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October, really? I will never get used to how quickly the months seem to pass. The older I get, the faster time seems to move. What’s up with that??

For the moment, I am enjoying this fall weather. We are having a splendid fall here in PA this year, and frankly, we’re due. Last year it went from summer to winter almost overnight. And often it gets really hot again before it cools down, but this year it is hanging out in that perfect middle spot — chilly mornings, warm afternoons, blue skies, low humidity, it’s absolutely glorious!!

I have a SLEW of pictures from this week. Some are crappy iPhone selfies snapped in a dimly lit hotel room, and some are awesome shots my husband took with his fancy Nikon. In the interest of time and space, I’m going to try to keep the commentary and links to a minimum, although brevity certainly isn’t my strong suit. Let’s see how I do!

I wore this on the last day of the CVS press trip I attended last week in Rhode Island and also to travel home. I took this photo in the bathroom to try to get my accessories up close.


This photo is horrible, but you get the drift – blue cashmere V-neck, dark skinny jeans, and silver Cole Haan Air Milly Wedge Pumps, available at Nordstrom and currently on sale 25% off. These make my feet so very happy. I bought them in Rhode Island with Mel. She got black, and I got silver — that is how incredibly comfy and cute they are. If you’re in the market for a classic wedge pump, I highly recommend these!!

cashmere and jeans

I wore this out to dinner in Rhode Island. This purple dress is old. I usually bring it out for fall. Pardon the horrendous lighting.

OOTD purple dress

date night

Love these Kendra Scott earrings.

kendra scott earrings

I wore this dress to dinner on the first night of our trip.

ralph lauren geometric print dress

Trying to get a close-up of my makeup. I got some new eye shadow I was trying out. Also the earrings and necklace are Stella & Dot.

evening makeup
I picked up these bangles at LOFT last week.

geometric dress closeup

I wore this outfit on the main day of our CVS event. I love this top from Lucky Brand that I found at a local boutique last spring. And those are the Toms Desert Bootie in Sand. I bought them in Rhode Island, shopping at the Providence Place Mall. They are remarkably comfortable on my poor abused feet.

coral blouse and dark skinnies with Toms Desert Booties

I’m totally out of order here. I wore this outfit to go shopping with Mel on Wednesday — Ella Moss striped top with my dark skinnies (the same jeans I wore all week!) and black ballet flats that KILLED MY FEET. I don’t know what I was thinking packing those things. I actually bought the Toms booties at the mall that day, so I would have something else to wear at the CVS media event.

ella moss striped top

Back home, I wore this outfit to my son’s band performance on Friday night. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to put on a different pair of jeans! I only brought one pair with me to Rhode Island. The idea of packing light seems so virtuous, but really, it stinks. I hate being out of town and not having options. Bah humbug!

mustard boyfriend sweater

I tried to wear these shoes that arrived in the mail while I was out of town, but I couldn’t stand them and took them off to return the next day. So my shoe saga continues . . . I am desperate to find a ballet flat for fall that doesn’t make my feet cry out in agony. I’ve ordered and returned about 10 pair at this point. GAH!

Taos Ballet Flats

They’re cute, though, right?? And they have a pretty supportive insole. But that elastic in the back kills me.

I loved this outfit so much that I had my husband take eleventy-billion pictures.

Taos flats and jeans with croc bag

The necklace is from Target, and the mustard boyfriend sweater is from LOFT.

LOFT boyfriend sweater and target necklace

Wow, my hands look old!

I wore this next outfit to church on Sunday and then to lunch at Wyebrook Farm that afternoon.

coral scarf and utility jacket
I asked my husband if he could make me look as cool as the fashion bloggers on Pinterest. HA! He tried!

coral scarf and utility jacket

I’m loving this color combo. I knew I wanted to wear my Toms Desert Booties and my BR utility jacket. I tried another scarf and changed to this one at the last minute. I think the orange really pops against the green jacket.

military green with coral/gray scarf

The view at Wyebrook Farm is outstanding! Loving the backdrop to this photo.

Wyebrook farm

Under the jacket, I just wore a basic white tee with a brown belt. It was supposed to be tucked in the front, like it is above with the yellow sweater, but I guess it didn’t stay put!

Paul and me

And the shoes . . . I love these booties!

Toms Desert Bootie Sand

Toms Desert Bootie Sand

Finally, I wore this on Monday to run errands. Everyone was back to work and school so I’m back to my self photos with the auto timer. I do believe it is the LAST day I will wear those shoes that are killing my feet, cute as they are. I FINALLY found a solution to my footwear challenge. Stay tuned!!

metallic striped top with moto jeans

The striped top is old, and the DL1961 moto inspired jeans were on sale at Piperlime a few weeks ago.

moto jeans

WHEW! It’s been quite a week. What about YOU??

