Instagram Roundup // What I Wore This Week 08.13.16

Good morning, friends! It’s been a busy morning. We fit in two early photo shoots, and then we picked up my littlest from a week of overnight camp. It’s so good to have her home! Now I’m sitting down to wrap up this Instagram Roundup I started putting together yesterday. I hope you enjoy it!

I wore this LBD to church last Sunday. LOFT is running a great sale — 40% off everything with the code BESTFRIENDS at checkout. That brings this adorable dress down to $35.99! For size reference, I’m wearing the medium.


LOFT Gathered Dress (40% off with code BESTFRIENDS) // beaded necklace // cuff bracelet // closed toe wedges c/o QVC ($41 and super comfy!)

I wore this outfit to the mall one day last week. I love grey and white together, and the burgundy bag gives it a bit of a fall flair.


grey linen tee (similar for less) // white crop jeans (similar for less and no distressing; these are on sale) // pewter ballet flats (similar) // dog clip saddle bag // wire hoops // bracelet & necklace c/o WHBM

I was trying this sleeveless plaid shirt to see if I liked it so I shared it on Instagram to get feedback. It’s been fully stocked, and suddenly this morning it is gone from the website. I am baffled (and a bit peeved.) Le sigh…


disappearing plaid shirt ?? // grey jeans // pointy toe ballet flats // Fitbit Blaze c/o QVC

I put this outfit together from #NSale pieces to share on Instagram. The bad news is, everything is back to full price. The good news is, it is all fully stocked!


Lush blouse in Lollipop // Paige skinnies // UGG Ava boots // saddlebag // Luna Pendant

Sharing another #NSale outfit. Now I’m thinking I should have posted this Instagram Roundup last weekend while everything was still on sale.


mixed media tunic (I’m wearing a M) // seamed back leggings // pewter ballet flats (similar)

This is a selfie I took last Sunday after our photo shoot. This outfit is coming to the blog this week. Crossing my fingers that this plaid shirt gets restocked.


sleeveless plaid shirt // white tank // ankle skinnies // KangaRoo Pocketpass Joggers c/o Payless // assorted Alex and Ani bangles // eternity necklace

This is pretty much what I’ve been living in this week. It’s been soooooo hot and humid here in Philly.


grey tank // cuffed jean shorts (similar for less) // Miller sandals // eternity necklace

I styled this outfit for the blog earlier in the week. Get the outfit details HERE. Also, this dress comes down to $53.70 on the LOFT sale!


I wore this to meet my hubby for lunch earlier this week and to stock up on Whole 30 friendly foods at Trader Joe’s. Our Trader Joe’s is about 30 min away, but it’s right near Paul’s office, so we decided to make a date out of it.


U-Neck Tee // white crop jeans (similar for less and no distressing; these are on sale) //Miller sandals // eternity necklace // leopard watch + pearl spike cuff // beaded bracelets c/o Alex and Ani // tassel hobo (I also love this one, and this is a cute budget-friendly option)

I picked up these flowers at Trader Joe’s. I’ve been enjoying them all week.


This top is sold out, but I picked it up at Kohl’s earlier in the season. They do have this one, with the same sentiment. I wore it to my work out appt on Thursday morning.


my all-time favorite workout pants // my favorite water bottle

I wore this to the mall with a friend. It was ridiculously hot but I knew we’d be cool inside the mall and I was tired of living in shorts.


similar light green skinnies (same brand and style; different shade of green) // gauze tie front top // Miller sandals // similar saddlebag and also here // beaded bracelets c/o Alex and Ani // eternity necklace

I think I shared this picture from our anniversary dinner already, but not with outfit links. This Joie tank and the black jeans came in my last trunk from Trunk Club. I wore them with these leopard sandals (LOVE!!!) Also wearing lace chandeliers and the leopard watch (link above.) The orange tassel bag is old.


And that’s a wrap for this latest Instagram roundup!

