3 New tarte Products I’m Loving Lately

tarte cosmetics has fast become one of my most-used makeup brands, and QVC has several new tarte product launches this month that I’ve been testing out. With these three sets, I’ve basically got an entirely new everyday makeup look!

This modernEYES Shadow Smudge & Liner Duo Set is such a smart innovation. It’s basically a 2-in-1 shadow smudge & liner. The ultra-fine gel eyeliner is perfect for the top lash line. It’s incredibly precise, and it glides on smoothly without pulling on the delicate eyelid area.

Then there’s the shadow side with a tiny sponge tip that creates the look of a softly smudged shadow line.

The shadow powder liner is located inside the cap, so every time you put the cap on, it refreshes the shadow on the sponge tip.

I apply this to my lower lash line, and it basically gives the eye definition without a harsh line — just like applying eye shadow with a smudge brush, but so much easier.

These eyeshadow sets come with the Black + Champagne combo, and then you choose between the Brown + Aubergine and Bronze + Tan, so you’re basically getting four products in one for an introductory price of $35! (I went with the Brown+ Aubergine.)

The next product I tested out is this tarte sunset blur finishing powder & hydroflex serum foundation. I’ve been using this combo on the daily for the past few weeks because it’s nice and lightweight for summer.

I start with the Hydroflex Serum Foundation in medium tan neutral. This was actually a serum first, and then they infused pigment to make it into a medium-coverage foundation. So it’s basically skincare and makeup in one.

I just apply with my fingertips, or sometimes a foundation brush, and it has a beautiful natural finish that brightens & smooths the skin.

And the SEA sunset blur finishing powder is a new product that’s a worldwide launch on QVC today. This is a finishing powder that’s like a brush-on filter. You’ll notice it’s a yellowy color, and that’s because it’s designed to cancel redness and hyperpigmentation — both issues that I have.

It blurs the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores and gives the skin a smooth, almost flawless finish.  This set is a $69 value for $45. If you’re unsure about the color to choose, they go through that on the video on the website, so be sure to check that out.

And then the tarte marine miracles 6-pc collector set gives you pretty much everything you need to finish your everyday makeup look. This is a $175 value for $59!

It includes 2 brushes, a mascara, eyeshadow palette, cream cheek duo, and lip gloss.

The Breezy Eyeshadow Palette has 6 matte & shimmer shadows that you can mix & match. The butter-soft, creamy texture is buildable, and they blend together seamlessly. The set also includes a two-sided eye shadow brush for perfect application.

Then the breezy cream cheek duo features two of tarte’s best sellers — waterproof cream blush & bronzer — in one chic palette! The set also includes a second a two-sided brush for this blush/bronzer duo. I use the thicker side for the blush and the thinner side for the bronzer.

I like to apply bronzer under my cheekbones for a little bit of contour, and then around the temples for a sun-burnished glow. And the blush, I brush over the top of my cheekbones and blend up towards the temple area.

Finally, the Surfer Curl Mascara and H20 Gloss Lip Gloss in Villa complete this everyday makeup look. I love how this gloss is hydrating and leaves an amazing shine, but it isn’t sticky at all. It’s also formulated without petrolatum or lanolin. And all tarte products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Don’t forget to check out QVC’s Beauty iQ page for the newest beauty deals each week! Plus, use code OFFER for $15 off $35+ if it’s your first time purchasing or code HELLO10 for $10 off $25+ if it’s your second time purchasing.

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  1. Good Morning, Jolynne! We have a few Trader Joe’s favorites: Chile Garlic Cashews (spicy), Chicken and Apple sausage, Pineapple sparkling water, caramelized onion dip, all the fried rice in the freezer section, and the cauliflower rice (especially the Mexican one), Mandarin Orange Chicken in the freezer section. I just picked up a Brazil nut body scrub and it is really good!

  2. I use quite a few Tarte products. I love the creamy bronzer/blush set. I started using their tubing mascara and love it.

  3. I currently use many Tarte products and I’m wondering if you feel the creamy cheek palette is better for the mature😉woman than say the powder?

  4. Hi Jo-Lynne, I can’t seem to connect with your Newest Snapshot when I click on the photo. Is there another way to see the details on those jeans?? (I never have a problem accessing your site normally). Maybe it’s just me! Love Tarte cosmetics and especially that H2O gloss. I have three shades!! QVC has some great beauty bundles.

      1. Thank you! The link did work on my phone, but not my laptop. I think there is an issue on my end. Thanks for the link for the jeans, that’s what I was interested in.

  5. I love Tarte products! I also love Trader Joe’s. I’ll second all of Karen’s recommendations. My kids LOVE the Orange chicken, it’s a staple in our house. The Acai Bowls (freezer section) are my daughter fav and my son loves the chocolate granola. Their spaghetti sauce (organic one) doesn’t have any sugar, either does their mayonnaise and they’re both really good. At least the spag sauce at our store IN THE PNW.

  6. Good morning, Jo-Lynne! We have a few favorites at Trader Joe’s. Their cauliflower and sweet potato gnocchi in the freezer section are great for a quick dinner. I pair them with a marinara sauce or combined with a roasted veggie like Brussel sprouts. Their frozen turkey meatballs are really good, too. I put them in the slow cooker with marinara sauce and serve them on crusty sandwich rolls or over polenta or pasta.

  7. Hello! I really like Tarte products. Also Trader Joe’s favs: Choc covered pretzels, smores candies, ice cream sandwiches wit brownies and coffee ice cream, mandarin orange chicken, and the pull apart brioche rolls with the cheesy topping.

  8. The closest Trader Joe’s is an hour away from us, but it is worth the drive. The Gochujang Vegetable Stir Fry with Zucchini Spirals is the perfect low carb meal – just add your favorite protein. The frozen kibbeh and stuffed grape leaves (canned) are delicious. And you can’t make a trip without grabbing the chocolate croissants (in the freezer section). They are such a treat and so easy!

  9. Not a food, but the Trader Joe’s Shea Butter and Coconut Oil Hair Mask is a fantastic product, and it’s so inexpensive! It works better on my hair than any of the spendy products I’ve tried.

  10. I love the look of the Eyes duo set, but have trouble with shadow on the bottom smearing down under my eye and making my dark circles even worse. How do you avoid that? Thanks!

  11. We really like the Vegetable Spring Rolls in the freezer section. They’re especially yummy with the TJ Sweet Chili Sauce.

  12. After reading all these comments, I find myself very hungry and I need to go to Trader Joe’s tomorrow! Good thing it’s only 7 minutes away!! 😝

  13. Thank you so much for this post. I ordered the tarte Sunset Blur Finishing Powder & Hydroflex Serum Foundation Set based on your post. I have rosacea that is controlled by my good routine. But as a 59 year old women, makeup an issue. And more critical as this road warrior is now selling almost 90% via zoom. This product gives me a lightweight yet flawless finish. I am so grateful for this product. Thank you JoLynne! I clicked on your link and ordered from QVC for the first time. Easy and great experience!

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