Casual Winter Outfit: Rolled Turtleneck + Suede Loafers

Good morning and happy Friday! Just like that, another week has flown by. Today I’m sharing a simple winter outfit that I’ve had on repeat lately with a rolled turtleneck and suede loafers.

casual winter outfit: Madewell Inland rolled turtleneck with Hudson Nico skinnies and Vince Milo suede loafers

I’m kind of obsessed with these loafers. I ordered them after seeing them on another blogger I follow whose style I admire, and I wasn’t expecting them to be as comfortable as they are. In fact, I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t like them or they wouldn’t fit because it was more than I really wanted to spend, but the second I put them on, I knew they were keepers.

Vince Milo suede loafers

I’m really loving more tailored look of loafers these days. They’re a nice change from the ballet flats I wear so often. I still love my ballet flats, but they have a sweeter look about them whereas loafers have that trending menswear-inspired vibe, although I do try to choose more feminine styles. I really like how they work with the sweaters and jeans I tend to live in this time of year.

Here are some other loafer options in case you’re interested in adding a pair to your closet.

Shop Loafers

I’m becoming a huge fan of the Vince brand for both shoes and sweaters. He’s a bit of a splurge, so I always watch for a good sale, but I can tell these pieces will last many years.

These shoes are 33% off at Nordstrom and have been for a while. Sizes are getting picked over, but there are some other great colors too. In fact, I was really conflicted about my color choice, but I don’t have any grey suede flats so I went with that.

Vince Milo suede loafers

This rolled turtleneck from Madewell is one of my new favorites. I’ve been wearing it several times a week since I got it. I debated about it for a while before I ordered it, thinking it might be too thin or too short, but I finally nabbed it when it went 40% off over Black Friday weekend, and I’m so glad I did.

SALE ALERT  >> 25% off your Madewell order with code ADDTOCART thru 12/19/17. Also, sign up for Madewell Insiders (it’s free) to get free shipping and free returns on all orders.

It’s really soft and stretchy, and it’s thin but not see-through thin, and it keeps me plenty warm. I love this hthr burgundy color, although it’s almost sold out. There are some other great colors, though. I actually really like all of the colors, and if I didn’t have my “rule” about not buying multiples, I’d pick up another one or two. The price is great, especially once you take the 25% off.

winter outfit with Madewell Inland turtleneck sweater in hthr burgundy

So yeah, I mention my multiples rule quite a bit. This is a personal policy that I don’t necessarily recommend everyone adopting, but it’s worth considering if you’re one of those with overflowing closet syndrome. *wink*

I mean, if you’re super busy, don’t really enjoy shopping or don’t have time for it and just need easy, by all means, feel free to stock up when you find something you love if you know you’ll wear them. But I shop so much because this blog is my job, I’m always finding great new styles I want to try, and I’m working on curating a wardrobe of select quality basics I can have for a long time, and I want to feel like each piece of clothing in my closet is unique.

In years past, I did buy things I love in multiples and that worked for me, but now I’m taking a different approach. Also, it helps me not have waaaaaay too many clothes because I do have so much already. If I bought multiples, my closet would get out-of-hand fast. So again, it’s more of a personal decision, not necessarily my general advice. That said, if you’re one who tends to have a ton of clothes and buys a lot of multiples, consider cutting back and making each piece more unique to your closet. Less is more, as they say.

casual winter outfit: Madewell Inland rolled turtleneck with Hudson Nico skinnies and Vince Milo suede loafers

I wore a long pendant over my sweater since it’s so plain and has a high neck. I can’t find my coin pendant — I don’t know what I did with it. Wahhh… this one is older, and it’s no longer for sale. I like how my coin pendant is a little longer than this one.

This R Minkoff Love crossbody is one I’ve shown a gazillion times before. It’s really the only crossbody I carry anymore. I love the size. It’s small enough to take out to dinner or wherever you’re going that you don’t want a big mom bag, but it does hold my full size wallet and a few other essentials, which is nice. I hate to have to take apart my wallet when I’m headed out the door, and it’s always a pain to put it back together when I’m done with the smaller bag.