Speaking of Instagram, have you noticed your Instagram feed changing lately? In case you weren’t aware, Instagram has implemented a new algorithm in which it reorders your feed based on your engagement and prioritizes what it thinks you want to see. In other words, you are no longer seeing Instagram chronologically, and you will see posts from some accounts that you follow more than others.

As a user, I admit that I kind of like it. I’ve noticed that I no longer miss posts from my friends and family, as I often did before, and most of my favorite fashion bloggers are appearing at the top of my feed as well — probably because I often search for them to see what I’ve missed.

But as a blogger and business owner, I have concerns. I’ve noticed my “likes” per post dwindling, and I have to wonder if my posts aren’t showing to as many people as they once were. I’m not one to strategize or try to game the system. I’ve always grown my social media networks organically, which is why my numbers aren’t as high as many of my colleagues, and I’m okay with that, but I admit that these algorithm changes are frustrating. First they messed with Facebook, then they messed with Pinterest, and now they’re doing it to Instagram. Bah humbug!

I guess I should look at it as a good reminder that I cannot build a house on someone else’s land and expect them to look out for my best interest all the time. That’s why this blog is the basis of my community. If you guys find me on Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat, that’s great, and I love connecting on those platforms, but this blog is my hub. It is the only property that I own and can control to some extent.

Why am I sharing all this?

Well, maybe it’s more than you really want to know about the backend of running a business like mine, but I know that some of you guys are interested in knowing how it works. And if you DO use Instagram, you may have noticed that your feed is reordered and wondered about that, so now you know!

But more importantly, I have encouraged you all to follow me on Instagram, and now perhaps you aren’t even seeing my posts. If you feel that’s the case, and you DO want to see what I post over there, you can search for me and then make sure to “like” and comment on my posts so the wizards behind the Instagram algorithm know you want to see me in your feed.

It’s also one more reason for me to keep posting these Instagram Roundups. If you miss stuff over there, you know you can always catch up here on Saturdays. Which brings me to my next and final point…

The absolute BEST way to keep in touch with me is to sign up for my emails. I can’t do anything about the Instagram algorithm, but I send an email to my list every morning with a little update about what’s going on in my world and a link to my latest blog post. Sometimes I share information about a popular product that is back in stock or what’s to come on the blog or new listings on @shopjolynnescloset. It’s a little more personal than just reading my blog post each day, and best of all, you won’t miss a thing.

If daily emails are too much, there’s a weekly digest, but it’s not personalized. I like to offer both options because I know everyone has different preferences, and I try to make it as easy as possible!

I’ll still be using Instagram and Facebook, but this blog is my home base, and at the end of the day, this is where I put the greatest portion of my time and energy because it’s the only property I built on my own land, so to speak.

Why, land is the only thing in the world worth workin’ for, worth fightin’ for, worth dyin’ for, because it’s the only thing that lasts…

Oh, goodness, I got carried away for a sec.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!


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28 thoughts on “Instagram Roundup // What I Wore This Week 08.13.16

  1. Well, before I read your post this morning I signed up for you emails, lol. I read pretty faithfully from my RSS feed but I want the little notes that go in the emails 😉 But, I haven’t gotten the email with the link I need to click. How long should it take?

        1. Hm. Interesting. And you never had to confirm? I thought I set it up that people had to confirm. I did that b/c I keep getting my emails marked as spam and it makes me so mad b/c I never add anyone to my email list without them asking specifically. I thought if people had to confirm they wanted it, they might actually remember they signed up. ha! Well, anyway, glad you got added! 🙂

  2. I only follow you by email so it doesn’t effect me. I do like your Instagram post on the weekend though. It gives me a chance to see what
    I’ve missed. I just don’t want to get hooked on more social media. It does eat up a lot of one’s time that frankly could be better spent on more in the moment things.
    Love all your outfits this week. That grey poncho hit it out of the park but the blanket one in today’s post just reminds me of an old Clint Eastwood spaghetti western. No offence intended. ????

  3. I follow you on Instagram and Snapchat, and I receive your daily email. I also check the blog almost everyday. I really enjoy seeing all the great fashion, and getting ideas for my own closet. That is a great quote from one of my favorite movies!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi I also had to subscribe again because I stopped getting your daily emails a couple days ago. But I think it’s back to normal. I love your post and you always look beautiful.

