What I Wore Lately Vol. 129

Greetings on this fine Wednesday morning, and first day of May! I’ve got a new addition of What I Wore Lately for you today. These are my everyday outfits, so they can be a bit redundant, but that’s probably realistic for most of us. At least, I’m finally out of The Boot!

I also wanted to let you know that Bloomingdale’s just upped the ante on their current Bonus Points promo. Now through May 5, Loyallists get an extra 60 points per dollar — 30% back in Rewards! — on select regular priced Fine Jewelry and Watches.

That includes LAGOS and Michele, and lots of other designer brands. Look for items labeled EXTRA 60 POINTS PER DOLLAR FOR LOYALLISTS. I’ve been wearing these LAGOS hoops and X ring non-stop lately, and I also love these link drop earrings. Also, my Michele watch is a huge splurge (it was a Christmas gift from Paul) but if you’ve been considering one, this is the best way to get a cost savings on items that never go on sale.

Okay, without further ado, let’s get started! As usual, I linked up available options for sold out items, and similar for less options where I could.

What I Wore: Two Weeks of Everyday Outfits

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops and dresses, a 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

It was exactly two weeks ago when we flew out to Dayton to see our daughter perform with her indoor percussion ensemble at the World Championships. These photos are a good reminder of how much progress I’ve made in the last two weeks! I was just starting to wear athletic sneakers with an ankle stabilizer instead of The Boot.

It was an evening flight, and we went straight to our hotel, so I decided to keep it comfy on the plane with my favorite yoga pants. It was a fairly chilly weekend, but no rain, so I wore my Vuori insulated jacket because it’s warm and cozy, and it went with everything in my suitcase.

Vuori Halo Insulated Jacket c/o (S) // old Vuori tee // Athleta Balance Flares (S) // Brooks Ghost (9) // Away The Carry-On // Capital Z Soul Sister Sling Bag c/o // LAGOS hoops

Our first day in Dayton was fairly mild, so I wore this smocked tank with jeans to work at the hotel that morning. I threw the Vuori Halo Jacket on top when we went to the competition that afternoon.

Evereve smocked tank (S) // MOTHER Weekender (29) (similar for less) // Brooks Ghost (9) // LAGOS hoops // similar pendant

Our second day was a little colder than the first, so I wore a long sleeve top. I wore this same henley and jacket with the black flares on the plane to go home the next morning.

Vuori Halo Insulated Jacket c/o (S) // Faherty Legend Rib Henley (M) // MOTHER Weekender (29) (similar for less) // Brooks Ghost (9) // similar crossbody // LAGOS hoops // similar pendant

Back at home, I wore this outfit for a casual dinner out with Paul. I decided to try a straight ankle jean with my running sneakers, for a change from the flares, but I think the flares look better because they cover up that hideous ankle stabilizer.

Rails Charli (S) // FRAME Le High Straight (29) // Brooks Ghost (9) // similar crossbody // LAGOS hoops // similar pendant

This is one of my go-to PT outfits, and I also wore this to a doctor appointment with my daughter afterwards.

Vuori Canyon Jacket c/o (S) // Zella tee (M) // Vuori Performance Jogger (M) // Brooks Ghost (9) // similar crossbody // LAGOS hoops

Just a casual day working from home, and an appointment with my podiatrist to follow-up on my ankle injury.

Evereve sweatshirt (S) // FRAME Le Easy Flare (29) (similar for less) // Brooks Ghost (9) // LAGOS hoops // similar pendant

I wore the same sweatshirt the next day with straight ankle jeans. My podiatrist told me I could start weaning out of the ankle stabilizer, so I wanted to see how I felt in the Paul Green Hadley sneakers.

Evereve sweatshirt (S) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) (similar for less) // Paul Green Hadley (8) (similar for less) (even less) // LAGOS hoops // similar pendant

Our weather suddenly warmed up, and I jumped at the chance to wear shorts!

Leo Palm Tank (S) // AGOLDE Parker High Rise Denim Shorts in Dough (29) (more sizes) // Paul Green Hadley (8) (similar for less) (even less) // LAGOS hoops

I had a few appointments the day I wore this fun transitional look. Definitely my favorite outfit of the past two weeks!

KUT from the Kloth Kara in Posh Pink (M) // Splendid Faye (M) // MOTHER Weekender (29) (similar for less) // Paul Green Hadley (8) // Capital Z Soul Sister Sling Bag c/o // LAGOS earrings // Jenny Bird necklace // Yurman bracelet // Michele watch

And I threw on this casual outfit to go get my nails done last Friday. It’s always chilly in there, so I added this comfy hoodie, but ooof… I like the relaxed, boxy style of this Madewell stripe top better without a jacket. It at least needs a more structured style.

