Fight the Frump: Update Your Sleepwear

Greetings and TGIF! Actually, this is the one Friday I was hoping wouldn’t get here quite so fast. Today is the Friday we take my son to college. I’ve been preparing for this day all year, and and in some ways, for my whole life, so it’s not like it’s caught me by surprise or anything, but that doesn’t make it any less bittersweet. I realized the other day that I’m feeling not sad about him moving on — I think we’re all ready for that — but the sadness I’m feeling is nostalgia for the days gone by. I just wish I could cuddle that sweet little boy one more time, ya know?

But we’re all really excited for this next adventure, and I think we’re ready. We only have a short window of two hours to get him all moved in, and then he has his first marching band practice, so I’m trying to stay task oriented to get through the day. I may be a little sad tomorrow and next week when I realize he’s not asleep in his bed upstairs, but hopefully those moments will soon be replaced by fun college experiences. He’s going to school nearby, and we’ll be able to attend football games and see him perform in the band.

Anyway! Most of you are here because you’re either trying to maintain or reclaim your style as you keep up with your busy life, so today we’re talking about updating our sleepwear.

summer pajamas rose all day

pajamas // cardigan // swig wine cup

Sleepwear may seem like a strange place to fight the frump, but it’s an area that’s easy to neglect, and even what we wear to sleep can affect our morale.

While I realize my husband and children are usually the only ones who see my sleepwear, I want them to know they matter enough to me to make an effort to look decent in what I wear around the house as well as what I wear out and about.

hoodie HERE, HERE and HERE // lounge around shorts

My pajamas were getting pretty grungy so last summer I decided it was time to update my sleepwear, and I’ve been adding a new pair here and there ever since — usually when I see something on sale. It’s amazing how much a simple thing like new pajamas can brighten your day.

Once you update your pajamas, don’t forget to get rid of the old stuff so it’s not weighing you down and cluttering your drawers. When we moved, I went through my pajama drawer and tossed anything that was old or mismatched or too small, and I folded everything else neatly so I can see what I have. Now I enjoy opening that drawer, and I love putting on a cute and comfy pair of pjs after the dinner dishes are put away in the evenings.

If you have a hard time spending money on yourself for something that seems as inconsequential as pajamas, new pjs are a great gift idea for holidays and birthdays. My mom and I often end up gifting each other pajamas for special occasions.

With that lengthy prelude, here are some of my favorite places to shop for pajamas!

Cute & Comfy Summer Pajamas

#1. GAP

Last summer I added a pair of Gap’s sleep pants and lounge shorts along with two of their short sleeve sleep shirts to my pajama wardrobe. The shorts are a nice modest length, and the pants are super soft and lightweight. The sleep shirt is also soft and lightweight, and there are a ton of cute color and print options.

These both run big, but I still bought mine in size medium because I like my sleepwear to be roomy and comfortable. That said, it’s up to your personal preference as to how you like yours to fit.

SALE ALERT >> Online only, Gap has up to 50% off almost everything (prices as marked) PLUS get an extra 20% off and free shipping with code COOL. Also take an extra 50% off markdowns with code EXTRA — this offer only applies to merchandise with price ending in .99 and .97.

#2. Victoria’s Secret

VS secret baby tee // Pocket Satin Pants

Victoria’s Secret is always a good place to look when updating pajamas. I got a pair of their pajama shorts and a tee last year that I wear a lot, and I got a set for my daughter too. Their tees are super duper soft.

#3. SOMA

pajama top // pajama pants

I discovered the Cool Nights Sleep Sets a couple years ago when I was doing a campaign with Soma, and I liked them so much I ordered one for my mom for Christmas. Since then she and I have gifted these back and forth several times over. We both love them. They’re soft and cool and comfortable, and they come in some really pretty and fun combinations. These run true to size. I like to buy a size medium so they’re plenty roomy and comfortable.

SALE ALERT >> Save 25% off your order during the Soma Friends & Family Sale!

#4. KOHL’S

Croft & Barrow Printed Tank & Shorts PJ Set

Over the years, I’ve bought several cute pajama sets at Kohl’s. They are affordable and hold up pretty well although they’re not as soft as the ones I’ve listed above. This short PJ set caught my eye because they look cool and comfortable, and they’re also available in plus size.


There’s a chance this could be wine… 🍷

PJ Salvage Pajama Set

hoodie HERE, HERE and HERE // lounge around shorts

I’m sure it surprises no one that I list Nordstrom as one of my favorite places to shop for, well, anything! I’ve had good luck with PJ Salvage winter pajamas so I recently ordered this pajama set, and I love it. So soft and comfy, and I just thought they were super cute. They have a few different patterns/colors to choose from. Bonus, they also come in plus size.

I always like the juxtaposition of shorts and a long-sleeve top in the summer months, so I just added these lounge around shorts and hoodie to my loungewear wardrobe. I like them because I can wear them all day and feel dressed, but they’re as comfy as pajamas.

