Early Spring Styles On Sale at Gap Factory

We may still have snow on the ground here in Philly, but it’s getting light earlier, and I hear the birds in the mornings, and I’m already thinking ahead to spring fashion.

Gap Factory is running a sale with up to 75% off, plus an extra 10% off your purchase with code GFSAVE, and they have some really nice early spring styles that play into the current trends!

This is the best little beachy hoodie. It has a great slouchy silhouette, but it’s on the shorter side, so it still looks cute with jeans or shorts and your favorite tee.

And love the released hem on these wide leg jeans. Lighter washes, exaggerated hems, and relaxed denim styles are trending this season, and these check all of those boxes.

This striped tee is another nice spring wardrobe basic that’s perfect for layering now and wearing alone when it warms up. You can wear it with the scoop neck in the back, or in the front. This is how it looks with it in the back.

I also really like the longer sleeve length. For size reference, I sized up to a medium in this tee.

I also styled these jeans with a lightweight ribbed tee that makes another nice piece for transition season.

It has a relaxed, easy fit, with a wide v-neck and a seam detail down the front, and I love the color combination of the light blue denim with light pink top.

Here’s how it looks styled with a classic straight leg jean. This is the Medium Masco wash, and they run true to size.

Finally, there’s been a lot of chatter about matching travel sets lately, and this polo sweatshirt and wide leg pants in this pretty shade of green are super comfy and soft inside.

I especially love the cut of the top, with the polo neck and straight relaxed fit. The length is perfect for leaving out for a streamlined appearance, or you can give it a front-tuck if you want to highlight your waist.

The wide leg pants have a nice, easy fit, as well. They aren’t crazy wide, and they have a nice drape.

Plus, you can separate these pieces and wear the sweatshirt with jeans and the wide leg pants with a t-shirt and denim jacket, to extend your cost per wear. These also come in a pretty beige and a classic black.

If you’re looking to refresh your closet for this transitional time of year, you’ll definitely want to check out Gap Factory while this sale is going on. They have so many current styles at great prices!

Shop more of my favorites from the Gap Factory sale:

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  1. Love Gap Factory and love all three of these outfits. I often have trouble convincing myself to spend a lot on clothes because I know most pieces won’t last long in my wardrobe. Gap Factory has such decent quality for the price point.

  2. Yesterday I received my Gap Factory order – the green sweatshirt and matching wide legged pants and the pink top (both you have styled above.) I Immediately put on the sweatshirt and pants. So comfortable. Cannot wait to wear the pink top. Feeling like spring here in North Carolina!

  3. I’m so glad I found your site. You offer a wide range of clothing options and styling ideas and I’ve bought some items you’ve highlighted. I have a question about fabrics. I have never been able to wear polyester, it reacts unpleasantly with my body chemistry. And as I’m learning more about what is in our food, our clothing, our environment, it’s a little overwhelming to learn there is so much we are consuming and wearing that could be/is toxic. Regarding fabrics, polyester, rayon, acetate, and nylon are some of the most concerning. Which is disappointing because so many pieces I see on your and other sites that I like end up containing a large (sometimes total) percentage of those synthetic fabrics. It’s impossible to be all things to everyone but if you ever have the space, time, and energy to explore companies that use only natural (cotton, linen, hemp, etc.) fabrics, I’d be excited to see what you find. Thanks for all the work you put into your site.

    1. I appreciate the kind words. I think if you dive a little bit deeper into my archives, you’ll find that I show quite a mix, and I have definitely worked with some sustainable brands as well. My readers represent a wide variety of price points and so I try to accommodate that.

  4. I’ve been too short fir the length of the two piece sets. You seem to be the right height for them. The straight leg jeans look great on you and perfect length too. Love the pink sweater on you. So glad things are going better at the house and you will be happy to have Paul home. I’m the opposite. I was wishing it was Friday. I’m ready for the weekevd. 😌

  5. I know I am a little late with the comment on Frank And Eileen- I am so happy you featured some of their pieces!! I have the Murphy pant and the Jameson Jogger (LOVE,LOVE,LOVE). I have had my eye on the Blackrock, Kinsale and Derry Illusion pants for Spring. Would love to see you feature more of their line!! Thank you

  6. I’m loving the wide jeans! Also, are your sneakers the field sneakers from jcrew? I’m asking because I have the same ones and I love them except for the suctions on the bottom that make a popping sound when I walk 😕. Do yours do that too?

  7. I wouldn’t have thought of looking at Gap factory for a two piece set, thanks for the tip! Is the pink shirt slightly thicker than a regular tee? On the website it almost looks like a thin ribbed knit sweater.

  8. Cute outfits. What shoe that looks like your JCrew comes in real leather? I bought Adidas court shoes but not real leather. I want to invest in a real leather sneaker.

  9. Love the two piece set! I haven’t seen it here at our gap factory yet! But I’d need short or petite!!I know The Gap on line has the petite so I may try that !

  10. Pack your shorts when you come to Florida. Its supposed to be 80 this weekend. The weather has been strange. This morning was 36 and this afternoon 74. You can never tell with Florida weather.

  11. I love the travel set, but I will never embrace the wide leg jeans. As women in our 50’s, I personally think they look too “young” for our generation. They try too hard to compete with the college girls styles. I’m all about a more tailored look and these don’t hit those marks for me. Esp. with the released hem at the bottom. Is anyone older than about 40 actually wearing these?

  12. I don’t think there is an age limit on style either, but I don’t feel for my height and weight the wide-leg pants would work at all – I’ve already tried going to the kick fit, and there is just something about them, that honestly just doesn’t work well. So, with that said I have to stay in my skinny jeans. It is what it is … But I do have a real dilemma, with flare yoga pants – being I am 5 ft 0 and mid-rise is the fit that fits me the best, I am finding it very difficult to find where to buy a regular cotton/spandex blend of yoga pants with a little flair at the bottom. I used to shop NY & CO but we all know they are no longer around – so just wondering if you have any suggestions. I am at a loss – OLD Navy, Gap, and Gap Factory are always my go-to places to shop- but mid-rise is very very hard to come by. I pray they bring it back! High rise is not good for my body shape!

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