  5. I’m glad I get your daily e-mails and that you put your major effort into your blog! I don’t do Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat basically because I have a lot of technology I must keep current on for my job as a teacher. I need to daily check Google Docs and Google Slides for announcements, and then there’s Remind 101 and Google Forms we are often sent to complete. Google Sheets and Google Drive can’t be forgotten. ???? I enjoy Facebook for personal communication as well as e-mails and a handful of blogs I follow. That’s enough technology for these old eyes! ????

    Random comments:
    *i like your hair kind of “fluffier” in some of these pictures!
    *I think your daughters look like your husband and your son like you! Good-looking children.
    *Your plaid looks pretty and gives a hint of autumn on the way!

    1. I think it’s wise to limit technology. I wonder what our next generation will be like, it is all they know.

      I think the fluffy hair is the humidity. LOL! I want to curl it again but it has been so nasty out, I don’t think it would hold the curl.

  6. I love getting your email every day in my mailbox. I read it over a cup of tea in the morning. I don’t follow you elsewhere because I try to limit my social media time. It’s just too easy to get sucked in. Too easy to miss life while staring at my phone. Thank you so much for sharing your great fashion sense and yourself with us!

    1. I totally get it about the social media. I wouldn’t be on so many if it weren’t for my job. I definitely spend way more time than necessary on all of them, but I feel like Facebook is the worst for sucking you in – and it is also where the drama is. If I had to choose one, it would be Instagram. That’s why it annoys me so much that they’re changing it. I liked it the way it was. Oh well. 🙂

  7. I love following your blogs! although I am in my 60’s (Megan King,s mother, long ago friend of yours). I love the pictures of Paul and your family the best! I have really learned a great deal from you! Now that I am retired I don’t get to see what the young teachers are wearing, so you keep me current! Your family is beautiful! I even love to see
    what your children are wearing!

  8. I think I’m still seeing all your Instagram posts but occasionally I realize I’ve missed one. Honestly, I often don’t “like” fashion posts unless I want to see the outfit details. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them but that I don’t want that extra email from LiketoKnowIt. I know I could change to a digest mode with them but there are times that I do want to know right away! LOL! Since I do want the posts to keep showing up I should probably just like them and deal with the emails. 🙂 I would be really annoyed if your posts quit showing up in my feed as you’re one of my favorites!

    1. FYI – I just noticed your Rebecca Minkoff gladiator sandals are half off at Nordstrom! The blush and the black ones are pretty much available in all sizes but the sand color is nearly sold out. I may have to get the blush pair…they’ve been calling my name since the first time you featured them!

    2. Yep – I hear ya. And me too. I finally created a folder for all emails from and they bypass my inbox. That way, if I want the outfit details, I can go to the folder and find them, but they don’t inundate my inbox. 🙂

  9. I love the sheath dress and poncho. I am only 5’2 (on a good day) so I may need to keep looking. Thanks for the whole 30 updates. It is encouraging. Do you credit products or genetics with your skin? You look so great and not like a surgery candidate. I have lost the firmness I had and the glow. Any suggestions?

    1. Thanks, Susan, you are sweet. I credit genetics, good skincare (I have seen an improvement since I started using Rodan + Fields, but I was using good skincare all of my life) and getting good sleep. I think sleep and drinking water are huge components in good skin. I need to drink more water. And in the spirit of keeping it real, the pictures on the blog are not straight out of camera. They are tweaked in Lightroom and depending on the lighting conditions, some need more work than others. Even on Instagram, I reduce shadows and brighten up the photos before I post them. If you see me on snapchat, that is real life. 🙂

  10. -You look really pretty in that close up with your daughter.
    – The burgundy bag looks terrific with gray and white outfit, the perfect choice for that pop!
    -I like the way burgundy tennis shoes coordinate with sleeveless top. Are they supportive enough to jog in? From
    – I like couples photographs from my fav bloggers.

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