What I Wore Lately Vol. 124

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for another edition of What I Wore Lately, which is a roundup of my everyday outfits over the past couple of weeks.

What I Wore Lately: 2 Weeks of Everyday Outfits

I wore this first outfit to meet a friend for lunch a couple weeks ago. It was a chilly day, but bright and sunny. I always love a light neutral outfit, and the way the plaid coat adds a subtle pattern to the look.

I don’t love the rounded toe boots with the flares, though. I chose them because they have a lot block heel and are good for walking on uneven sidewalks, but an almond-shaped toe would look a lot better.

old Vince sweater (S) // FRAME denim (29) (option) // Aquatalia boots (8) // Ferragamo belt (90) (option) // old plaid coat (S) // similar necklace // Jenny Bird earrings

This is another old favorite Vince sweater that I’ve had for several years. Both this and the one above were purchased at a deep discount at Saks OFF 5TH. It’s always worth taking a look to see if they have any good finds from your favorite designer brands.

Conventional wisdom states you should wear flares with heels, or at the very least a pointy toe flat, but I’m kind of liking these with sneakers right now. It just has a laidback, casual vibe that appeals to me, and I feel like the chunky shoe and width of the leg opening balance my hips and shoulders.

old Vince sweater (S) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // P448 sneakers (39) // Clare V. Midi Sac // Yurman earrings & necklace

Another casual outfit… my life has been pretty ho-hum lately. I do love this pullover right now, though. It’s fun and different from my usual sweaters. A great little transition piece!

Michael Stars pullover (S) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // LØCI sneakers (39) // Lagos earrings

This is what I wore to meet a friend for coffee and then to drive down to Cape May for a weekend getaway with Paul. This Z Supply pullover is another Evereve find that’s a nice weight and super soft inside.

I’ve been reaching for these tops more than my sweaters lately, even though it’s still very cold here in Philly. I’m kind of tired of sweaters, and these are a nice change of pace. Plus, they’re wash-and-wear, whereas I dry clean most of my sweaters.

Varley jacket (S) // Z Supply pullover (S) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // VEJA sneakers (39) // B-Low the Belt (M) // similar necklace // Lagos earrings

I changed for the evening, once we got settled into our room at Congress Hall. We went to Grana BYOB for an early Valentine’s Day dinner, and I highly recommend it, if you’re ever in the area!

camel topcoat with ivory Vince blouse and FRAME flare jeans

J.Crew Daphne Topcoat (6) // Vince blouse (S) // FRAME denim (29) (option) // Vince booties (8) // Ferragamo belt (M) (option) (option) // similar necklace // Lagos earrings // similar bag

I wore my new Frank & Eileen button-up and pants the next morning for a hotel tour, but it was cooler than I anticipated, so I changed before we went out to check out the shops and walk the promenade.

Frank & Eileen Button-Up and Derry Illusion Pull-On Pants

Frank & Elieen Button-Up Shirt c/o (S) // Derry Illusion Pull-On Pant c/o (29) // VEJA sneakers (39) // similar necklace

When we went out, I wore the same outfit that I traveled in the day before, but with a different top. This is the promenade, which runs along the beach. It was paved after the last wooden boardwalk was destroyed in a nor’easter.

Varley jacket (S) // Evereve colorblock tee (S) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // VEJA sneakers (39) // B-Low the Belt (M) // similar necklace // Lagos earrings

I changed yet again to go to dinner that night. It probably wasn’t necessary, as we ended up just going downstairs to The Boiler Room at our hotel, which is very casual.

Treasure & Bond sweater (S) // FRAME denim (29) (option) // Vince boots (8) // similar necklace // Lagos earrings

I wore my comfy Spanx set to drive home on Sunday. I was going to bring my new Frank & Eileen travel set, but I thought I’d prefer long pants since it was so chilly.

Spanx Air Essentials Travel Set

Spanx Air Essentials Half Zip (S) // Wide Leg Pants (M) // VEJA sneakers (39) // Lagos earrings // similar necklace

I spent the next day at home, mostly working and catching up on house stuff, so I kept it casual and comfy with these Vuori pieces. You might say I have a thing for black matching sets. This one is especially cozy and nice for chilly winter days.

Vuori Granite Funnel Neck (S) // Vuori Granite Jogger (M) // UGG slippers (8) // Lagos earrings

I have no pictures of what I wore last Tuesday. All I remember is spending half the night in the ER with my daughter.

The next day, I got dressed to go to a few appointments, and it was freezing, so I wore my faux shearling coat.

These are the same jeans as I wore with sneakers, above, and while I still like the more casual look, I have to say, I like them even better with a pointed toe heel. These boots are perfect with them.

Vince coat (option) // Jenni Kayne sweater (S) (option) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // Dolce Vita boots (8) // Lagos earrings // Yurman bracelet

I changed to host some friends that night for dinner because I thought I probably didn’t want to wear a white cashmere sweater to make tacos.

I think I like this top better with black jeans, as worn above, but it works with blue jeans too.

Z Supply pullover (S) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // P448 sneakers (39) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant // Yurman bracelet

Thursday morning, I was all dressed and ready for a photo shoot, when my daughter came into my bathroom with a weird rash, so back to the ER we went! (We later learned, that is a rare complication of mono.)

I actually took this picture the next day, after a nail appointment… notice the color change; I recreated the look since I had forgotten to get one on Thursday.

