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Here we are again. The pictures today are actually a compilation of photos I’ve taken in the past few weeks. It seems like each week one outfit is terribly redundant and gets held out for future. Which is a good thing because honestly, this week has been a rough one! I think I’ve only made myself presentable a couple of times, and often it’s late in the day before I have to go somewhere and be seen. That, and I wore the same sweater 3 times, lol. We all have those weeks, right?? Tell me I’m not alone.

And truly, I probably shouldn’t be afraid to show the same clothes a couple of days (or weeks) in a row. This IS about real life. I’m no super model, that is for sure and certain. The idea is to take some effort and put ourselves together, and if that means repeating a couple articles of clothing (or entire outfits) so be it.

With that said, I managed to come up with six looks to share with you today. Admittedly, they do all include boots and skinny jeans or leggings, but it’s been hovering below 30 degrees all week long so it’s the best I can do!


This is an outfit I pull out about once a year. I struggle with this sweater but finally decided I like it with these plum skinny jeans. The black long sleeve tee is just a neutral to pull it all together. The sweater is from Banana Republic a few years ago, and the jeans and tee are old and no longer available.


I wore my Tara M. Tiffany ankle boots and a silver pendant from Target. The long pendant works well with this outfit. I feel like long cardigan sweaters like this need a focal point to break up the column in the middle.


Proof that a sweatshirt can be cute . . . I hope. HA! This Heavenly Hail Hoodie from Athleta over the pink Queens Luscious Crew is one of my go-to casual outfits when I’m spending a day at home. (Yes, you saw it last week too.) Sometimes I wear them with yoga pants, or if I’m trying not to be such a schlump, I’ll pull on jeans and boots.

sweatshirt and jeans

AND LOOK! Starting 12/18, take an extra 20% off all sale items at Athleta. In stores & online. Use code EXTRASALE. Two days only. Ends 12/19.

I’m posting this next one because that iPhone case is my new favorite, and I’ve been wanting to show it to you. My daughter, the photographer, just happened to bust me texting, and it worked out perfectly. It’s the Cushion Wrap Case from ADOPTED, and it was sent to me for review along with a couple others from the ADOPTED line. I love how it protects my phone while still being pretty. And it has a nice grip to it.


Also, I’m carrying my Dooney & Bourke Croco Lexington Shopper, which I adore. It was a splurge last fall when Macy’s was running a 25% off sale. The earrings are Stella & Dot.


This Cable Knit Cowl Neck Pullover in Saucy Red is a new sweater that I’m loving. I wore it three times this week . . . thus the disclaimer above about repeating outfits! HA! I wore it with regular blue jeans and my gray UGGs one day, and another time I wore it with straight leg jeans and black moccasins to a neighborhood holiday party. I picked it up on one of Banana Republic’s many 35% off sales. (By the way, starting today, for 3 days only, save 40%, 45%, or 50% at Banana Republic. Click to reveal your savings. You’re welcome!)

red cable turtleneck sweater with gray jeans

The circles earrings are from Studio Jewel, and the bangle is a Kate Spade that I picked up on eBay. Check out my All That Glitters collection for more great eBay finds!!!! (I am participating in a paid campaign with eBay, but I bought the bracelet on my own.)


I wore my Raglan Seam Dolman Sleeve Sweater (now 60% off!!!!) with Hue Ultra Wide Waistband Leggings and red JAFA Boots (sent to me as a sample) to a shopping event at C. Wonder, which I wrote about last week! This is the exact same outfit I wore on Thanksgiving Day, and I liked it so much I just repeated the entire ensemble. It’s nice to have a few go-to outfits in your closet that don’t require any creative thought!!


I wore my Kate Spade bangle and my C Pendant (another recent eBay purchase) and carried my go-to Dooney & Bourke Croco handbag.



I told you this week’s been a rough one! Not only was I getting my ponytail on more days that not, but for some reason the photo quality in this set stinks. I think it was late in the day and natural light was at a premium. This is as good as it gets.

sweatshirt jeans

I did want to show you the photos though because a) new glasses! and b) new braclelets!! Also, it’s casual, but I really love my Rubbish Tunic Sweatshirt. It’s so soft and comfy, but cute enough that I’m not ashamed to leave the house in it. (And yes, this is another repeat outfit from last week. It’s so comfy, it’s hard to resist!)

My eyeglass prescription changed pretty dramatically so I decided to go whole hog and get new frames. And the knotted bangle set was a purchase at the C. Wonder event I attended last week. I love how they have a rose gold, a yellow gold, and a silver bangle grouped together. These babies go with EVERYTHING!

closeup c wonder bracelets

Even though it was clearly a schlumpy sweatshirt/ponytail day, I threw on makeup and jewelry to make myself feel more human. I always figure if I’m wearing makeup and jewelry, no one will know I didn’t shower! HA!


Finally, I wore this outfit to run errands and meet up with a friend. Also note: new kitchen wall color. AND the photos from the mantle? Are now hanging in the entryway. I love it because every time I walk from the kitchen to my office, I see them. Plus, you can get up close and see the details, which you couldn’t when they were over the mantle. YAY!

eternity scarf

The eternity scarf is from Athleta. I have been dying to wear it but when I’m getting dressed, nothing ever seems quite right for it, so I actually built this outfit around it. It’s pretty long, so I can’t ever decide whether to double or triple it. I wore it doubled and added a simple necklace to fill in the open neckline. I decided it might work well with this gray sweater, and the cream tank seemed like an obvious choice to go with it. Add jeans and boots and a couple of pieces of silver jewelry, and I was good to go.

drapey sweater

I think I’d prefer the scarf with a crew neck sweater or long sleeve tee rather than a cardi, but I just don’t have the right thing in my closet at the moment. I guess I need to poke around on Pinterest for some inspiration!

Still Christmas shopping? Here are a couple more good deals that landed in my inbox this week:

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23 Responses

  1. I seriously love it all…these posts are such and inspiration…they really do make me be more intentional about getting dressed instead of sitting around in pjs all day. 🙂

    Also I LOVE your new glasses!! They look really good on you.

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    Grea post!! I found your blog a couple of years ago, when I did a skinney jeans search. I’ve been a fan ever since. Rock on sister!!

  3. Love the new BR sweater. The came nice sweater 3 times in one week is much better than pjs 3 days in one week, it totally counts as getting dressed. That may go on my Christmas list. It looks like it’d work well with ANY of my pants for work which is a huge plus. Not having to have specific pants and shirts clean at the same time is always helpful, LOL.

  4. Love your new glasses! I can’t wait to get a new pair. My insurance lets me go to the eye doctor once every two years and my two years is up in Feb. Yay!

    I’m really liking the sweater and leggings outfit. I’m not sure if I could pull something like that off, but I’d like to try. 🙂

  5. I think the reason why I like each and every outfit is because of the boots! I finally starting pulling mine out and find they are so comfortable. Hopped over from “Get Your Pretty On” – have a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. I’ve been debating on the Dooney & Bourke Croco Lexington Shopper for a while now to take the place of my laptop back (I have a very small/light laptop) that’s falling apart. I haven’t seen the bag I person yet… is it very heavy and well enough put together to hold a light laptop?

  7. I so love your style & always look forward to these round-ups. I’m not ashamed to admit I totally cop some of your looks too. 😉

    I like the scarf doubled. I think when tripled, it’s all too easy for them to make one look as though the neck has somehow gone MIA. It’s a great look!

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