UPDATE: I’m always amazed at how many people ask me where I got stuff I’m wearing. I often link within the post, but maybe it’s not that obvious. I don’t want to be all in your face shopping blog, but in case you’re interested, here is a list of links to things I’m wearing in this post that are still available. Let me know if I should do this every week. I’m happy to, I just don’t want to be annoying. Ha!

Where to Buy

    • gray moto inspired jeans: DL1961 Hazel Skinny Jeans, available at Piperlime (If you can be patient, Piperlime runs 20% off sales occasionally!!)
    • tan booties: Toms Desert Booties in Sand, available at Nordstrom (Word on the street is these sold out last year, so if you love them, I wouldn’t wait!)
    • green jacket: Banana Republic Utility Jacket (I got this at 40% off; watch for their sales.)
    • mustard cardi: boyfriend sweater from LOFT (again, these will go on sale; don’t pay full price)
    • pewter ballet flats: Taos Repleat, available at Zappo’s (these didn’t work for me, but they might work for you. they are super cute but a bit spendy.)
    • silver wedge pumps: Cole Haan Air Milly Wedge, available at Nordstrom and currently on sale at 25% off
    • assorted jewelry from Stella & Dot

For more fashion-over-40 inspiration, check out all of my Daily Mom Style posts.

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45 Responses

  1. I must say, I love all those dresses on you. I hate to put it this way, but in all of them, you look so darned SKINNY. And they’re just fun and pretty. It’s such a contrast to esp. that baggy horizontal striped top, which (in my opinion, which doesn’t count for much) doesn’t do squat for you. Those boots do look comfy. Are you wearing them without socks? If you can walk around farm in them with no protection around the top edges for your ankles — brand new! — then they MUST be comfy!

    1. Ha. My husband likes that striped top. I do feel that it’s not the most flattering, but it is SO Comfy. 🙂 And I love the colors. But yeah, I feel great in those dresses. Just don’t get much occasion to dress up.

      The booties are AWESOME. For real. I mean, I can’t tell you how hard it is for me to find shoes that don’t make me want to cry right now.

  2. Everything looks great! I think I’ve seen that purple dress before but it fits you like a glove!

    Tell your husband he did a great job on the photos–love them!

    Oh, and your eyebrows looks so good in the close-ups 🙂

    And I LOVE that yellow cardigan!

      1. For some reason the mustard color wasn’t listed as a selection online. However, I loved the look so much I made it a point to stop at the store and found it there for $29.95 🙂 Score!

  3. You look adorable in all and I am glad to have found your blog… great outfit ideas! Your makeup really makes your eyes pop in the photo closeup of your bangles! You are really making me want a pair of the TOMS booties!! Can you comment on how they run size-wise? I have read that you have to size down in some of TOMS…

    1. Thanks! I worked hard on that eye makeup! 🙂 I had a girl in Nordstrom show me how to do it. 🙂

      I actually found the Toms to be true to size. I bought an 8.5 and sometimes I even wear 8 so I don’t think you should size down.

      1. ok, thanks about the shoes. I agree with you that it is a great idea to have a post about the makeup application tips that you learned and used for the close-up shown here. Another idea: I would like to see how you have all of your clothing and accessories organized! 🙂

  4. Great outfits all week! And you were in RI! Wish I had known – I live about 30 seconds from Providence Place 🙂

  5. Have you ever tried any Ecco brand ballet flats? I love their shoes so much for comfort. And they’re pretty cute too! I don’t know how they would do for your problem, but I can stand for 8 hours on a trade show floor in them and my feet don’t hurt by the end of the day.

  6. hey there! i found your blog via the pleated poppy, and am loving your posts.
    i’m a bit envious of you getting that beautiful fall there in pa.- we are still in the 80’s or so here in southern cal. i love the heat but seeing everyone’s pretty fall wardrobes is making me yearn for cardigans and boots!
    i’m following via bloglovin and hope you’ll come by and visit me too when ya get the chance!
    have a great week jo-lynn!

  7. Looks like a winner fashion week to me;) I don’t have any foot problems but wore a new pair of heels to church on Sunday that made me want to cry by the time I got home. Why cannot shoes be fashionable, comfortable and affordable?!? And Amen to the PA weather. I am actually wearing flipflops today!

