Fight the Frump: Update Your Sleepwear

Hello and happy Monday! I cannot BELIEVE it is the last day of July. We did a lot of traveling this month, and I feel like I’ve hardly been home. I’m looking forward to having the month of August to enjoy being home and going to the pool and not packing a suitcase or driving any further than the next town over.

I assume many of you are here because you’re either trying to maintain or reclaim your style as you keep up with busy lives so I thought I’d start another mini-series called Fight the Frump. It’s so easy to fall into a frump rut when we reach middle age, and let’s face it, most of us have probably reached middle age. Each Fight the Frump post will be one small and actionable thing we can do to fight the frump monster and keep ourselves feeling and looking our best.

It might seem like sleepwear is a strange place to start fighting the frump, but it’s area that’s easy to neglect, and even what we wear to sleep can affect our morale. While I realize my husband and children are usually the only ones who see my sleepwear, I want them to know they matter enough to me to make an effort to look decent in what I wear around the house as well as what I wear out and about.

short sleeve sleep shirt in coral frost // print crop sleep pants in toss palm grey

My pajamas were getting pretty grungy so earlier this summer I decided it was time to update my sleepwear, and I’ve been adding a new pair here and there when I see them on sale. It’s amazing how much a simple thing like new pajamas can brighten your day.

Once you update your pajamas, don’t forget to get rid of the old stuff so it’s not weighing you down and cluttering your drawers. Just yesterday I went through my pajama drawer and tossed anything that was old or mismatched or too small, and I folded everything else neatly so I can see what I have. Now I enjoy opening that drawer, and I love putting on a cute and comfy pair of pjs after the dinner dishes are put away in the evenings.

If you have a hard time spending money on yourself for something that seems as inconsequential as pajamas, new pjs are a great gift idea for holidays and birthdays. In fact, my mom and I often end up gifting each other with pajamas for special occasions.

Cute & Comfy Summer Pajamas

With that lengthy prelude, here are some of my favorite places to shop for pajamas:

#1. GAP

I recently added a pair of their poplin print sleep shorts and the print crop sleep pants along with two short sleeve sleep shirts to my pajama wardrobe, and I’m enjoying them so much. The shorts are a nice modest length and the pants are super soft and lightweight. The sleep shirt is also soft and lightweight, and there are a ton of cute color and print options.

These both run big, but I still bought mine in size medium because I like my sleepwear to be roomy and comfortable. That said, it’s up to your personal preference as to how you like yours to fit.

SALE ALERT >> 40% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING at Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic with code HOT.

#2. Victoria’s Secret

I ordered a pair of the Mayfair Sleep Shorts and a coordinating Sleep Tee a few months ago, and I’ve been wearing them almost non-stop all summer long. These shorts are shorter than the Gap ones so they’re not as modest for wearing around in front of older kids, but that may be a matter of personal preference. They’re comfortable and flattering and run true to size.

When I put this post together on Saturday, all of these links worked, and now they don’t. I have no clue why. #boo

#3. SOMA

I discovered the Cool Nights Sleep Sets a couple years ago when I was doing a campaign with Soma, and I liked them so much I ordered one for my mom for Christmas. Since then she and I have gifted these back and forth several times over. We both love them. They’re soft and cool and comfortable, and they come in some really pretty and fun combinations. These run true to size. I like to buy medium so they’re plenty roomy and comfortable.

#4. KOHL’S

Over the years, I’ve bought several cute pajama sets at Kohl’s. They are affordable and hold up pretty well although they’re not as soft as the ones I’ve listed above. These Croft & Barrow Gauze Tank & Shorts PJ Set caught my eye because they look cool and comfortable, and they’re also available in plus size.


I’m not one for sleep shirts, personally, but I wanted to include the option. This Cozy Zoe Graphic Cozy Sleep Shirt is super cute AND on sale!

I’ve had good luck with PJ Salvage winter pajamas and I think this summer PJ Salvage Pajama Set is really cute. They have a few different patterns/colors to choose from and they’re currently part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Bonus, they also come in plus size.

I also think these Honeydew Intimates Lazy Sunday Pajamas are cute, and I wanted to offer some lower priced options. These are also part of the #NSale and unfortunately selling out fast.

Finally, these Stripe Short Pajamas aren’t my favorite style, but I realized I’m heavy on the t-shirt style pjs in this post so I wanted to include something different. These are also part of the #NSale, and at the moment they are fully stocked in both color options.

I didn’t include nightgowns, but if that’s your jam, go for it! I gravitate to the shorts or pants with pajama tops because I feel like they’re more appropriate for wearing around the house in front of the kids, and occasionally a neighbor might even show up at my door so I want to feel like I’m wearing something appropriate for those situations.


Natori 'Nirvana' Midi Robe

Now that we have our pajama discussion out of the way, let’s talk robes for a sec. I recently ordered this Natori Nirvana Midi Robe and I love it. It’s the perfect length and weight for summer, and it comes in 5 colors. For winter, I have a thick and cozy UGG bathrobe that was a gift from my mom last Christmas. Mine is a longer style that isn’t available at Nordstrom right now, but I’m sure they’ll be getting more options in when it gets closer to the holidays.


If you like super cozy and comfy, people RAVE about this Barefoot Dreams CozyChic robe. Evidently you’ll never own anything softer.

Soma Cool Nights Bathrobe

I’ve also heard great things about Soma robes.

I’m sure you guys have some favorites you can recommend too, but I hope this gives you a place to start and inspires you to consider updating your sleepwear this summer!

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