Because You Never Plan to Get Sick on Vacation

Most of you know my sad story about our Spring Break vacation to Arizona and how my son ended up with the flu. Funny thing, before our trip, I was chatting with the folks at CVS Pharmacy about collaborating on a post about getting all your travel essentials at CVS. And knowing how we always manage to forget a thing or two, I figured I could also chat about how we relied on a CVS at our destination to be there for whatever we missed.

Little did I know how much we would rely on CVS during our Arizona visit. In fact, if I believed in such things, I might say that we jinxed ourselves.

cvs scottsdale

We arrived at the Phoenix airport after dark, took a shuttle to the rental cars, and found the Alamo desk. We secured our car, loaded our bags, and headed to the resort.

My son was already feeling poorly at that point, but we thought he was just overtired from late nights at band practice. We assumed that all he needed to perk up was a few days in the Arizona sun.

As we drove through Scottsdale, I noted the stores and restaurants that were nearby. I mentally checked off restaurants that we might want to try, an Urgent Care Center that I desperately hoped we wouldn’t need (another premonition, perhaps?), and yes, a CVS Pharmacy. I told my husband to remember where the CVS is so we could come back and stock up on water for the room and pick up any toiletries we might have forgotten.

By now you know where this is going even if you didn’t see our trip updates. My son didn’t get better in the Arizona sun. He only spent a few hours by the pool the next day, dozing under the shade of a palm tree, before he gave up and went to our room, where he would stay for the remainder of our vacation. The only time he left our room during the next five days was to visit the Urgent Care Clinic, where he was diagnosed with the flu.

Naturally, our next stop was CVS. As we stocked up on essentials like a thermometer, tissues, water, medicine, and disinfectant wipes, I couldn’t help but think how grateful I was that we weren’t traveling outside the country, without easy access to a pharmacy and the products we’re used to.


We made good use of that CVS Pharmacy over the course of our trip, stopping in at least once a day for supplies and products to help our son manage his symptoms and keep the rest of us well. I found it strangely comforting to have the familiarity of a CVS store nearby.

We usually opt for CVS Brand products because they have such a wide variety of health-related products that are affordable and include the same active ingredients as national brands. Plus, CVS Brand products come with a money-back guarantee so you can try their products risk-free. If you’re not happy with them, just return them to the store, no questions asked. We’ve never been disappointed.

Disclosure: This is the first of three posts I’m writing in partnership with CVS Pharmacy to welcome the arrival of spring and raise awareness about CVS Brand products. All opinions are my own.