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I’m not sure I should even use the title Mom Style on this post. It is slim pickin’s this week, folks. My knee is still incredibly painful to the touch, so I have to wear clothes that don’t put pressure on it — namely shorts and skirts. Unfortunately my selection of shorts and skirts is rather limited. So. This is What I Wore This Week, but it’s sorely lacking in the Style department. You’ve been warned.

It was cooler towards the beginning of the week, so the best I could do was my yoga pants. I KNOW. But they are actually really nice Organic Cotton Salamba Pants from Athleta. Does that make a difference?

I tried to dress them up a bit with a striped tank and my favorite pink hooded zip-up cardi. That was also the day I got my hair cut and colored, which is why it looks so sleek. I wish I could achieve that at home! My Privos were my attempt to not wear sneakers or flip-flops. I suppose for a day working from home and going to the salon, it’s not too bad.

Okay, this is so not working for me. The gray drapey sweater that I like with this striped top was at the dry cleaners, so I pulled out this lighter one. Same yoga pants, same shoes, and same Grace Tags necklace. Hey, at least I did my hair and makeup!

Which is more than I can say for Friday. Just keeping it real, people.

At least it was warmer so I could give the yoga pants a break!

I tried a little harder on Saturday because I had to run some errands and go to my son’s ball game.

Same shorts and same rubber flip-flops, but I tried to dress it up with a nicer top and my coral handbag and my new Silpada bracelet. It could have used a necklace, though.

I wore this to church on Sunday. This skirt is as old as the hills, but I still find myself wearing it often during the summer months. It’s my one piece from Boden.

The red top is another oldie but goodie – from Banana. And even though it’s a little early, I brought out my favorite espadrille wedge sandals.

On Monday it was EIGHTY-EIGHT degrees here in Philly. Yowsahs! This pink Scoop Twist Front Tank is from Old Navy. I stocked up on casual summer tops when they were having a sale a few weeks ago. I wore my Encircled Earrings and Necklace from Studio Jewel and my new Silpada bracelet, and I threw on my blue flip flops for some color contrast.

And finally, Tuesday the weather cooled down a bit to a nice, balmy 75 degrees with a lovely breeze. HEAVEN!

Tired of wearing the same shorts, I dug this denim skirt out of the back of my closet. I had to take my daughter to the dentist and run some errands so I tried to turn the style quotient up a notch. If not exactly high fashion, at least I looked more presentable than earlier in the week!

The butter yellow tee is another from my Old Navy stash, and I like how the bronze ballet flats pulled from the bronze chain in my Studio Jewel necklace. The handbag is an old favorite by Orla Kiely, and I finally got a close-up of this new Silpada bracelet I keep talking about!

I love it. It goes with absolutely everything.

And that’s about it. Hoping to get back into some of my colored jeans this week. I miss them!!

What have you been up to this week? Did you play along? Let me know so I can stop over!

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27 thoughts on “Mom Style | What I Wore This Week 04.18.12

  1. I love how you show off your Silpada jewelry. I’m a Silpada Rep. and SO addicted to their high quality jewelry! You have a really great sense of style and I love the way you put your outfits together. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your looks. : )

  2. I just had to leave you a comment and tell you that every single day of this post is WAY more put together than I ever am 😉 So feel better about that! 🙂

  3. Hey, I love my yoga pants and they have a prominent spot in my closet. Love seeing the legs! The weather has been amazing (and strange).

    Thanks for the well wishes. I’m not big into announcements so last Mode Monday I just put up pics in me in maternity clothes LOL.

  4. There is nothing wrong with occasionally wearing yoga pants. Especially when you pair them with cute tops and the whole look is clean and pulled together. And I think the shorts and hoodie looks cute too. You’re too hard on yourself. It is fun to put together outfits and try new looks, but we don’t all need to set a new fashion trend every time we step out the door. 😉

    1. Oh I totally agree, it’s just when I’m putting together posts categorized as Mom Style, I start to analyze every outfit. Maybe I should only photograph the decent ones!

