Wearable Jewelry To Complete Your Spring/Summer Outfits

I’ve been getting questions about what jewelry is in style this season and if I have any recommendations, so today I’ve got a roundup of wearable jewelry to complete your spring/summer outfits.


In my post on Style Choices That Make You Look Older, I mentioned the importance of updating your jewelry and accessories. Even those of us who purge our closets on a regular basis tend to neglect our jewelry box, but just like clothing, jewelry and other accessories start to look outdated after a few seasons.

Now that spring is in full swing, this is a good time to go through your spring/summer jewelry and take inventory. Get rid of anything that is broken, dated, or no longer works for you. Then make a list of items you may want to add this season.

Hopefully this post will give you some inspiration, if you’re unsure about what you need or what looks current right now.

Spring/Summer 2024 Jewelry Trends to Know

After years of minimalistic jewelry, big and bold styles are back in this season. I’m still seeing a lot of layered styles too, especially layered necklaces, but the layered bracelets we’ve been doing for some time are giving way to bold cuffs. Think chunky, one and done designs.

cuff bracelet

Along those lines, teardrop earrings, chunky hoops and sculptural designs are still trending; and the puffy door knocker earrings are everywhere right now.

With the coming of summer, the shell motif is everywhere, from everything from subtle to bold interpretations of this trend.

seashell necklace

I’m also seeing a lot of wood and raffia statement earrings, and rosettes are still a thing, so lean into that if it’s your vibe.

Beaded chokers are also trending, although they aren’t my favorite. If you have a short neck, this may make it look shorter. If you like the look, go for a more delicate style.

And while shiny silver and gold jewelry dominates, there are a lot of colored gems making their way back in. Usually it’s a single stone design, but there are also some colorful beaded pieces around, and I’m seeing these layered with pendants and gold or silver chains.

beaded necklace

Shop Spring/Summer Fashion Jewelry

I rounded up a bunch of options in each category. Most of these are under $100, but there are a few exceptions. As with most things, you get what you pay for, but these are all brands that make good quality pieces that should hold up to everyday wear and tear and won’t cheapen your look.




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17 Responses

  1. Have you come across any great two-tone/mixed metal earrings? Looking for something that incorporates both gold and silver and I’m not coming up with anything lately.

  2. Always enjoy jewelry as a topic. I don’t wear fashion/costume jewelry anymore (at some point I decided I really wanted to focus on real, mostly pretty classic jewelry that I could keep around for the long haul) but still like hearing about what’s in style. I had that coin layered necklace set from Madewell in March 2020 and am amazed they’re still making the same one. Don’t go swimming with them on, lol — I went in the ocean with just the smaller coin necklace in Belize and it stripped all the gold plating off.

    1. Kristin….does the Madewell coin layered necklace tarnish at all if you don’t swim in it? Guess, I’m asking how it held up these years before you went swimming in it? I have not bought Madwell before and wondering.

  3. One year at Christmas, all the women in the family brought the jewelry we no longer wear, and we did a swap. A necklace that was old and unworn from my sister-in-law was new to me and looked great with a couple of outfits. The pieces that no one took home went into a dress-up bag for the littles. It was a fun and free way to add some interest to our wardrobe. 🙂

  4. Good post reminder. I just recently cleaned out some jewelry that was outdated or tarnished. I really like the colored seed bead necklaces and hope to get one soon to wear with a gold chain. Kind of nostalgic, as I remember making seed bead necklaces as a child. 🙂 I’ll have to check out this one you featured. I didn’t want too big of beads. I also pulled out my turquoise pendant to wear with a short silver chain. Both these ideas are why new plan to wear and get a lot of use out of this Spring and Summer with white tops. Speaking of that. Would you want to do a post on WHITE tops…….all kinds? Seems to be my go-to these days.

  5. We’ve had our central air on for well over one month. I’d rather have the windows open, but it just gets too hot & humid for us and Cash. I’m so happy that your ankle is doing so much better now! Oh, your pool area and deck look so inviting. Well, it sounds like my huge collection of VE bracelets need to take a backseat for the spring and summer. I hate that because they are my go-to choices since they are one and done. The heat and the way I sweat keeps me from wearing as many necklaces this time of year, but I like the beaded options, especially since that’s what Larry has made me.

    1. Hi Ginger! I am sure it is very warm and humid down in GA!! I certainly will not be putting away my VE bracelets! I have several that include white beading and one with shells that look great with a tan arm and a sundress! I love how several incorporate both silver and gold tones. If you love them, continue to wear. They sort of give that “cuff” vibe!!

  6. You featured some beauties today!
    A couple years ago I read that multi-colored, beaded chokers were a thing again so I made one out of small, semi-precious stones that I had. I really like wearing it in the summer, often combined with a chain necklace. It has a similar vibe to the Monica Vinader one but it’s less colorful. Then last month, a friend made three bracelets for me out of purple mica quartz and since I knew I wouldn’t wear all three together, I left the one with bigger(3/8”) beads intact and made another necklace with the smaller(1/4”) beads spaced with even smaller garnets. I think it looks playful, yet polished since the stones are nice.
    I also have a short neck and find that a choker works as long as it hits the hollow of my throat.

  7. Your comment about the AC made me laugh. I have a rule no AC till May and no heater till November. I like my low electric bills in spring and fall. But I had to turn on the AC this weekend. It was so humid. I’m glad I kept my big silver cuffs. I am still wearing my skinny Kendra Scott cuffs since I wear them together. I thought beads were out so I donated my bracelets with beads. I should have kept them because it’s hard for me to find brackets that fit my very small wrists.

    1. My rule was always 85 degrees… and well, we hit that yesterday! 🙂 Really, though, it should be 80 in this house. We get a lot of sun and it heats up the place.

      As far as the beads, I think it depends on the bracelet itself. Beads will come and go, but the style of bracelet is what makes it look dated or not.

  8. JoLynne, the links for Necklaces Earrings Bracelets don’t work. I thought I’d let you know. Thanks!

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