Fair Isle Sweater Outfit

Greetings on this fine Monday morning! I hope you all had a good weekend. I have a fair isle sweater outfit for you today.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a fair isle sweater outfit with J.Crew Rollneck Sweater in Fair Isle

I was so happy to wake up this morning and find this sweater was restocked overnight because it was almost sold out yesterday, and I was bumming. It seems like retailers just can’t keep fair isle sweaters on the shelves this year!

The one I posted last week was low inventory, but it was also restocked over the weekend, so grab it now if you want it.

This one is from J.Crew, and it’s currently 40% off + an additional 15% off with code MONDAY. That brings it down to about $55.

J.Crew Rollneck Sweater in Fair Isle

I really like the fit, although it does “bubble” a bit around the neck. After I wore it all day, it settled in and didn’t do that anymore.

It’s made of polyamide/lambswool, which I did not find particularly itchy or bothersome, but I know some of you are sensitive so I wanted to point that out.

Besides the gorgeous color palette, I really like the length — at 23″ it’s perfect for me, at 5’5″ and short-waisted. It comes in 2 other color ways if you want other options, and it runs TTS. (I have the small, for reference.)

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a fair isle sweater outfit with J.Crew Rollneck Sweater in Fair Isle

I kept the outfit casual and paired this sweater with AG Farrah raw hem ankle skinny jeans in a classic mid-indigo wash.

The contrast of the navy sweater with the lighter blue denim is a pleasing combination, and there’s some light blue in the sweater that ties them together as well.

These jeans are 25% off right now, and they’re my current favorites. I wear these or my other Farrah ankle skinnies (they’re a little darker) at least 5 days a week.

You can find more AG Farrah skinnies at Amazon, if you’re hunting for some different options (prices vary).

AG Farrah

I gave my jeans about a 1″ cuff so that they didn’t fall into the back of my booties. These booties are by Jeffrey Campbell, and they are super comfortable.

They’re padded inside, and the 3″ stacked heel is stable and very walkable. In fact, I wore these all over the mall on Friday, and my feet felt fine.

I kept my accessories simple with a pair of 11mm pearl earrings. These are down to $324, which is a crazy good price for the size of these pearls, and here’s a faux pearl option.

A fair isle sweater outfit has such a festive flair for winter, especially around the holidays, and I’m really loving all the styles and colors available right now.

The fair isle design is a classic, but it’s also having a moment this winter, so I rounded up some more options below!

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a fair isle sweater outfit with J.Crew Rollneck Sweater in Fair Isle

Outfit Details:

fair isle sweater // AG Farrah skinnies (option) // booties // pearls (option) // similar tote

More Fair Isle Sweaters:

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photos: Alison Cornell

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19 Responses

  1. I enjoy hearing you are taking time for family. I really enjoy your coffee talks as it makes me feel like I know you, not just your blog. But, family is important and you need rest. I hope others read your word and follow suit. 

  2. I bought that sweater in the green color last Monday. I paired it with navy corduroy flares and boots and I loved it!  I wore it to a basketball game last week (I’m now a middle school cheer mom and out school colors are green and white) and to do a craft with my son at school. (I posted it to Instagram). I noted the bubble too but it seemed to go away.  I’m impressed with what JCrew has right now and with their quality. It’s all cyclical but they seem especially good right now. 

  3. I’m so glad you took yesterday off and didn’t do a coffee talk, Jo-Lynne. I always tell people that while there are many advantages to having a full-time job you can do at home, the disadvantage is that it’s so easy to work too much. You deserve time with your family and they deserve time with you!
    Quick question– What size do you wear in your AG high waisted Farrah’s? I’m culling the jean herd and have several pairs of spendy jeans that I guess I bought too big. They look baggy after an hour of wearing. But they seemed plenty tight enough when I bought them. lol. I can’t believe I’m saying this because I’m the queen of jeans, but I need a new pair of darker wash. Thanks!

  4. Good for you JoLynne on spending some time with your mother! As much as I envy what you do, I can see that you put in way more time than a 9 to 5 job. When your office is at home I am sure it makes it that much harder to walk away! As much as I love your posts, you too deserve some time away!

  5. While I missed your coffee talk post yesterday, I am glad that you chose having quality time with your mom over being online!  That is a very pretty sweater!

  6. So glad you took time out for your family.  That’s way more important than anything else.  🥰

    I love the Fair Isle sweaters.  I already have two – if I add one more to my wardrobe do you think that’s too much?  😉

    Have a wonderful day! 

  7. Yay! Something that’s having a moment that I have! AND it’s going to be cold tomorrow and it will stay that way until Friday. Then we’ll be back in the 70s (bleh!)

  8. Love these sweaters on you! I agree with Fonda – it is great you are taking time for your family! We all love you, but they love you more and are pretty happy to get to spend time with you! 🙂

  9. Good for you, for taking time away from work. I’m happy that you got to spend quality time with your mom which is so important.

  10. I’m glad you took time with your mom. I really miss my mom especially this time of year. Enjoy the moments with family when you have them. Losing my mom at her ripe age of 69 was too young. Work will always be there. On another note I love this outfit on you. I keep vowing to get myself a fair Isle sweater ( no wool) of course. 
    Have a great day

  11. I always miss you when you don’t post, but good for you for taking time off to be with family.  This sweater is so pretty.  I might just have to add more sweater to my closet.   Don’t have a Fair Isle!!  

  12. It looks like we all missed your Coffee Talk but are glad you had some quality time with your Mom. My Dad and Stepdad died last year….. Its so important to seize family time and make memories.

    You are the only blogger/ influencer who posts daily that I know. You do a lot!! I can’t imagine all the “behind the scenes” responsibilities and jobs you have. Do take the time off to relax and rejuvenate…. Even God rested on the 7th day!

    1. Haha! I do try not to work on Sundays, but I like to “chat” with you all. Sometimes I’m really ahead of the game and have that post mostly written the day before… but that hasn’t happened much lately. 🙂

  13. Although I missed your Sunday ritual I am glad you spent the time with your mom. Those moments are sacred.  I stooped into Chico’s today to get a gift for my MIL.  Have not been in store in a few years.  I was impressed with selection. Saw a beautiful high neck fair isle sweater that should be checked out. It was 50 off plus another 10 with a text promotion they have going on.  I had to have it and hope my better 1/2 will wrap it up for me.  The sweaters from JCrew have that design on  bottom. I can’t get past it!

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