  5. You done good!! You look really cute in every single outfit and I would have never guessed you were compromising due to an injury!

  6. I KNEW that was a boden skirt!!!!! Darn it for being old, I was about to click over to search for it (although I don’t know, why – I’ve looked enough times at their spring and summer stuff I knew it wouldn’t be there). I can’t believe you only have one piece! 🙂 FIX THAT! lol 😉

    Sorry about your knee. Hope it heals completely soon.

    1. I often think I want to get another one of their skirts. I’ve tried their tops before and they never lasted more than a season or two in my closet. They don’t work well for me for some reason, but I do love this skirt. And I NEVER wear A-line, but this one doesn’t bother me.

  7. You look adorable as always! I love your Orla Kiely bag! Hope your knee is better soon cause I want to see more outfits with colored jeans too! 🙂 Stop by my blog, I did my first WIWW post and am really excited about it!

  8. Love the coral colored bag! Whitney had a similar orange one at one of the workshops that I loved, too. I’m definitely going to need to find a bag with some pop to it.

    I’ve been living in the yoga pants too much recently. On the plus side, I found a pair of Privos in the clearance section at DSW – can’t wait to wear them. I also treated myself to new nail polish and makeup at Target today. And, cute sunglasses, earrings, and a scarf. Yesterday, I found a bunch of Anne Taylor tops on sale at Goodwill. I may still be sick, but I’ll be fashionably sick.

  9. I would kill for some 75-88 degree weather! I am sturggling with 30-50 degree weather and how you make layers and sweaters look springy 🙂 haha! Thanks for keeping it real- I live in short and flip flops in July and August…

  10. My word! That’s what you look like without any makeup on?! I wish I looked that good without it. Unfortunately, my au naturel face is enough to give small children nightmares! You look fabulous!

  11. Sorry that your knee is still bothering you. Mine is too, it sucks doesn’t it. It could be worse though even if it is annoying. I too hung out in yoga pants under dresses in attempts to hide them. I love the leaf skirt, it is so cute and that purse you are wearing with it rocks too.

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that “old as the hills” skirt from the ’08 Disney trip during which we met? I’m a big fan of it. Also, your hair looks super cute in that top profile’ish (pink sweatshirt) photo in this post.

  13. EEEPS! i would be firghtened to post a pic of what I wore EACH day. I mean, maybe 3 days a week it wold not be too bad, but the other days do not look so great. Something I need to work on for sure. I have a question: How do you “change” your bag/[pocketbook so often? Do you carry few items or maybe your things are confined into one smaller bag? I have a Butler bag that i just LOVE—
    OK, I have a Butler bag that was found on clearance at K-Mart for a mere $3.00, not the $200+ listed on that link, BUT, I love the compartments in my cheapo version! Prior to this, I have used a plethora of bags..LL Bean canvas totes, mini back packs, etc. This Butler style seems the most organized and cute to boot. BUT I LOVE BAGS! (and shoes but that’s a different post all together!). It just seems such a hassle to keep changing bags since I have SO much stuff in there…from the PERFECT lip gloss (I am shallow at times!), to the mini-first aid kit ( I am a mom at ALL times!). Well, thatnks for any thoughts you may be willing to share!

    1. I think that changing purses so often helps keep the crap cleaned out, ya know? I have a little rule with myself. I MUST move it all over. If I don’t, then I get upset when I don’t have something I need. It’s tempting just to grab the essentials, but I try to make sure to move it all so I don’t have crap in 10 different purses.

  14. I ALSO meant to add you look FANTASTIC in your photos. Very fresh and crisp…that sounded more like an apple or something, but you do look great!

  15. I <3 the skirt you wore to church and the colorful handbag that has a similar leafy design. I also have a pair of denim shorts that come to just above the knee. I wear them at least once a week during the warmer month. 🙂

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