A Visit to the The Maritime Aquarium

On our way home from Maine a few weeks ago, we stopped over for a couple of nights in Shelton, Connecticut to stay at a Hyatt House and participate in Hyatt’s Blogger Cooking Challenge.

We debated about what to do while we were in the area. There were several options, but in the end we decided to spend our day at  The Maritime Aquarium. My kids – but my son, in particular – love marine animals, and they had a blast.

The Maritime Aquarium Trip 4

You hear a lot about the Mystic Aquarium, but we were quite pleased with our experience in Norwalk. We took our time and let the kids lead the way. Our first stop was the seals. They were putting on a little show, and they were quite entertaining.

Then we spent quite a while gazing at the fish in the various tanks.

The Maritime Aquarium Trip 3

Probably their favorite spot was the area where they could actually see and touch various sea creatures.

The Maritime Aquarium Trip 2

This volunteer was wonderful with the kids. She explained everything about these little sea critters and let the kids touch them and hold them. We literally had to drag them away to get them to move over and let other kids have a turn.

The Maritime Aquarium Trip 1

The stingrays are always popular! They are all my 6-year-old could talk about. Of course, when we got to them, she chickened out and wouldn’t touch them. Her brother and sister weren’t afraid in the least.

The Maritime Aquarium Trip 5

Our last stop was the white aligator, which is supposedly a big attraction, but we were a bit disappointed. He wasn’t very active when we were there, and the kids didn’t hang out there for long.

We took a break and walked over to the nearby SnNo Brewhouse for lunch. Look at this salad. I want a whole set of those bowls.

lunch at sono brewhouse

We ate outside on the patio, the weather was perfect, and it was nice to relax before heading back over to the Aquarium for an IMAX movie about the state of The Arctic.

The staff members at The Maritime Aquarium were friendly and helpful, and the facility was spacious and clean and laid out nicely. There were a lot of school groups there from local camps so it was a bit crowded, but if you’re ever in the area or looking for a place to stop on your way up the East Coast, this is certainly a fun diversion for kids of all ages.

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