In the future, I’ll remember to wear a more fitted tee or tank with this slouchy hoodie. It’s a good one, though. The girl doing my nails even commented on how it’s such a cute, cozy piece. Sadly, my navy is sold out, but there are several other colors that are fully stocked.

Gap Factory hoodie (S) // Madewell top (S) // MOTHER Hustler (29) (similar for less) // Dolce Vita Selda (7.5)

I changed for a high school jazz band performance that night, where my daughter was performing on the vibraphone. My jacket is from last year, but this one is similar.

KUT from the Kloth Rosalyn (S) (similar) // The Reset Too Good Tank (S) (similar) // MOTHER Dazzler (29) (similar for less) // Paul Green Hadley (8) (similar for less) (even less) // LAGOS earrings // Jenny Bird necklace // nails: OPI Cajun Shrimp

Then on Saturday, we attended a music festival, where our daughter was performing and helping to manage the event. I thought my Grateful Dead tee was appropriate! It had turned chilly, so I decided at the last minute to throw this pink jacket on top.

I really wanted to wear cuter sneakers, but I felt like I needed the ankle stabilizer after going without the day before, so I went back to the Brooks!

Grateful Dead Watercolor Tour Tee (M) // KUT from the Kloth Amanda (S) // MOTHER Weekender (29) (similar for less) // Brooks Ghost (9) // LAGOS hoops

We came home to rest and ice my ankle before going over to see some friends that night. I wasn’t planning to change, but the leg of my jeans got soaked when the ice bag leaked. I ran up to grab a different pair and decided I’d be more comfortable in this cozy pullover, so I changed the whole outfit.

I didn’t end up wearing the VEJAs — they don’t have enough cushion without the brace, and they are too small with the brace, so I ended up back in the Brooks again, but this is the only picture I got.

Michael Stars Maren Pullover (S) // FRAME Le Easy Flare (29) (similar for less) // VEJA Esplar (39) // LAGOS hoops // nails: OPI Cajun Shrimp

Since I can finally wear fashion sneakers, I decided to break out my new strawberry-pink wide leg jeans for church on Sunday, and I tried the outfit with two different denim jackets.

I like the darker wash on the AG Chiro with this outfit, but I felt like the shorter jacket created a more pleasing proportion with the wide leg pants.

AG Chiro Jacket (S) (22% off) // KUT from the Kloth Kara (S)

I also feel like these jeans could be a smidge shorter, especially with the sneakers. I’m going to leave them as-is for now, but I might give them a little chop once I start wearing them with sandals, if they still seem too long.

Here’s the final look. I decided not to wear a belt, since any color I chose would have created a contrast against the white tee and pink jeans, and I didn’t want to draw attention to the waistband of the jeans.

FRAME Le Mid Rise V-Neck (XS) (similar for less) // KUT from the Kloth Meg (6) (more sizes) // KUT from the Kloth Kara (S) (option) // Paul Green Hadley (8) (similar for less) (even less) // LAGOS earrings // Jenny Bird necklace // Michele watch // similar bag

It was a warm afternoon, and we were just hanging out at home, so I changed into a t-shirt and shorts for the rest of the day. Old Navy has a simliar pair of jean shorts for a lot less.

Grateful Dead Watercolor Tour Tee (M) // AG Becke Raw Hem Denim Shorts (29) (more sizes) (similar for less) // Birkenstock Madrid Big Buckle (39)

On Monday, I met a friend for lunch, and I wore this Frank & Eileen polo dress, which I love. It is so flattering! But also pricey, so I rounded up a few similar options for less.

Frank & Eileen Lauren Polo Dress in British Royal Navy c/o (M) (similar for less here and here and here) // Paul Green Hadley (8) (similar for less) (even less) // LAGOS earrings // similar pendant // Yurman bracelet // Michele watch band // similar bag // nails: OPI Cajun Shrimp

And that’s a wrap! I didn’t go anywhere yesterday, so I just wore jean shorts and an old tank top, and I forgot to get a picture.

Next time, I hope to have a little more variety in my footwear, as my ankle continues to heal, but I have to be careful. It swells up when I’m on it too much, and the heat doesn’t help at all. It’s going to be a long time before I’m back to normal, but I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made since I ditched The Boot.