  8. Love the outfits and love the Tom’s booties. Where did you get the shoes that you have paired with the dresses? Those are way cute too. I think camel colored anything is my fav in footwear right now.

  9. Always love all your outfits!! I too have problems with the ballet flats and the extremely flat sandals that are in style. I never had foot pain before. I can’t wait to see your solution. Those styles are so cute, but I’m most comfortable in a flip flop that has some padding or boots in the winter. Love the booties! I just bought a similar pair.

  10. I am so loving those Toms! I agree with the “eye makeup” comment. Any tips? I feel like I never quite get what I’m looking for at Sephora and they try to sell a thousand products in addition to the one product I’m looking for! I really like the Earth brand flats. They are the only ones I can wear for a long period of time without my feet hurting. I got the black ones this summer and I love them. The negative heel really does help. Other favorites are Gentle Souls and French Soles. (both can be found at zappos) Oh, Sam Edlleman flats/loafers are just about the most comfy shoes out there! Love them.

    1. I will check out all of those, although the pair I ended up with about broke the bank so I will hopefully just stick with them. Still, good to know! I forgot to check out Earthies. D’oh!

    2. And as far as the eye makeup goes, I should do a video. I have had enough professional makeup jobs done that I think I have FINALLY got it down. Basically, the key is blend, blend, blend and blend some more. And get good brushes. Beyond that, I just do the light color on the lid, medium in the crease, and dark in the corners. I do have some eye liner secrets though. Great idea for a future post!

  11. Love all of your outfits JoLynne! My favorites are the mustard cardigan ensemble and the military jacket day–I’m a sucker for simple tees and cardigans/jackets with cute shoes. I wish I could wear scarves but it’s just not cool enough yet here in Texas. Fingers crossed!

    I recently got two new pairs of ballet flats and have been amazed at how comfortable they are. Nude flats by Vince Camuto and leopard flats by Sam Edelman, both from Nordstrom. Good luck with your search, hope you find something that works soon!

  12. Love that you link to the stuff you wear. I do wish you would link to your enviable purse collection.

    I also like your ‘evolution of an outfit’ posts too.

  13. As always, Gorgeous pictures!
    I also have a hard time finding flats. I wonder if the people who design shoes actually walk in them before they bring them to market. Who would have thought the elastic on the back of those flats would have been a good idea? #poordesign

    1. so many are made that way tho. they must work for someone. i ordered a pair of Tieks (at $175 a pop, no less) that were touted to be fabulous. they went right back.

      i really need it to be more than comfy – I need it to have support. which is the challenge when shopping for ballet flats. by nature, they do not offer support. that didn’t used to bother me, but I guess I’m getting old. 😉

  14. I’m pretty new to your site and I just have to say that I really enjoy reading your blogs, seeing your fashion trends, hearing your family stories and so much more. Thanks for sharing and entertaining us!
    Now on to those awesome booties… are they really comfortable? I too, have been struggling with flats and pumps lately. I have very skinny feet, size 7 and I swear every pair I put on seems to rub against my foot and give me blisters. I don’t understand how everyone is wearing shoes without socks or knee his – am I the only one still using knee his?
    Or do I have to start buying granny shoes for comfort? Yikes!

  15. For real those tan booties are comfy? I don’t understand how everyone is wearing shoes, flats and pumps these days barefoot..I get blisters when I do that! Am I the only middle aged woman out there still wearing knee his? Is there some secret to going barefoot in shoes?
    Please share!
    By the way, I’m new to your site and I just have to say I look forward to your blogs everyday so thanks for sharing!

    1. LOL! I dunno. I did wear them barefoot the first time b/c I didn’t have any socks packed in my suitcase. Then when I wore them on Sunday, I Just threw them on with no socks. They do not rub AT ALL. But when it gets cooler, I might try to find something to wear in them for warmth.

  16. I have got to get those TOMS booties! I’ve seen them on a couple different blogs recently and everyone says how comfortable they are. Adorable!

    Any chance you’ll do a “how to” post on eye shadow? I have a great shadow pallet and no clue what to do with it (I end up wearing the same two colors). Help! 🙂

  17. I seriously think I’m going to order those booties…like today. I usually wear an 8.5 or 9 and I like to try them on. Do you think I should get the 9? I saw your comment that you sometimes wear 8s and that you got the 8.5. I just hate having to return things.

    Also, I love the “where to buy” links at the end. Not annoying at all. Thanks!

  18. Did you get your boyfriend sweater from the Loft store or did you order it online? How is the fit? Does it run big? I’ve never ordered online from Loft so I wanted to make sure before I order it.

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