Casual Spring Travel Outfit with Utility Jogger Pants

Happy Friday, and cheers to the weekend! 🥂 Today I’m styling utility jogger pants for a casual spring travel outfit or an off-duty weekend look.

Level 99 utility pants // ATM tee (option) // Kut from the Kloth utility shirt jacket (also at Zappo’s) // P448 sneakers (option) // sunglasses (option) // silver hoops // cuff bracelet // similar pendant

When I put this look together, my first thought was, this would be perfect for wearing on the plane to Florida! I like to be comfortable when I travel, but I still want to look polished and put-together.

These utility jogger pants from Evereve are the perfect solution. The fabric is 53% cotton, 38% viscose, 7% elasterell, 2% spandex; so they feel like you’re wearing joggers, but they look like pants.

They have a 27″ inseam, which hits me about an inch above the ankle bone, and they have an elasticized banded hem with the side zip. I didn’t feel the need to unzip them — they’re not super tight — but you could if you want a straighter silhouette.

The have rear patch pockets, which I always find more flattering than the flap pockets that often come on utility pants, or traditional welt pockets that tend to bunch up inside and look bulky.

And the front patch pockets give a nod to the utility trend, but I appreciate that there are no flap pockets lower on the thighs. All of these features work together to give these jogger pants a sleek, streamlined silhouette.

Size-wise, these pants run a bit large. I have the 28, but I’ve ordered the 27 to compare. I don’t really want them to be any tighter in the legs, but the waist is kind of loose, and they seem like they could stretch out a bit with wear. I may need to wear a belt.

There are so many options for styling these pants. Olive green is such a versatile color. It pairs well with denim as well as neutrals like grey, white, navy, and black; and it also works well with blush pink, coral, and rust.

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For today’s look, I paired them with a crisp white tee and bookended the look with white fashion sneakers.

This is the ATM Schoolboy v-neck tee that I’ve been wearing so much lately. I sized up to a medium in this tee.

It has such a flattering shape to the v-neckline, and I love the slub cotton fabric. It’s not thin enough to be see-through, but it has that lightweight linen look for spring/summer.

I almost wore my denim jacket, but at the last minute, I decided to add a black jacket on top.

You may remember this Kut from the Kloth utility shirt jacket from this post. I love it with the denim and grey, but I think the combination of black jacket with the crisp white tee and olive pants keeps this casual look elevated and chic.

This jacket is made of a lightweight tencel fabric, so it’s perfect for spring, and it has such nice details. I love the silver accents and the toggle waist.

And I did the “editor’s cuff” with my sleeves, which makes them look a little more intentional than a simple roll cuff. To do that, you just fold the sleeve halfway up the arm so the cuff is right above the elbow.

Then roll the bottom of the sleeve up the arm one or two times (I just do one) and gently pull the cuff so it peeks out on on top the way you want it. Push the sleeve up to the place you want it to stay, and you’re good to go! The idea is to look slightly undone, so don’t overthink it.

I’m always asked about zipping a jacket and if it’s necessary for a jacket to zip if you don’t intend to wear it that way. It doesn’t really matter, but this one does zip up comfortably in my usual size small. You can always loosen the toggle drawstring at the hem for a little more wiggle room.

This jacket also comes in olive and white, and there are more sizes of the black available at Zappo’s.

My P448 low-top sneakers are definitely a splurge, but they’re made in Italy of premium materials, and the comfort is out of this world. They are so cushy and soft inside, and even have padding on the tongue.

Plus, I love the details. The suede vamp and the laces are a light grey, which creates a subtle contrast against the white leather, and the leopard print tab at the back and the perforated P448 logo in the side add interest while keeping them neutral.

I’m usually and 8 or 8.5 in sneakers, and I went with the size 39 in these. That’s the equivalent of a U.S. 8.5 – 9, so if in doubt, I recommend sizing up.

Lots of sneaker brands make a similar look for less — I really like these Vintage Havanas in the Gold Snake, and the Sam Edelman Aubrie sneaker is a popular dupe for the popular Golden Goose (be warned — it looks dirtier on top than it might appear in the picture).

