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Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by today. I’m taking it easy and posting a 5 Under $50. These are five fashionable fall finds that I’m crushing on right now, and I think you’ll like them too! I don’t own all of these, but I’m seriously thinking of ordering that woven plaid clutch. How fun is that?

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with a pretty pinnable graphic, shall we? (You wouldn’t believe how long it takes me to put one of these together. *insert eye roll emoticon*)

#1. Plaid Foldover Clutch // This is the perfect piece to add some cozy fall texture to your going-out looks.

#2. Jersey Knit Shift Dress // I already featured this dress, but I thought it deserved a mention in a post on fashionable finds under $50. In case you missed it, you can see how I styled it in THIS POST.

SALE ALERT >> 30% off (40% for cardholders) at Old Navy thru tonight! Includes clearance, and it also includes that popular orange cardigan that was excluded from the other promotions!!!

#3. Grandpa Cardigan // You didn’t think I could do a product roundup without a great cardigan, did you? This Dreamers by Debut Grandpa Cardigan is super soft and comes in three gorgeous fall colors. I have a similar Dreamers cardigan from the #NSale that I love.

#4. Plaid Scarf // Sole Society has a ton of good scarves right now, it was hard to choose just one for this post, but I decided to feature this chocolate plaid scarf. Doesn’t it just scream FALL!?

#5. Platform Mule // For those who liked my leather slip-on sneakers but not the price, these quilted platform mules get great reviews.

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18 thoughts on “5 Under $50

  1. Fantastic post!  Being able to ever use a clutch is a fantasy of mine!  
    Okay, so I am shocked you still have any of your wisdom teeth.  Yes, having a dry socket is the worst, and like you, going to the dentist for anything is at the top of my hate list.  The annual girl exam and tests are less dreadful.  I am sending nothing but positive thoughts and peace your way.  Make a list of the pampering your family can provide while you recover.  I’m confident Paul and the girls, for sure, will be great caregivers.  And yes, by this time next week, you will be on the mend and feeling better.  Happy Friday Eve!

    1. Yeah, it’s kind of crazy that I still have those stupid teeth. I always have gone to conservative dentists who advised me to keep them till they were a problem. Well, they’re a problem. Totally falling apart. LOL! Time to say buh-bye.

      1. I know you want this to be a part of your past.  All 4 of mine were impacted, so over Spring Break of my senior year in high school, which was just two days off, I was in the hospital to have them removed.  Supposedly, I felt so good with the anesthesia in me, I sang to the nurses.  And the family took pictures to show me how I looked like a chipmunk.  Ha!

  2. Sending prayers for an easy time with the extraction of your wisdom teeth! Here’s some advice you didn’t ask for…follow the surgeon’s post extraction directions to the T…and don’t drink anything through a STRAW!


  3. Oh my gosh – I LOVE that clutch! Ahhh – I am on a super tight budget right now (was a bit spendy in September!). Hmmm – I might hint about that for Christmas! Heehee
    Hope everything goes well with your wisdom teeth. I had all mine done (at the same time) a long time ago.

  4. I just ordered the dress (in 3 colors to see which I liked best and to avoid shipping charges) and the orange long cardigan from old navy last night – they are having an AMAZING sale ending today… 40% if you have a Old Navy/Gap/BR card and all that I ordered was already on sale. Got the sweater for $20 and the dresses for about $14 each!

  5. HI Jo-Lynne,
    I love that you are willing to share your hatred of the dentist with everyone. I am the biggest baby when it comes to the dentist. I had my wisdom teeth out a long time ago, but my son recently went through it and we used the same amazing dentist who had taken mine out 20 years before – ha! Anyway, another mom suggested that we take this special wrap-around ice pack cold in a cooler to the dentist and put it on right there before you leave the office. We did that and it really seemed to cut down on the swelling and pain.
    WE got ours at CVS but here is a link to what I am talking about.

    Good Luck!


  6. Good luck with your wisdom teeth extraction. I will pray for an easy recovery for you. 

    Love your Fall finds, especially the scarf! It’s a really nice color and pattern I haven’t seen yet this season. 

  7. Great post. Hope all goes well with your wisdom teeth. I was fortunate and didn’t have any. Guess that is rare.

  8. I had mine out at 43, only because my dentist harassed me into it. 🙂  He’d already pulled out the two top ones, which were a breeze.  The bottom ones need a lot of care,  Jo Lynne, and I know you will be careful!  Hoping it’s just the two top teeth, those don’t get filled up with food debris as easily, I don’t think.  Praying all goes well!

    1. It’s the two on the left. I had the two on the right done a while ago. I got dry socket, it was awful. Boo. At least he was able to give me meds that took care of that. I just want it to be over with. 🙂

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