I often add my leather jacket to this look when I’m going to the mall or to run errands, and this outfit also looks good with my new taupe moto jacket — especially with the black jeans. I usually wear the black leather when I’m wearing blue jeans, although it’s fine with black jeans too.

I should have photographed it with one of them, I suppose, but I also wanted to show the fit of the sweater and the pretty ribbed details. You can see this sweater with both jackets on my Instagramblack leather/hthr burgundy sweater/blue jeans/grey loafers and taupe suede/hthr burgundy sweater/blue jeans/black booties.

casual winter outfit: Madewell Inland rolled turtleneck with Hudson Nico skinnies and Vince Milo suede loafers

Madewell Inland Turtleneck Sweater in hthr burgundy (25% off) // Hudson Nico Ankle Super Skinny Jeans c/o (more sizes on Amazon) // Vince Milo Loafers (33% off) // R Minkoff Geo Quilted Love Crossbody in Mushroom (33% off) // charm necklace (old) // Moonbow sunnies c/o Maui Jim // D Yurman Oval Large Link Bracelet // nails: CND Midnight Swim

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the winter outfit she’s styling today.


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41 Responses

  1. I love your outfit and also love loafers! I have 2 pair of weejuns, but am having the hardest time finding no show socks to wear that don’t slip off my ankle. Do you wear anything with loafers or just go barefoot? If you opt for barefoot, how then do you prevent blisters??? This is my biggest issue with any kind of slip on/flat!

  2. This look and yesterday’s outfit are so nice!  They also look very comfortable.  Oh, I received the lace up top from Nordstrom the other day.  I think our granddaughter will love it!  She won’t get it until her birthday next June, though.
    Have a fabulous Friday!

  3. I’m loving those loafers! They look smart while being comfortable. Is there good arch support in them?
    Your sweater is perfect in color and details. That color is great on you. It really lights up your face, beautiful lady.

  4. I’m curious as to whether you are taking the Christmas gifts for your immediate family with you to Virginia or do you open them at home before or after trip? To me it’s just not the same not to open at Christmas but on the hand why lug them back and forth. Maybe I just buy too much lol
    Also, I’m just back home in Chicago after a trip to D.C. and Alexandria. Are you familiar with LouLou Boutique? 

    1. Ahhhh this has been such a stressor for me, to be honest. We are big presents people too, and it isn’t Christmas without them, so we are bringing them. I have them all wrapped. I wanted to ship them down ahead of time but I have this nagging fear that someone will get sick or there will be some massive snow event and we won’t get there and our presents will all be there. So I’m holding onto them and we’re going to try to fit them in our car. We have a roof rack and a big car top carrier, which should help.

      We are going to open our “Christmas Eve presents” – pajamas – and my daughter’s birthday presents (she’s a 12/24 baby) the Fri nite before we leave. We’re going to make it special and then we can eliminate 7 big presents that way. (The pj boxes are HUGE and a couple of her bday presents are large too.)

  5. Making each piece unique is a liberating piece of advice. I have heard “buy in !multiples” so many times and it never seemed to sit right with me. I really prefer your idea about special, quality items. Thanks Jo-Lynne. This was an awesome post, as always!

  6. Love the outfit and the loafers. Just wanted to know if you go without any socks in the winter. I would freeze. LOL 

  7. Great color on you!  And – good advice on buying multiples.  That tip really struck a chord with me.  I tend to do that,  and I think it stems from carrying the extra weight I currently do.  If it fits, I buy it in a few other colors.  In fact I have a sweater from Macy’s that fit me well, so I bought it in multiple colors, like 6-7…… I never thought about it before, but buying an item in that many colors, doesn’t leave me open for much variety!  So thank you once again for some great fashion advice!  

  8. You need to check the ugg loafers they look very similar to the Vince camuto’s the ones I got are nubuck light gray love mine

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