Flip flops or sandals will also work well with this outfit when it warms up, or a canvas sneaker would also be a good choice. And I can swap out the black utility jacket for my denim jacket, and sub a graphic tee for the white v-neck to get a totally different look.

So yeah, in my opinion, this is the perfect casual travel outfit. It’s also a great look for running errands or going to appointments, and whatever else you might have going on during the day.

Be sure to visit Cyndi Spivey and see the spring look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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34 Responses

  1. I love this outfit! I actually have these pants, and I love them but I think you will be happier with the 27. They do relax with wear. I did size down.

  2. I love the utility pants! They really look nice on you, You can tell that someone took a lot of time into putting a design together knowing all the areas a woman does not want added bulk–the thighs and backside:)
    We, too eat out (or get it to go) a lot more than normal. Seems that during COVID it is something we looked forward to. I figure we are also helping local restaurants who have been hit so hard. Just wish my waistline wasn’t affected so much by it;)

  3. What a great outfit! I’ve actually been on the hunt for some similar pants but in petite. Anyone?? I do think a jean jacket or chambray shirt would look great with those pants too. Like you said, so many options! As for eating/cooking on the weekends, we seem to have gotten into the habit of ordering/picking up food on Friday night and just eating leftovers on Saturday night. I feel the portions of what we order are plenty enough to only eat half. Then, I usually cook one or two meals/casseroles on Sunday and we alternate those two for a few days. By Friday, we’re ready for take out! lol But having food ready to just heat up, sure makes dinnertime quick and easy. Have a great one!

    1. You make it sound easy. We don’t have leftovers – at least not enough for 2 meals. Maybe enough for a lunch or two. I struggle to come up with new meals every day.

      1. Yes, having a variety can be difficult, cue Pinterest recipes! ha ha But, in all fairness, it’s only my husband, our youngest daughter, and me left in the house. The oldest two are grown and on their own. When my family of 5 was under one roof, it certainly was more challenging to keep meals interesting. And, honestly, my family doesn’t mind meals on repeat…I mean, not the same two/three meals every week. There are many that I rotate. Nonetheless, I hope you can find some fresh recipes to try! 🙂

    2. I too would love them in a petite size. I did find some last year at J.Jill and I have some in the cart from Old Navy. Hope they work out.

  4. Perfect travel outfit!

    For the day ritual girlfriend jeans … they say high rise in the description but in the picture they look mid rise. Do you know how many inches the rise is?

  5. I purchased the jacket and have already worn it twice. I love that the hardware is silver and not gold. What’s funny is that I wore it one day with a white tee and my army green Paige joggers that are very similar to these utility pants. I think you may have featured those 2 years ago, Jo-Lynne? They were spendy at the time, but as you often point out, it’s about the cost per wear and I have sure gotten my money out of them.

  6. This outfit is so you and really a great one for travel for sure. You look really cute in it.
    I’ve never heard of the editors cuff. I learned something.
    As for eating out. My food allergies prevent me from eating out too much. It’s just too hard with the ones I have. I’ve had to do this now this now for 4 years and it’s getting hard. There are places I know I can go to and we try to take out once in awhile. We aren’t doing inside dining at all. I like leftovers for the weekend too, so get a break from cooking. I miss eating out for fun. Have a good weekend. Can’t believe how fast the Spring series is going. You work so hard doing it. It’s just a full time job to unpack and try on the clothes and do the returns. 🙂

    1. Ha, it is! I have help, seriously couldn’t do it alone. Someone recently asked me what I do all day, lol. I said that I work 8-10 hours a day. She looked at me like I was nuts and said: “I thought Paul just took some pictures, and you wrote a few sentences.” I almost snorted. I guess she doesn’t read my blog. 😂

      1. Oh my goodness. That is funny. I don’t think people realize the work you put in. It’s crazy. Sure fun for all of us though.

  7. This is a great look I can copy from things already in my closet. I have at least 3 olive utility pants, and twice that many white t-shirts, probably.

    I am one of the apparent many who ordered the Daily Ritual jeans from Amazon and I have to agree, they are good and true to size, with no having to keep pulling them up. Thank you for the recommendation.

