DL1961 Introduces a Line of Denim for Kids

Yesterday I shared about some of the new selections for women from DL1961 premium denim. Today I want to introduce you to their kids’ line. Lucky me, they sent me a few styles to sample!


The DL1961 kids’ line is brand spankin’ new, and I was more than happy to give them a test drive. These jeans are built for durability and comfort, and as an added bonus, they are made from “Intelligent Denim” which makes them anti-bacterial and odor-resistant, meaning less laundry for me!

My kids each have a very different relationship with denim, so this was an interesting experiment. First, my older daughter. This child is like her momma in more ways than one. She loves bluejeans and wears them almost every day. The bottom drawer of her dresser is full of them. She just pulls out a pair and throws them on with a top — any top. She’s not picky. (Gotta love that!)

The first pair of jeans DL1961 sent me in a size 12 were too small. She’s a skinny kid, and they were still very tight. When the 14s came, I feared they would still be too tight, but they work well for her. They don’t really stretch out (DL1961 never does, which is awesome) but they do give in a way that is quite comfortable. They sent me two pair of the Chloe in two different washes, and she wears them interchangeably. They look great on her. I always think she looks cute in skinny jeans, but these really do flatter her.

I think she’s wearing the Lima wash in this picture. She also has the Rubik.


My younger daughter is much more finicky about her denim. They sent her two styles. These are the Harper Boyfriend jeans, which will be available for Spring ’15 purchase.


And this is the Chloe Cropped with the tulip hem (also part of the Spring ’15 line.) So sweet. They look great on her, although she does wish they had an adjustable waistband because she’s used to cinching her jeans super tight. The ACTIVEX collection does, by the way, feature adjustable waistbands in all sizes up to/including size 6. My girl is wearing a size 10.



Finally, my son is making a rare appearance on the blog today. He does not like to wear jeans. He lives in athletic pants, although to his credit, he will wear khakis to church without complaint. Most jeans, according to him, are too stiff.

THESE jeans, however, he wears. I knew the second I picked them up that he was going to like them. They felt soft to the touch. They look great on too.


These are the Jordan in Bowline. They do have slim and skinny styles for boys, but these are the straight style. They’re a size 16 and they just fit so I would say they run a tad on the small side. He’s almost 15 years old and wears a size 16 in almost everything right now.

All in all, I’d say that DL1961 is on the right track with their new line for kids. Improvements I have suggested to them are implementing the adjustable waist and perhaps creating another style for girls that’s not quite so tight . . . although the boyfriend style that R was modeling seems to be a bit more relaxed in fit. They will be available this spring.

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  1. Thanks for this review! I was excited to learn about the DL1961 kids’ line, because as a short-statured adult, I can only wear kids’ size pants and jeans. However, despite being petite, I have the figure of an average-size woman with a waist proportionally smaller than my hips. Therefore, to get the proper fit, my jeans MUST have an adjustable waist. As a result of your review, I have written DL1961 and requested they add the adjustable waist to all their kids’ jean styles. For now, I’ll stick with GAP Kids’ jeans (and if you ever browse through the reviews for the different Gap Girls’ jeans, you’ll see how many petite women rely on kids’s size jeans to get the right fit – so DL1961 is losing quite a bit of business by not having the adjustable waist in their kids’ jeans).

  2. I wrote to DL1961, and here’s their reply:

    “Thank you for contacting us regarding your particular situation. None of our kids jeans offers an adjustable waist, but we’ll definitely make a note of that for potential new styles. I wish I had something I could offer you in the meantime. As of now, there are no plans to add an adjustable waist.”

    So everyone who thinks DL1961 should add the adjustable waist feature to all their kids’ jeans should write them. By making your wishes known, DL1961 will realize there is more interest in the adjustable waist than they originally thought, and may consider adding it to their kids’ styles.

  3. The jeans look great on all of your kids! My daughter pretty much refuses to wear denim so I love the sound of your son’s soft to the touch pair. But, the tulip bottom on the Chloe Cropped is just too freaking cute. Love it.

    1. I know…. aren’t they!!?? And yeah, those jeans on my son… I’m already ordering him another pair. Since I took that picture of him, they’ve turned to floods. He’s in a major growth spurt.

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