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18 Responses

  1. So happy you’re able to be out of your brace ! Dayton OH is my neck of the woods, hope you had a great time.

  2. So, some day when you’re sitting around with nothing to do LOL, could you show us why a structured 3rd piece would look better with the striped Madewell top. You commented that a boxy piece would look better than the slouchy piece you wore but I’m having trouble visualizing the difference.

  3. So happy that you’re out of the brace finally! Thank you for continuing the blog-you’ve had a lot going on lately! I always look forward to seeing your blog daily.

  4. I love these! Thank you for posting.
    As a 70 year old woman, I tend to wear more slacks than dresses. Could you in the future help with what to wear to a funeral? Also what to wear to a wedding? Rather than worrying about shopping for one of these events, I would like to already have something in my closet.
    Thank you

  5. Having broken my ankle last fall, I’m a little bit of an expert on ankle braces, compression socks, and sneakers. I found that my surgeon was not that helpful, but the PT was and I researched a lot. One thing I found re the Brooks ghost is that it has a substantial drop from heel to toe. This is not helpful when you need stability and little rotation. Running shoes and walking ones are not the same, so, personally, I’d choose (have chosen) something that specifically supports the ankle. BTW, hated the brace! It was bulky and looked awful, but, hey, better than the boot – lol

    1. I don’t have a broken ankle…but I’m a klutz, lol, so read your post with curiosity. Trying to understand what you mean by a “drop” from heel to toe? And what would you look for in walking shoes?

      1. Running / walking shoes have heels like other shoes, so I’m looking for that difference (the drop) to be very small. I’m also looking for a sole that has a lot of traction and stability, which you can see by looking at the sole. You might want to search for “best walking shoe for ankle support” or “best shoe for hiking” or “trail running” or whatever activity you do the most. I think most women look for comfort and lighter weight shoes. I also look for one that doesn’t push me forward, which most running shoes do. I can fall UPstairs, so I’m with you in the klutz category.

  6. Good Morning and happy May! You and I are foot injury twins! I have the same brace on my right foot! I fell while snowbirding in Sarasota last month. Thought is was a bad sprain at first but no. Good luck with PT and recovery! I hope we both get to wear some cute sandals soon!

  7. Really glad to see you “back in the saddle”. I didn’t mind your restructured posts at all. I noticed so many readers have had similar injuries as well as myself. I’ve been cheering your recovery during these weeks. Keep bringing us inspirational fashion and ideas.

  8. So glad you’re doing better with your ankle. I’m interested in the Frank and Eileen dress but not sure about what size to order..I have 2 of their tees and needed a medium and a large in one. I’m 34 DD.. thinking a Large since you got the Medium..Also would be interested in Funeral attire. It seems like I never have the right thing to wear.. Thank you

  9. I’m glad that you & the team were able to resolve the technical challenges. I think that you did a great job in putting outfits together while having to wear the ankle braces. From personal experience I know the challenges involved. I’m so glad that I ordered the Kut from the Kloth jacket. I just received another colored jean jacket from Amazon that has a nice amount of stretch and wasn’t pricey. I will share it with the group later. We are going to have temps in the high 80’s and low 90’s this week, which is way too hot for me, especially with the humidity.

  10. I’m glad you’re doing a lot better. I didn’t get the email yesterday. I was able to read your post on DuckduckGo. I thought it was unusual not to have gotten an email. All the outfits look good. I’m getting paranoid about falling. Two friends have fallen since you did. They’re a lot older though. One fell yesterday and is having hip surgery today. She’s in her late 70s but very active and works out. She got a cramp and her leg gave out and she fell on her hip. I’m being very careful with shoes now.

  11. Great post. I’m glad you are out of the ankle brace for your sake. You did great navigating it all for us on the blog. I only noticed you and the outfits. Could you look at the TOMS Audrey sandal in the Natural Metallic color and tell me what you think? Its 15% off right now and I like a wedge that isn’t too high and I like this color, but wondering if it looks dated. I know you are doing a comfort sandal post soon. These look comfy. I need to check out the TOM return policy too. Seems I read somewhere if it ends in .95 it can’t be returned. These are $79.95. I notice some of the other colors are more expensive, so maybe clearancing this color. Don’t know. Thanks. Happy May Day.

  12. Hi, I love the lipstick shade you have on! What is it, if you don’t mind sharing? I have been looking for something that’s plum-brown but not matte or too dark and I’m having a hard time 🙂

    1. It is usually tarte lip liner in mauve, and buxom gloss in Dolly or one of the tarte Maracuja lip plumpers. I’m not even sure what color – I have a few.

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