Kate Young for Target Launch Party

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This Is Why I Love “My Job” {Part Two}

As a Target Inner Circle member, I was invited to attend the Kate Young for Target launch party in NYC on Tuesday night. When I left off in my last post, I had just arrived at the event after a fun afternoon hanging out in the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan, browsing its eclectic shops and enjoying some of the trendy restaurants.

The Kate Young limited-edition collection includes a gorgeous collection of special occasion dresses and accessories that are set to arrive just in time for prom season, and fittingly, the venue was decorated to resemble a 1980’s prom.

Even the steps were branded with Kate Young for Target.

Inside, models were holding court — Prom Court, that is. They were dressed in the collection, and we were encouraged to snap a photo of our favorite looks.

I love this little pink number.

But my favorite was this red off-the-shoulder dress with a trendy high-low hem.

The collection will be available April 14 at all Target Stores and Target.com, but on Tuesday night guests were invited to get a sneak peek at this coveted collection and even go shopping before the products hit store shelves.

And because I have a strict policy never to pass up an opportunity to shop . . .

I couldn’t resist buying that red off-the-shoulder dress, and I also picked up a sweet beige clutch. I debated briefly about the pink dress, but I decided to stick with the red. Although if I’d seen this yellow one, worn so beautifully by Kate Mara, I think that would have been my pick. I might have to run to Target on April 14 and see if it’s there!

I was truly impressed by this line. I admit that I haven’t been particularly excited about many of the Target designer collaborations, but Kate Young did a great job creating a line that is both current and appealing to the typical Target consumer. Not every look is one that I can see being worn by Middle America, but many are. I think she truly has something for everyone in this line.

After we made our purchases, it was time to party!

They had transformed an old school gym into a prom with disco balls, streamers and ice sculptures. In typical Target style, no detail was left to chance. Bleachers lined wall, and there was even a red Target bullseye painted onto the gym floor.

There were more celebrities in the room that I can recount. I am still discovering people who were there that I didn’t even notice at the time and totally kicking myself that I didn’t get to meet Michelle Williams (who I just enjoyed as Glenda, the Good Witch in the new movie, Oz the Great and Powerful), Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kate Mara or Debby Ryan.

What is particularly surreal is that the author of each of the articles I linked to above were at this event last night, rubbing shoulders with little ole me! I know, I know, they’re just people too, but I will never cease to be tickled to be on the same invite list.

But wait. It gets better.

Soon after arriving at the party, I was greeted by the lovely Dustee Jenkins, VP of Public Relations at Target. We met in Minneapolis at the Target HQ a few months ago. She spotted me and came over to say hello, said she wanted to introduce me to someone, and before I knew it, Giada DeLaurentis was standing right in front of me.

Now, you  have to understand. I use to watch the Food Network RELIGIOUSLY until we gave up our Cable TV for budget reasons. (Hey, we all have to pick our poison. For me, it came down to shoes or Cable. I guess you know which one won.)

I’m still a huge fan, and I’ve been eyeing her cookware collection at Target for months. One item on my Target Inner Circle Bucket List was to meet Giada some day. I had no idea it would be so soon!!

She is absolutely darling, even when I went all fan girl on her. Really, it was so embarrassing. I lost any hint of poise and started blubbering like an idiot. And yet she was totally classy and sweet.

After that, I got up the courage to approach Kate Young. Once again, totally sweet and down-to-earth as she took time to chat with me for a few minutes.

The rest of the evening, we sat and chatted, sipped on champagne and basically just took it all in.

It was so much fun to have a friend to share the experience with. Here we are geeking out with our Target shades.

We trained it back to Philly LATE Tuesday night, and I’ve been recovering ever since. I don’t see midnight very often anymore, but it was totally worth it. Thank you, Target, for this one-of-a-kind experience!!

As a Target Inner Circle member, travel costs were provided so I could attend this event. Opinions, experiences and fan girl moments are all mine!

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  1. SO FUN!!! I just got an email this week about this collection. How reasonable are the prices for the dresses? I think the collaborations have been hit or miss in the past, but I am LOVING this one (what I’ve seen, at least!)

    1. They are all under $100 so it is a bit high for Target, but not for a prom dress, ya know? And I felt that the quality seemed a bit higher than typical Target clothing. It will be interesting to see how well it sells. The Neiman Marcus collab was a big fail, and I think the designers missed the mark for what typical Americans would buy. This one, on the other hand, is really a nice combination of edgy and trendy with some wearable pieces – even things for a more mature woman.

      1. I bought the Oscar de la Renta bag when it was 70% off at Target. Maybe I should have waited for it to drop to 90% off, but I use it so much now. Well worth the major fail. 😉

  2. I love your shoes in the photo at the top! The line looks like it can be hit, the only issue I see is some girls might not want to risk having the same dress as others at her prom – always a risk, but more so with a department store find. So I see the dresses maybe being more popular for graduation and weddings. But what a fun set-up and your photos with the celebrities are terrific.

    1. Yes, that is always my concern with a collection at a popular store like Target. But with this line, there are SO many to choose from… better than the Neiman Marcus one at Christmastime, when I would NOT have bought one, for fear of seeing others in the same. I’m hoping to wear the red dress at Mom 2.0. SO FUN!

      1. I think teenagers are much more comfortable with using accessories to change up looks and stand out that it might be a little less of a concern to have the same dress.

  3. Giada! I’m so envious. It sounds like Target knows how to throw a party, but really I wouldn’t expect anything less from such a forward thinking store.

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