Evereve tape trim hoodie (M) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // P448 sneakers (39)

This is what I actually wore on Friday, and yes, I realize I showed pretty much this same outfit at the top of the post, but that’s the partly the point of sharing what I wear…

I have no problem repeating outfits, in fact, I highly recommend it. These pieces are all pricey, and I’m always preaching cost per wear.

Michael Stars pullover (S) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // P448 sneakers (39)

Speaking of which, I wore the same jeans and sneakers again on Monday. (I don’t have any pictures from Saturday and Sunday; I was pretty worn out, and didn’t do anything with myself. We were back in the ER on Saturday evening to recheck bloodwork and make sure things were trending in the right direction.)

Gap Factory sweater (S) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // P448 sneakers (39)

Finally, yesterday I wore a different pair of jeans! I have a women’s Bible study I like to attend, but I’ve been pretty sporadic in my attendance as of late, and twice they’ve called a snow day. I finally got myself over there yesterday, and I’m so glad I did. I always leave feeling encouraged and focused on what really matters.

stripe sweater (S) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // similar loafers // Lagos earrings

And that’s it for this week! I always feel like I need to apologize when my outfits are this redundant, but again, that’s sort of the point.

Most of us have something of a seasonal uniform we fall back on, especially during stressful times. I haven’t felt especially creative with outfits lately, and it’s comforting to have some go-to wardrobe pieces and outfit combos I know I can throw on without much thought and feel comfortable and put together, no matter what curveballs life throws at me.

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  1. I feel terrible for you and your daughter, I know first hand how she feels ….. I had it my Junior year … had a relapse and was hospitalized ….. I missed the whole year of school … truthfully, prenatal vitamins helped me the most … my Doctor prescription them and without them I don’t know what I would have done . I am sending her hugs and prayers to all of you 🙏🏻

  2. I’m 5’5” and I have a longer torso and short legs. I usually wear a size 28 or 29 regular length but they are just a tad too long, like an inch so I have about 5 pairs of pants I need to have altered. My question for you is, are frayed hems going out soon? I can cut a few myself but I do t want to do that if they are on their way out. The jeans I’m altering are straight and boot cut. Thanks for your advice!

    1. I’m still seeing both finished hems and raw hems out there, I can’t predict when they’re gonna start to look updated, but I wouldn’t hesitate to cut them if you like the look.

  3. Hi- I’m just wondering about the Gap Factory sweater link. It takes me to a v-neck tee shirt (at least that’s how they describe it) but the one you’re wearing looks like a crewneck sweater. Is this the correct link?
    I like the one in your photo!

  4. The link to the pink Gap Factory sweater takes you to a pink t shirt? I really like the sweater and I know Gap prices are usually good. Just wondering if you could fix the link or are they out.
    Thank you!

  5. I’m sorry for your daughter. 🙏You make a good point about wearing often the clothes you paid a lot of money for. I do a lot of repeats too. I’ve been wearing my flares with sneakers too. They have a raw hem too. I love all the flare jean outfits. My eyes have adjusted to flares and wide legs to see them as really sharp and anything else like straight or slim are just okay. Too me they are just practical because you don’t need a

  6. I always enjoy these posts and appreciate what a pain it must be to take a photo of yourself every day. Thank you, Jo-Lynne.

    I’ve been visiting family and watching some morning TV– we don’t even have cable– and I am noticing that all of the female newscasters and many home repair/Home renovation personalities are wearing layered necklaces. They’re not neatly spaced or anything like that and I like the look. I’d love to see a post on this trend. I’m intrigued but don’t know where to start if I copied the look.

    1. Eh, it’s pretty much a habit at this point, lol! And I do like having the documentation. I delete all of the outtakes but usually save one of each on my phone. (At least, one of each of the ones I like, haha!)

      I will have to take a look and see what you mean. I never watch TV these days. I miss HGTV. I need a new show!

  7. Hope your daughter is feeling better.
    Love all of the outfits! I especially like the flairs with sneakers-it’s refreshing since the past few years it was suggested by sales people at Nordstrom or other store to wear a a heel or pointy toe; unfortunately I can’t do that with finicky feet. I just need to get some new sneakers with arch support:))

  8. Don’t apologize for redundant outfits! I think all of us do the same, and it’s what keeps it authentic. And I fully agree about wearing pieces as much as possible to justify cost per wear! Thanks for the reminder about Saks off 5th, I always forget about them! Hope Becca is starting to feel better.

  9. I’m so glad your daughter is starting to feel better! We are praying for complete healing for her.
    I was wondering if you have had the chance to try the Tarte cosmetics dab and go concealer that you showed us a few weeks ago? I need something for around my hairline

  10. Sorry to hear about your daughter! I had mono in high school and I remember being exhausted! It really took its toll as far as future late nights! Just couldn’t do it! Hope she’s feeling better soon!
    I too have favorite repeat outfits! Which makes me think I might not need as much in clothing as I think 🤷‍♀️

  11. You look pulled together and so lovely in all your photos. I understand seasonal uniform dressing during stressful times: I wore simple jeans, sweaters, and sneakers throughout December, January, and February. It’s been a hectic season as we helped our three grown children move states for job changes, worry from a close family member’s dire illness, our illnesses, the birth of two new grandsons, and all the travel it entails. Whew, it overwhelms me to type it. It is nice to throw on a simple outfit, knowing I look pulled together, too. As always, I love your blog!

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