Leveling Up A Casual Outfit with Accessories

It will not surprise you to hear that casual outfits are my jam. Jeans-and-a-sweater is pretty much my daily uniform.

I live a very casual life working from home in the suburbs, so there is very rarely a need to dress up beyond a pair of nice jeans.

That means two things:

1) Fit needs to be on point. Proper fit and proportion keep simple outfits looking refined and not sloppy.

2) Accessories are necessary. The right accessories add extra points of interest to a simple look and/or create a focal point.

We talk a lot about fit, but I don’t talk much about accessorizing.

I guess that’s because I tend keep my looks fairly minimal, but sometimes I want to level up my casual outfits, and that’s where accessories come in.

Speaking of accessories, guess who is running another stellar sale?

You guessed it… my girl Victoria Emerson is running a Valentine’s Day Sale with $19.99 wraps and $24.99 boho cuffs!

Adding one of her boho cuffs can take a simple outfit like this one from boring to bombshell in under 30 seconds.

The Fort Collins boho cuff is a gorgeous blend of navy and gray hues including frosted aqua jade, bronze metallic beads, and shimmering crystals with a genuine white gold plated magnetic clasp.

I love how this bracelet complements the blue and gray tones in my outfit.

The grey sweater and blue jeans are a couple of my favorite early spring closet basics, and I like how these suede navy smoking slippers tie the look together.

These are a nice classic year-round shoe to have in your closet, and they also happen to be 30% off right now!

Here’s another simple outfit I leveled up with a Victoria Emerson bracelet. You may remember this from a post last week.

This time I’m wearing her silver crystals on grey wrap with a denim jacket, white tee, and black cigarette pants.

This is a monochromatic style with shimmering silver crystals on smooth gray leather, and it has a more casual vibe that works well with the denim jacket.

I also really like this silver sparkle on grey with a combination of clear and opaque crystals; it was sold out when I placed my order, but now it’s back.

This black and silver wrap is the perfect piece to elevate an all-black outfit.

It would be perfect layered with a boho cuff like this one, for even more of a statement.

Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets are made of genuine leather, crystals, and beads with a nickel-free clasp, and the quality and attention to detail of each piece is outstanding.

Plus, all Victoria Emerson bracelets come with a muslin pouch for easy storage. She really does think of everything!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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20 thoughts on “Leveling Up A Casual Outfit with Accessories

  1. I know this sounds dumb, but can you show a video tutorial of putting those wrap bracelets on?  I can’t figure out how to wrap them correctly so they are either loose and hangy or too tight and don’t move around on my arm at all. 🤦‍♀️

    1. I just wind them around and fasten in the middle loop usually. Sometimes I need one of the girls to help me the first time, but after that, it is already kind of open and easily to slip the button in and out of. I cut off the excess leather.

  2. I love her bracelets, and I have a few, but may need to check out some more with your links. I always forget to accessorize a simple outfit (like when I just wear jeans/leggings and a sweater to run errands.) This post reminds me to do just that. Thank you!

  3. I love the gray sweater and jeans first outfit. You don’t mention the silver disc necklace but that and the navy suede shoes make the outfit to me. I didn’t even notice the bracelets until you mentioned them. This time of year my everyday outfits need a little something diffferent to keep them interesting…or leveling up. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. While I really like your VE bracelets, I also really like the disk necklace you have on!  So, do you really store your VE bracelets in the pouch they come in?  If so, how do you know what bracelet is inside each pouch?  I have a couple of mine on a round bracelet rack, I have a few hanging from hooks, then I have a few that I aren’t properly stored yet.  I’m actually thinking of putting up a couple of magnetic bars in my closet that some of them can hang from.  This is another yucky day down here, before the chance of severe weather moves in tonight.  And it’s hot – our high was 76 yesterday, then the 50’s return on Friday.  I actually have our windows open in February.  Have fun trying on clothes today!  Play your favorite music while you do it!!

    1. I don’t store my bracelets in the pouches – I have them in a dresser drawer, but I do use the pouches for travel.

      76 is crazy!!! I would take it tho. So tired of being cold.

  5. I need to accessorize more. I’m a minimalist. Are AG Jean’s your fav? I’ve resisted them because of price. I usually wear 4 in jeans. What would that equate to in AG? In Loft it’s usually 27 or 28.

  6. Bummer about the new oven needing a new fan. Ugh…. Thats annoying. Is it just me or are things not made to last long term anymore? My parents’ appliances lasted decades. Love the VE bracelots. They really do jazz up a casual look. Enjoy your mani- pedi.

  7. I love my VE jewelry! I bought 4 bracelets with the BOGO 1/2 off sale. They are so comfortable. I love how they can dress up a casual outfit and not feel like they are bulky or get in the way. They were a great company to do business with too. I had a clasp break after wearing it for a day and they promptly got back to me and I had a new bracelet within days:) I think accessorizing is the fun part of an outfit and really completes it!

  8. I totally ordered the saddle crossbody in your fun finds under $50! Cognac is my preferred neutral for bags and I don’t have a small one like that.

  9. I’m not much of a bracelet person but every time you show the VE bracelets I’m tempted.  They’re just so pretty.  

    I do really like the silver disc necklace you’re wearing.  Have you linked that before and I missed it?  

  10. Good Morning!
    Could you please let me know where you purchased the necklace that you model in this post? Thanks so much!!

  11. Jolynn, I love these classy “jeans outfit” looks! The jeans are a marvelous fit for you and the myriad ways you accessorized your v-neck sweater, jean jacket and gorgeous black top are outstanding! I’m amazed at how you have made entirely different outfits with shoes, jewelry and scarves. Can I just scream, “THANK YOU”?
    I noticed none of your jeans have the knees ripped out or any other specific tears made in them, so chic. Please tell me the ripped-out knees are no longer on-trend for women our age.

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