FOUND! Cute & SUPPORTIVE Ballet Flats!

Yes I’m doing a whole post on this because I have tried eleventy-trillion pairs of shoes in the last few weeks and just about broke the bank to buy a pair of go-to ballet flats that I can wear with my most of my outfits this fall.

If you’ve been following along, I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for the past year or so. I think my running brought on the condition, but it is definitely exacerbated by the shoes I wear most often — namely flip flops and flimsy ballet flats. Ironically, my feet felt better the days after my half marathon than they have before or since. I got cocky and started wearing ballet flats once my feet started feeling better, only to be immediately spiraled back into the pit of despair. I’m having more trouble with my feet now than ever, and I believe it is due to my daily footwear choices.

With fall weather, I haven’t wanted to wear sandals every day, but I haven’t yet found a pair of go-to ballet flats that seem to fit the bill for fashion and comfort. I swear, my house looks like Zappo’s threw up in here, I have so many of their boxes laying around. I have ordered at least eight pairs of shoes in the past two weeks. Thank goodness for free shipping and free returns!

Even shoes that promise the ultimate comfort fall far short, I have discovered. Like, what is up with that elastic band around the ankle? It looks like a great idea, but it digs into my legs and leaves blisters.

TIEKS Myla Asymmetrical Flat

Plus. I need more than comfort. I need support.

And almost everything that IS supportive looks like Holly Hobby shoes.

Myla Asymmetrical Flat

Why are all orthotics designed as Mary Jane’s or mules???? I mean, they are cute, but they aren’t really gonna cut it with skinny jeans.

I finally scored when I went to The Walking Company and got professionally fitted. I pretty much knew what I wanted; it was just a matter of finding them. When I spotted the Taos Untold ballet flats, I thought they had potential, but the sole still wasn’t soft enough. It wasn’t until the sales associate removed the insole and replaced it with the abeo orthotic that I felt like I could walk for hours in these shoes.

Taos Untold Ballet Flat

This purchase was quite a wallop on the old pocketbook, but I have been so frustrated and uncomfortable lately that I didn’t think twice before handing over my credit card. The biggest decision I had to make was which color to wear home! Expect to see these shoes OFTEN over the next few months. I have to get my money’s worth!!

I won’t tell you that I think everyone should run out and pay $135 for a pair of shoes. But if you are suffering the kind of pain I’ve been having, and having a stylish ballet flat is a priority for you, the Taos Untold ballet flats are worthy of your consideration.

Here’s why I think they’re worth the $$$:

  1. Leather. Orthaheels are very supportive, but they are synthetic. I don’t know about you, but when I’m dropping almost $100 on a pair of shoes, I want material that won’t make my feet sweaty and stinky. That shouldn’t be too much to ask. Plus, the Orthaheels I tried for fall are all rough around the edges and cut into my feet. Fail!!
  2. Support. It is almost impossible to find ballet flats that are cute AND have support. I’m not talking comfort. Lots of flats are comfy if you have no foot issues. But if you do, and I do (and no, I’m not willing to give up running, shush!), there’s not a lot to choose from when it comes to finding something that has support that doesn’t compromise the style quotient.
  3. Comfort. I just made the point that comfort and support are not the same. True. These have both. They elastic gore around the top of the shoe helps it stay on without creating rough edges that dig into my foot. That is hard to find. Most bendable shoes like this have an uncomfortable elasticized heel counter that digs into the foot (at least, it digs into mine!)
  4. Removable Footbed. For many people, the Curves & Pods® removable footbed that comes in the shoe might be great. But it didn’t quite do the trick for me, so I went ahead and shelled out the bucks for a pair of abeo orthotics (only sold at The Walking Company). It is really important to go into the store for these. They have a machine that scans your feet and it can tell if you need neutral, post, or metatarsal orthotics. Supposedly they mold to your feet and have anti-fungal properties, and I am hoping I can use them in some of my other shoes as well — especially my boots! Cuz goodness knows I can’t afford to replace THOSE.
  5. Made in Spain. Maybe it’s no better than shoes made anywhere else, but every time I see “made in China” on a product, I cringe. I just don’t trust their standards. So seeing “made in Spain” on the bottom of my shoes was a little added bonus.

Wanna see them on? I wore them on Wednesday with my plum skinny jeans and charcoal top — both purchases from last year.

charcoal and plum

And today I’m wearing them with my red jeans and black top. It’s actually warmed up here, go figure, so I’m back to short sleeves!

black and red

And here’s a few close-up shots.

Taos Untold Ballet Flat

taos untold

I like that they aren’t super dark black; they’re almost more of a charcoal, which ironically is the same as my handbag, so that works out well. I don’t always like my bags and shoes to match, but these seem to work well together.

So there you have it! My search is over. You’ll be tired of seeing these for Daily Mom Style after a few weeks, I’m sure!

If you have any suggestions for cute, comfy AND supportive flats, let us know in the comments!