  8. This look is definitely you! I like the outfit a lot and envision you getting a lot of wear out of each piece. I hope you have a great day and weekend!

  9. Funny that you should ask (cooking dinner) because just last night I remarked to my husband that with the exception of Thanksgiving (a potluck style gathering for which I brought green beans) and Christmas (where I spent hours in my granddaughter’s kitchen) we have not physically eaten anywhere but home! And with those two exceptions ate nothing prepared by anyone else. All that being said however, we have so many dietary restrictions (glutens, seed oils, nightshades) it’s impossible in our backwater area to eat out anyway. So yeah. I cook. Every. Stinking. Night! Plus I make breakfast and lunch everyday also. I’d give my left leg to have my days back. WAH spouses are so stressful. Speaking of my left leg, when I wear any pants with an elastic cuff they ride up when I sit down or get in my car. It’s so annoying/embarrassing to have to bend over and pull them back into place. But I loved the rest of the outfit, and the color of the pants.

    Bit of advice regarding white sneakers – I bought an adorable pair of white Vince slides with a lace up vamp – reminiscent of a pair of Keds I had 20 yrs ago. They even came with a bag to launder them in! How thoughtful. But I bought my regular size — and they make my size 8 feet look like battleships. I used to wear 7 1/2 a lot when I was younger and I’m probably in between sizes. If anyone looks at these thinking they are cute, and they really are, go down a size.

    1. Liana…… I do get the food allergy restrictions. Soooo hard. I too many times wish I had my old life back. Just yesterday I was going through a drawer and found my old recipes box of ones I made in my younger years. I got sentimental. Ones from my mom, grandma, Aunt etc. Some of the desserts I’d die for. But, life goes on and I’m thankful I have food to eat and money to buy what I need. So many don’t. This mind set helps me through the difficult days.

  10. I’m really enjoying the spring wardrobe series. Today’s look was another great one! My kitchen is “closed” on Saturdays. Pre-Covid we ate out every Saturday night (or lunch), but now we have just been going through drive-ups and eating in the car. We will probably start venturing out to restaurants soon; I’m really looking forward to that! Have a great weekend!

  11. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    I wondered if you could send me the link for any mits you use to apply the self-tanner.
    Also, there is a cute taupe colored camera bag you have styled, but I’m not finding a link. Thanks!

  12. What a great look: casual yet polished too! Did you folks decide to fly to florida? Thought that you were driving. Either way, you will look great! The kitchen is closed on Fri and Sat nights. We go out and sUpport our local restaurants who do an awesome to distance tables and disinfect. Life has to go on, especially after a year of this. We choose not to live in fear.

  13. Cute outfit today! Totally my current vibe. Although I’m thrilled spring is here and I love the floral tops and dresses that are everywhere, I’m dressing so super casual these days since I work from home now and don’t go anywhere during the day. I’m finding myself wearing yoga pants or joggers all the time so that I can go for a walk at any of my breaks and I’m always ready for a workout as soon as my workday is over.
    I don’t see a link to the exact joggers you’re styling in the pictures. I only see alternate pairs. What am I missing?

    1. Everything I’m wearing is linked under the first picture, and then everything is linked again with pictures at the very bottom, above the comment section. And I usually link them a few times throughout the post as I’m talking about them.

    2. NM, I just found the link at the top of your post. Unfortunately they won’t work for me; too short. Let me know if you spot any similar pairs with at least a 28” inseam or preferably 29”. I’d look dorky in these w/ the 27” length as they’d hit mid-calf and that’s not a good look. 😆 #tallgirl

  14. I just received the jacket you’re wearing. I love it. It fits perfectly and it’s so soft. Love this outfit you’re styling!

  15. Hi Jo-Lynne. Those are really nice looking jogger pants. I like the attention to detail with the zippers at the bottom. They look so good on you. I didn’t see the info on the silver bracelet that you are wearing with the outfit. Where did you get it? I must have missed that.

    Thank you so much. 🙂

  16. I love this outfit! We eat out on the weekends too. Usually we do drive thru or take out but hope to be dining inside soon. I have enough trouble coming up with ideas to make for dinners during the week, so we look forward to eating out on weekends!

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