Outfit Inspiration: Black & Grey with Leopard

One of the fashion blogs I subscribe to is J’s Everyday Fashion. I love her style, and when I saw this outfit, I knew I had to copy it.


It is actually J’s post that inspired me to buy black jeans. I did get some slashed jeans like she’s wearing, but I wore this outfit to meet my husband for lunch at the Capital Grille, so I wore this more traditional pair instead. I am LOVING black jeans, though. I want to wear them ALL the time. I can’t believe I haven’t had this option in my wardrobe till now.

I would have never thought to pair leopard with black and grey before I saw J’s post, but I instantly loved the combination. It’s hip and chic and edgy but classic enough to suit my personal style aesthetic. I don’t have a scarf that works, so I just went with jewelry. I was tempted to wear my black and grey animal print scarf, but then I couldn’t have worn the leopard flats. As a result, my outfit turned out a little plainer than I’d like, but I still felt great in it. 

Fall Fashion: Grey & Black with Leopard

I got these jeans for a steal on the HauteLook DL1961 Event. I like how this Bismark wash is a bit faded, which gives them a more casual vibe than regular black jeans.

Fall Fashion: Grey & Black with Leopard

J accessorized with gold and blue, and I kind of wish I’d worn bolder accessories (see the note about my outfit turning out a little plain), but Alex and Ani sent me some pretty bling to style, and I was excited to start wearing it. The long pendant necklace, the earrings, and the three bracelets are all from Alex and Ani, and I added the peridot ring. Shopping links are at the end of this post.

Fall Fashion: Grey & Black with Leopard

We went over to a nearby park to get pictures of the outfit, and we got some really fun shots. We brought the dog along for fun.

Fall Fashion: Grey & Black with Leopard

Fall Fashion: Grey & Black with Leopard

Here I am, pretending to be all cool and unaffected. Ha!

Fall Fashion: Grey & Black with Leopard

The farm makes such a cool backdrop. I love where I live.

Fall Fashion: Grey & Black with Leopard

The fall colors are about at their peak, so we’ve been taking full advantage.

Fall Fashion: Grey & Black with Leopard

My husband is experimenting with some vintage lenses he got from a friend, and I absolutely LOVE the set of pictures below. I don’t understand much about photography, so I can’t tell you anything about the lens or the settings he used, but I like how the background is totally blurred out and I’m in focus. They’re a little overexposed, but I kind of like the effect. I actually feel like a real fashion blogger, not the imposter I always say that I am. Heh.

Fall Fashion: Grey & Black with Leopard

Fall Fashion: Grey & Black with Leopard

Fall Fashion: Grey & Black with Leopard

Fall Fashion: Grey & Black with Leopard

Fall Fashion: Grey & Black with Leopard

Outfit Details:

similar moto jacket, $98

grey tee, $85 (cheaper, $32)

DL 1961 Amanda in Bizmark (I paid $65 at HauteLook; similar, $198 or cheaper, $89)

Sam Edelman Alaine Topline Flats (ON SALE, $89.90)

R Minkoff Moto Hobo, $325 (I paid $162.49)

Jewelry c/o Alex and Ani:

Fern Rooted Mystery Wrap, $38

Fern Trail Blazer Beaded Bangle, $38

Avocado Path of Life Charm Bangle, $38

Avocado Path of Life Expandable Necklace, $38

Fern Trailblazer Earrings, $28

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  1. I would’ve never thought to wear gray with leopard, but I really like this. In fact, since this post was still fresh on my mind when I got dressed earlier, it inspired me to reach for my leopard flats to wear with my gray tee. 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. I LOVE all of your fashion posts lately, please keep doing them. Such wearable, but fashionable style, THANK YOU!!

  3. I can’t believe you haven’t been wearing black jeans! Go with everything and don’t scream “I’m wearing jeans,” so you can get by with them sometimes when jeans may not be appropriate. Win-Win.

  4. I really like your outfit Jo-Lynne! You look very chic. Your husband did a great job! Having you as the focal point is awesome. He knows what he’s doing!
    Have a blessed day! Here in GA we are getting hammered with rain. We’ve had 5+” at my home, but I’m very thankful it’s not as bad as TX and LA have had it.

  5. I just got some black jeans and I am loving them! I am totally copying this outfit, except for the jacket. I live in Arizona and it’s still 85 degrees, but hopefully fall weather will get here eventually! I will try it with just a scarf. I am a new reader to your blog and I can’t get enough. Keep the inspiration coming!

  6. I am such a fan of your blog and, of course, you are a fashionista. I wait to read these daily and love your inspiration and outfits. I just know you are a darling girl. As pretty on the inside as the outside. I’m not a mom just over forty anymore, but I can still incorporate a lot of your styles into my everyday life. Keep up the good work.

  7. Aren’t black jeans the best! I also have a grey pair that I love too. Now, if I could just find leopard flats, boots or shoes that works for me!

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