Unfortunately, this hoodie just sold out at Nordstrom, which I don’t get because when I ordered it, they were fully stocked in a variety of colors. But I found it in other colors and on sale at Zappo’s and Bloomies. For size reference, I have a medium in both.

lazy Sunday pajamas

long sleeve sleep shirt

short pajamas

I also think these lazy Sunday pajamas are cute if you’re hot natured and prefer shorts and a tank. I’m not one for sleep shirts, personally, but I wanted to include the option. And finally, these short pajamas aren’t my favorite style, but I realized I’m heavy on the t-shirt style pjs in this post, so I wanted to include something different.

Also, don’t forget about Nordstrom Rack. I’ve purchased the PJ Salvage and Honeydew Intimates brands there for a fraction of the price on the Nordstrom website.

Beauty Queen Sleep Pants (can’t find the shirt, unfortunately!)

I didn’t include nightgowns, but if that’s your jam, go for it! I gravitate to the shorts or pants with pajama tops because I feel like they’re more appropriate for wearing around the house in front of the kids, and occasionally a neighbor might even show up at my door so I want to feel like I’m wearing something appropriate for those situations.


Now that we have our pajama discussion out of the way, let’s talk robes for a sec.

Last year I ordered this Natori midi robe, and I love it. It’s the perfect length and weight for summer, and it comes in 5 colors.

For winter, I have a thick and cozy UGG bathrobe that was a Christmas gift from my mom one year. Mine is a longer style that isn’t available at Nordstrom right now, but I’m sure they’ll be getting more options in when it gets closer to the holidays.

I’ve also heard great things about Soma robes.

As much as I like a good robe, I often bypass my robe and throw a cardigan on over my pajamas. It’s more modern, plus I feel slightly more dressed around the kids and their friends. I finally drank the Kool-Aid and bought a Barefoot Dreams cardigan during the #NSale and I am IN LURVE.

pajamas // cardigan // swig wine cup

Seriously, this is the softest thing I have ever put on my body. It’s cozy and warm, so I’ll get more wear out of it this fall and winter when the weather cools down, but sometimes I put it on in the early mornings to have my coffee before I get too heated up. For size reference, I went with a medium because the arms on the small were a little snug.

I’m sure you guys have some favorite sleepwear and loungewear you can recommend too, but I hope this post gives you a place to start!

Shop Summer Sleepwear:

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34 thoughts on “Fight the Frump: Update Your Sleepwear

  1. Super cute pajamas and loungewear sets, Jo-Lynne!  I am with you…I like to still look cute and put together even in my jammies and loungewear.  It is one of the things that it’s hard to spend money on though, for some reason.  Loungewear and underwear.  But we spend a lot of our time in both and should make that investment in ourselves, for sure.  I have been adding cute loungewear and jammies to my wardrobe recently, but now I need to clean out the old ratty stuff!   Good luck with sending your son off to college this weekend.  I know it is an emotional time, but be proud and happy for his new adventure!


  2. Love your fashion advice but also your family updates — they bring back wonderful memories of when my empty nest was a full house 🙂
    I’ve sent 3 off to college & each one has been bittersweet. I came across the article below long after I needed it. The author summed up the way I felt so well that I try to share with other moms in that boat. Enjoy all the firsts today and remember… tears are OK!!

  3. I am always on the lookout for cute, comfy pajamas.   It is very hard to find short sleeve tops that aren’t too thin.  I don’t like walking around the house in see-thru tops if you know what I  mean.   And no one wants to have to wear a bra at night!  Thanks for some new ideas.

  4. Unfortunately, we just dropped off our middle son at college yesterday, too! He had already made tons of friends from everywhere and knows his roommate and suitemates. So he is super excited and just where God wants him. Good news/bad news-he left all his hanging clothes at home so I get to meet him halfway today-thank goodness it’s only a 3 hour drive total!!! 🙂 Blessings to all moms of college age children!

  5. Ha… your speaking to someone who cleans out their pj drawer in seasons… you really do have to toss things on occasion. The Gap joggers look super comfy and if  I don’t find a pair while away this weekend I’m ordering them.. I know a jogger can be worn out if the house but not a sleep pant?  They look the same no? Hope you have a great weekend sounds exciting but emotional… I’m sure you will all be settling into your new routine before long… 😀

  6. I also gave in and bought a Barefoot Dreams Cardi/robe during the Nordstrom sale. I can see what the fuss is about now. It is soooooo soft!

  7. Love these cute P.J. sets and that cardigan!  Do you have any suggestions as to what to wear under the tops when they are a little too much see thru?  Good luck with your son today (been there done that).

  8. Lol – glad to know I’m not the only one who likes to change out of my work clothes after supper into my PJs comfy clothes.

    Thanks for the suggestion of cooling PJs from Soma. Need a pair! The heat and smoke out west is unbearable.

