How To Make A Cute Ponytail with Medium Length Hair

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This week I’m sharing a really quick video showing how to make a cute ponytail with medium length hair. A few weeks ago Diana wrote in with this comment:

You pull your hair up a lot and it looks great. What’s going on back there??? Where does it go, how do you style it to get it out of the way yet look like it isn’t a hot mess?!?! You have mastered some secret technique!

The simple answer is, it’s just a ponytail. But I realized after she pressed the issue a bit that I do actually have some technique to getting my hair into a decent looking ponytail. It’s much easier demonstrated with video so here you go.

For those too impatient to watch a video, here are my tricks. These may or may not work for you, but it’s what seems to work for me.

1. I don’t use a brush because I don’t like it when my ponytails are too smooth. That seems too harsh. So I finger-comb it into a ponytail instead.

2. I don’t pull all my hair straight back. I start by pulling the top and the back into the back of my head, but I go with the side part and pull the front pieces towards the sides and then try to blend them into the back. This way my hair still frames my face a bit.

3. I place my ponytail about in the middle of the back of my head. I used to wear a low ponytail a lot before I realized that my head is kind of flat in the back and the low ponytail seemed to emphasize that. So now I try to place it right in the middle. A high ponytail doesn’t work because my hair is too short. Experiment to see what looks best on you!

So that’s my shoulder-length ponytail tutorial!

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