Long-Sleeve Ruched T-Shirt Dress for Fall

I styled this ruched tank dress back last year before I ever saw it on anyone else, and since then it’s become one of the most popular dresses in the blogosphere. I think every fashion blogger I follow has styled it at least once.

It really is a good dress if you’re okay with the body-con styling. It’s easy to throw on and go, and you can dress up or down, but I found the tank style to be a little low under the arms so I haven’t worn mine much. I was intending to have the straps taken up, but you know how that goes…

Anyway, I was super excited when I saw that they brought out a long-sleeve version for fall!

I ordered it along with these perforated peep-toe booties, thinking they would make the perfect combination for those warm fall days that tend to hang around well into September. When it gets cooler, I can wear this dress with tights and tall boots, but for now, I thought these were super fun.

This dress is definitely a body-con fit. For size reference, I ordered the medium, and to be honest, I think I’d be more comfortable in a large. And before you ask, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m wearing shapewear.

So yeah, I realize that takes away from the “easy to throw on and go part” but I wear shapewear under almost every dress I own, so it isn’t a big deal to me. I’m wearing my go-to Spanx Shape My Day Girl Shorts to keep things smoothed out and contained.

These booties are the perfect transition shoe because they’re open enough to keep your feet cool, but they have the heavier look of an ankle boot so you can still wear them after you put away your sandals. The block heel is a modest 3 inches, and they’re very comfortable and run true to size.

They come in 5 colors, and they’re all so good that I had a hard time choosing between them. I ended up with the Hippo Grey Nubuck Leather, although the Cashmere Leather was a close second.

I also carried a taupe crossbody to coordinate with the shoes. Because the bag has gold hardware, I wore gold jewelry.

They’re hard to see in these pictures, but I LOVE these linked drop earrings. They were another #NSale find, and I’ve been wearing them a ton. They’re delicate and ladylike but carry a lot of visual weight. And I added some of my Alex and Ani bangles to finish off the look.

Another styling idea would be to wear a denim jacket with this outfit — either a white one or a blue that is dark or light enough to provide some contrast with the dress. Or of course, one of the other colors of this dress with a blue denim jacket would be great together.

dress // booties // similar bag // earrings // shapewear

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34 thoughts on “Long-Sleeve Ruched T-Shirt Dress for Fall

  1. Yeah … I’m one of those that just can’t do body con. I’m going to need a lot more than shaping shorts to hold what I have in. 🤪

     But it looks great on you! I love the color and the dress with those booties. ❤️ And you’re right – when it gets cooler tights and booties or boots would look amazing with it! 

    Have a great day!  

  2. I love getting your posts early, as I’m an early bird on my front porch with coffe & ipad in hand!  The selections you made for your office & bedroom, perfect!   I love that etagere!  You’re right in choosing things you like & that reflect your personality!  Sometimes my daughters think I need to “modernize” a few of my decor choices, but nope, that’s me & my personality (stuck on some floral & lace), LOL!  That dress fits you beautifully, you have the figure for it & legs to showcase the booties.  The style is really different, I like it.  Have a wonderful day!

  3. Good morning. I was delighted to see your email this morning. It’s alwyas a treat to read your post with my morning cup or two of java. Jo-Lynne, that dress is stunning on you! I love the color and how you styled it today. Me…I can’t do the body con look, even with shape wear.
    It sounds like you are making great strides in creating a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle.  The bench will be a nice touch in your master bedroom, and the etagere will definitely add the glam you are looking dorm in your office. 

  4. Love the outfit! And I just saw those sandals/booties at Nordstrom on Sunday. And tried them on because I thought they were so cute. Unfortunately, the sales associate (as they always do), brought out a couple more pairs. There was a pair of Paul Green booties in a very similar shade to the hippo gray (which was the color I tried on in the sandals). Loved them! Unfortunately, when I asked the price, they were $459. Way out of my league. 😉 Typically, it doesn’t seem like they bring something with such a huge discrepancy…the Vince sandals were around $120, I think. But sadly, I loved the booties way more than the sandals, so I ended up walking away without buying. Now seeing them on you, I’m thinking I may need to order them after all, lol.

    1. The samething happened to me at Nordstrom. I was returning a pair of VC booties I ordered during the Anniversary Sale because of the 4 inch heel and the salesman brought out some Paul Green booties (wonder if they are trained to do that?). They were so comfortable and I loved them but like you, I didn’t like the price tag. Since I had never heard of the brand, I came home and did some research online and found the exact pair on eBay for less. 

  5. Talk about great minds thinking alike, because we are wearing t-shirt dresses on my blog too. Since my mom made ours, she made hers with longer sleeves, Nancy’s with short and mine as the tank.
    And I love those booties. I remember when I thought the peep toe booties were silly, but now I think they are perfect for the transitional weather!! Funny how our perspective changes!!

  6. GM! So good to see you styling a new outfit but your right about the dress. First thing I said was,”I’ve seen this dress before”. But it looks super cute on you and I love that you styled it with some fall booties. I have been on the hunt for some with a lower heel so these would be great. I just hope they hold up well because the last two pairs of Vince Camuto shoes I’ve purchased, have fallen apart. I hope it was just a fluke because I love VC. 