    The seasons of life can be bittersweet. All the best with the transition of having a son in college.

  9. Good luck today! I went through it last year. Now we are sending our son off for his sophomore year. It goes by so quickly. A piece of advice – be careful what music you listen to on the way home! I was fine dropping off and moving him in the entire time and held it together pretty well. It’s hard to be sad when they are so happy, excited and ready. On our 2.5 hour ride home I heard the song “7 Years” by Lucas Graham and I lost it. I didn’t boohoo cry but the tears were coming down for sure. I’m tearing up just thinking back. Things will change but you will so enjoy having him home and visiting him. Good luck! 

  10. I love getting new jammies! I spent so many years wearing old ratty tees that I finally started upping my nighttime game about 5 years ago. Good luck with the move in. The good news is that he’s close by!!! My kids are 2 time zones away. Let’s just say that I’m earning a lot of Southwest miles. HA!

  11. I’m sending y’all lots of positive vibes today!  Down here in the country, we never know when a neighbor will pop in (98% are men) into the early evening, so I put on undergarments and make sure I am presentable in my PJ’s.  I like to to take my shower before 3 on most days, so that I can start to totally relax and unwind.  I have found cute and comfy ones at Kohl’s, Belk, and ON.  I think I will look into one of the lounging jackets.  I do struggle at times with finding a top to coordinate with the lounge pants.  Have a blessed day!

  12. I “drank the cool-aid” as well and I’m glad I did. Even in the steaming heat we’ve had this summer I’ve worn it(it came in so handy at the movies). I know I will get a lot of use out of it this fall and winter! I sent my youngest off to college 3 years ago….Yikes I ran out of kids! It’s amazing how much you find to do. I do know what you mean…..just one more snuggle with the little boy he was would be heaven.

  13. Best of luck today! Will be thinking of you. My oldest, also a son goes two weeks from today. I feel like I”m ready but I think I’m just in denial that it will all be okay. I keep telling everyone it’s great and he’s not too far away but I will miss him terribly and it just changes the dynamic of everything. Way back, 18 years seemed like a long time but not so much now.
    Love all these picks. I mostly wear worn out cotton shorts and bleach stained tshirts to bed. Maybe I should up my game.

  14. I was able to order the cute queen sleep shirt by searching for PJ Salvage on the website.  I ordered the cute pants too.  Darling sleep outfit : )

  15. Have you ever tried Lake pajamas? They are 100% cotton and so comfortable. They are a tad expensive but wash super well. They are all I wear! You buy them on their website 

  16. I always chuckle at the similarities of my life with yours☺️  My son, also the oldest with all sisters, is starting his 2nd year college band week with OSU, aka TBDBITL.    He’s a percussionist as well,  playing cymbals in the marching band.  😉  Last year, getting to see him at  the “Skull Sessions” before each home game as well as a few games was such a joy!   We miss him and his humor terribly, but are loving seeing him spread his wings and be the man God designed him to be.  “Bittersweet” is the perfect word for this time!  I hope your family’s many new beginnings are a joy and source of great blessing to you as the year progresses.  

  17. Silly question about pjs I love to buy them all of them….summer winter long short…my question is when the kids or company are around………what do you use under the top????? I don’t want to keep my bra on ??? options??? I have thought about some of the little lace bra lettes i see??? Let me know your thoughts….(also I have adult children) 25,28,30 :)))))

    1. I wear my bra if there’s anyone around, even my kids. It’s a necessity with these girls. 😉 You can try a bralette, but they don’t give me the shape or support I need.

  18. Great post. I just cleaned out my p.j. drawer before Spring and it felt so good to get rid of the old stuff I didn’t wear or was worn or I was tired of.  I still need to buy more to replace but waiting to replace warmer stuff for Fall and Winter.  I do love when I have new pair of p.j.’s but it really is harder to buy them than a new piece of clothing.  Good ideas. 

    1. Yes, I agree. I mean, I’m pretty good at treating myself (haha!) but I know a lot of women aren’t. They make great gift ideas for those who don’t like to treat themselves… if you can hint to your hubby or mama… and also for “the woman who has it all” types in your life. I mean, who can’t use a new pair of pajamas?

  19. PS  I’ve been thinking lately about those days of hugging and cuddling my 3.  They have all been gone for years now.  I think as mom’s we will always look back and have fond memories of those times and yearn for a sneak peek to that again, but you are right, when they are ready to move forward, we can be too and look forward to the fun college times they will have and you can have with them.  You are fortunate to have him close to get to go to his games to watch him play.  Neat.  Mine are now all through college and married. Waiting for grandkids now. 🙂 LOL

    1. I’m sure this stage of life will fly by like all the others. I’m hoping to enjoy it. I miss him at the weirdest times, but I am also glad he’s happy and busy. It’s a weird mix of feelings.

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