I think I found my new spring uniform.

how to wear boyfriend jeans

Last year I would have told you that boyfriend jeans weren’t on my radar. I even wrote a post, How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans, and said that I didn’t think I could pull them off.

But the more I see my fashionable blogger friends sporting the boyfriends, the more I think that maybe, JUST MAYBE I could pull them off.


Kristin // Carly // Alison

I have been known to wear destructed denim styles in my shorts, so maybe it’s not such a stretch.

I’m usually a designer denim girl but I didn’t want to invest in pricey boyfriend jeans if I wasn’t going to wear them a lot so I stopped into LOFT this afternoon because I knew they were still running their 40% Off Sale and I had seen boyfriend jeans on their site.

LOFT Friends & Family Sale: 40% Off Entire Purchase with Promo Code FRIENDS2. Shop from 3/27 12:00AM EST to 4/1 11:59PM EST

I wasn’t sure about them at first.


But with a little encouragement from the salesgirl and my friends on Instagram, they were soon in my shopping bag! I ended up with the boyfriend jeans in the Jardin wash rather than the lighter Terrace wash that I saw online. According to the sales staff, these jeans are selling like hot cakes. They can’t keep them in the store. I was fortunate to find my size. By the way, I did go down a size from my normal size, so if you are planning to place an order, keep that in mind. You may want to size down.

I also picked up a couple of lightweight spring sweaters in pastel shades, and a few of their accessories. The weather may not feel like spring quite yet, but when it does, I’ll be ready!

I got home and put the entire outfit together and I am loving it! I tried it with both flats and sandals. I agree with Nicole’s advice — they don’t do a lot for me with the flats, even though they’re super cute flats!!! I think a flat strappy sandal would work, but not these.


I like them a lot better with these wedge sandals. I’m not quite sure I’m ready to try them with pumps. Here in the ‘burbs, that might be a bit much. But I definitely like them best with some height in the shoe. I’m eyeing up those sandals Alison is wearing with hers in the photo at the top. They would be perfect for me!


I have a feeling I’m going to be getting A LOT of wear out of these boyfriend jeans this year!!!!!

Want a pair? BUY THEM NOW while they’re still 40% off!!! And check out the rest of LOFT’s spring and summer styles — it’s 40% off EVERYTHING until midnight tomorrow (Tuesday) night!!

I keep getting questions about these Sam Edelman Romy Wedge Sandals. They’re actually ON SALE right now at Nordstrom!

Sam Edelman 'Romy' Wedge Sandal

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21 thoughts on “I think I found my new spring uniform.

  1. You can totally pull these off! I have the same pair from LOFT and love them. Maybe I should buy another on sale. My favorite boyfriend jeans are Joe’s. You should check those out too but the price is higher.

    1. I sorta just bought a few, ahem, pairs of designer jeans on the Bloomies 25% off sale last week . . . I am SURE I would love Joe’s. They’re one of my faves. If I end up loving these, I might have to go for it. 🙂

  2. Very Cute!! I was just getting ready to order some white jeans from Loft (using the 40% that ends today), so now I will add the boyfriend jeans too! Where did you get the wedges? I’ve been looking for something like that. Thanks!

  3. I am DYING laughing. I reviewed some boyfriend jeans on Blissfully Domestic like, umm, 4,000 years ago, and I distinctly remember you commenting “NO thanks!”
    You look great and you should’ve gotten them back then! 🙂

  4. Oh shoot! I already placed my Loft order and it’s going to be delivered today. I keep wanting some boyfriend jeans but then I can’t bring myself to buy something that already has holes in it. I do like the darker wash you have on. Love them with the sandals!

  5. I think they look great on you! I ordered last night – hoping I can pull them off – I love how they look on others!!

  6. They look on trend and great on you. I keep thinking I’m going to order a pair, but I am concerned about the front rise of Loft BF jeans. Can you help with that?

  7. I bought two pairs of boyfriends recently, one in khaki and one in a muted red. Love them! And I had been wearing them with flats until my daughter came home from college and encouraged me to wear them with my 3″ wedge sandals. Wow! That was a winner. So you might want to try some tall wedges with them.

    I think one of the reasons a lot of us have shied away from boyfriend cuts before was because truly they were made for less “mature” body types – teens and young adults who hadn’t had babies yet! But now, at places like LOFT, Ann Taylor, and Talbots (where I got mine), you can find cuts that flatter women with fuller thighs and hips.

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