides. I hope you don’t rush into regular shoes and not heal properly. You may suffer consequences later. It’s probably colder where you live and you don’t have to wear shorts. You can hide the new sock thing in jeans and sneakers.

  4. Hi Jo-Lynne, I’m curious as to how would you rate the Brooks Ghost sneakers for running? Do they run TTS?

  5. I purchased the Sam Edelman straw/leather slides that you featured a few weeks ago. My foot is very narrow, but they fit relatively well for a slide. The heel is fairly heavy. Did you find that they “flip/flop” quite a bit as you walk, or is that just my narrow foot? They are so pretty.

  6. You look great in everything! As someone who had foot surgery, please don’t rush it. I have complete recovery, but it wasn’t fast. How do you like the Longchamp tote and would you recommend the natural color for a good, casual summer bag? Thank you!

  7. Great post. You did such a great job and look great in all the photos working around your boot/brace. I don’t see the boot, but you and the outfits. I like all the outfits too. I know it has been such a long ordeal for you. Until you mentioned not driving, I had forgotten that aspect of it. So hard to have to rely on someone else to drive you places. I hope he will release you to drive soon. You are fortunate to have the girls and Paul when needed. Don’t do too much without any support. I’m afraid the dog could trip you up or something and you loose your balance and end up re-injuring it. Since your mom lives so far away, I’ll be your mom’s voice. LOL You are a good sport and I know you will soon be up and out walking and doing your thing. Thanks for all you do to with this blog. Its a fun one. You have been so helpful in many areas of fashion.

  8. I think that you have done a great job with putting together outfits while wearing the medical boot. I really like the striped cap sleeve top. What you’re going through with your ankle is bringing back a lot of memories for me. The brace I had to wear forced me to buy a larger pair of sneakers, which I still have, since I never know when I’ll need them again. I had to wear multiple pairs of socks on the good foot to keep my foot in them. Oh, and the many times that Larry has had to do all of the driving while I was on the mend. Both of my ankles are very weak and always will be, so I play it smart with the shoes I wear, making sure I have the necessary support to protect them. I’m so thankful that you did not need surgery and that you were not confined to a wheelchair. This inconvenience will be over soon, so keep hanging in there!

  9. I will tell you what my foot surgeon told me. He allowed me to drive with a flip flop in case I should be pulled over by the police. But I had to put the boot back on when I got to my destination. It worked just fine. You could ask about doing that. Not driving stinks!

    1. Interesting! I don’t think I had enough mobility to operate the pedals until now. Especially not the lateral movements from one pedal to the other. My injury isn’t a break, but torn ligaments. I do think I could do it now though, with the brace and sneaker. Or with a flip flop. I am going to try it out this weekend.

      1. I had forgotten until I read the above suggestion about driving—when I mangled my ankle several years ago & could finally wear a brace, I remember that I practiced driving in my long driveway to be sure I could manage the pedals! I just backed up & drove forward a few times to make sure I could do it safely. I actually borrowed a bigger sneaker from my daughter to fit the brace—she’s a size larger. Good luck with your recovery!

      2. Take into account that you may have to brake fast and hard. You could hurt your foot with flip flops if they’re flimsy.

  10. I am so thankful for this post! Today was the first day I left my house since my accident and surgery. I just wore my Athleta Balance flares with a t-shirt and a platform sneaker. It’s the first time I’ve gotten out of my pajamas. I giggled about you bribing your daughter to drive you! I might do something similar. I can’t have a pedicure because I’m also in a soft cast inside The Boot to protect my incisions and abrasions. But I can still have my toenails painted! I’m so glad you are doing better!!

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