    1. Really? In what way? I’ve never had any trouble with his shoes… except with one pair of his peep toe booties, the pad under the foot came unglued. I need to take it to my shoe guy and have him glue it back down, but I keep forgetting.

      1. Yes I know, I was totally shocked and disappointed. The first pair was some booties I got last year that were perforated and one of the perforated areas on the top of the booties just tore open into a bigger whole. And they weren’t tight at all but they couldn’t be repaired. The second issue was with my spring wedges and the stitching started to come unwrapped around the top of the shoe. I was able to fix them myself but those weren’t cheap and I hadn’t wore them much. 😟

  7. I had seen those shoes somewhere before, and didn’t give them a second glance. Absolutely love them in these pictures. And the color looks fabulous with the blue dress. You look wonderful, and I just love the way you styled this outfit. Long ago I had a high quality brand, not too tight or anything else wrong, body-con dress. I was younger, firmer, and it looked good in the mirror, but I never brought myself to actually wear it. I learned that a body-con dress requires not just shapewear, but a little extra confidence that apparently I just didn’t have! Every time I thought I might wear it, I got paranoid about what other people might think about me wearing something clingy, whether they could maybe see any lines or bulges as I moved. Never wore it, finally sold it. Looking back, I know it would have looked great, but it was the lack of confidence that did me in. Youth is wasted on the young!!!!

    1. Haha, I know what you mean. How does the saying go, I wish I weighed what I did when I thought I was fat? 😉 Styles were a lot baggier 20 years ago when I was 15 pounds thinner… what a waste! Now I figure, I’m 46, I better wear them while I can b/c everyone says that your body does crazy things after menopause. I’m not looking forward to that!

  8. You’ve had some busy days! Sounds like your son is settling in and the house is coming together! Love the pieces you have picked out! Have a great day!  Summer slipping by, but the weather still shouts SUMMER!  Enjoy!

  9. I love this outfit and I’ve had my eye on that dress for a while now. Would it look ok with a long necklace or would a necklace detract from the ruching? BTW, the link for the booties under the first photo goes to the dress.

  10. It’s too clingy for me. Anything that requires shapewear doesn’t come home with me. Comfort reins over looks. Well, for the most part😉
    I’m looking for inexpensive curtains for guest rooms but they need to be 96” long. Every time I find some that work, they are the 84” ones. I like to hang my curtains higher to raise my ceilings and showcase my trim. All the decor mags & blogs recommend it and I like that look. Any leads on longer lengths?

  11. Great outfit and I LOVE the booties.  I have a hard time calling it Fall until the day after Labor Day.  When I had kids in school that was always their first day of school.  I love Fall and the clothes, but just not ready yet.  Are you still doing the Lives on Tuesdays?  I always watch them back on Wed. as I don’t have facebook, so just wondering and if so could you please post the link again on Weds?  Have a great day.  Sounds like you really are getting your house together. I love your office find and your bench for the master bedroom. 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m not calling it fall… this is an outfit I will wear this fall. 😬 I agree – it isn’t fall until after Labor Day, but that darn #NSale gets me thinking fall fashion so early.

      I plan to revive my Facebook Lives after the kids get back to school. 🎉

  12. I bought the sleeveless version of this dress after you styled it last year and liked it so much I ended up buying it in two more colors!  So I was excited as well to see the long sleeve version which by the way looks great on you!  I bought the same blue color you’re wearing with rewards from my N sale purchases!  I’m picturing wearing it later in fall with a black leather moto jacket and black tall boots.  

    1. YAY! Glad to hear someone else likes the dress, haha! 🙂 But I get it, the body-con style is tough to wear, and honestly, I’d be more comfortable if I sized up, I think. I love your plan to wear it with the leather moto and tall boots!

  13. Such a great color on you. I love the heel height of the shoes too not too high. Sounds like your new home is coming together wonderfully and so quickly I might add… I’m sure your summer has flown buy like who can believe your 21 days of fall fashion soon starts..,🍁🍁🍁

  14. Jo-Lynne, in reading the comments, you mentioned you would feel more comfortable sizing up to a large. I’m a pear and sizing up is a frequent need.  Do you still wear something that the shoulder seams drop off the shoulders, on to the upper arms?  When I need to size up, this ruins it for me. Am I being too critical of the fit or do you look at it the same way I do?

    1. I would be afraid a large would be too big on the shoulders… that is the main reason I kept the medium. Also, it would probably be too long under the arms. The tank dress could be taken in at the top, but probably not this one.

  15. I am definitely not one to wear anything that is body con.  Even if tee’s are more of the fitted style, they won’t be fo7nd in my closet.  You do look very nice, and those shoes are great as transition shoes.

    1. Haha, thank you. I don’t like to feel like I’m showing off, but these days I feel like I’m barely hanging onto what I’ve got by a thread so I figure I better wear it while I still can. 😉


  17. Love, love, love this dress on you! The shoes look great with it, I put them in my cart and then decided to move them to the wishlist for now. I really don’t need another pair of summer type shoe but I do think they are so pretty and one of the colors would be a close match for the Brahmin bag!

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