Mom Style | What I Wore This Week 05.09.12

I think May is confused. This is not March. Nor is it April. Nor is it October. It is MAY. You know, the month of sunshine and 72 degrees? The month of low humidity and butterflies and azalea blossoms? MAY.

I wish Mother Nature would get it straight already.

Maybe I should just move. Anyone in San Diego got a room to let?

ANYWHO. Here we go. I’ve been feeling less than inspired in the fashion department. You’ve been warned.

Yellow gathered v-neck tee (Old Navy) over white tank, topped with pink hooded zip-up cardi (Banana) over straight-leg jeans by Citizens and silver ballet flats from Aldo. Accessories are by Stella & Dot and Grace Tags. Working from home and running errands.

Weird, I THOUGHT I had a waist in that orange sweater. I hope it is more flattering in person. The sweater is old, old, old. The white jeans I got last year, and they desperately need to be hemmed. The gray leather bag was a birthday present from my mom, and I adore it. Not sure why I don’t carry it more often. And the snakeskin espadrilles are by Coach — I got them on a mega-sale at Bloomingdales a couple summers ago. Encircled earrings and necklace from Studio Jewel, orange and green charm bracelet from JanMary Designs (a gift) and white watch. Wore this to church and out to dinner.

Love this ivory hooded sweater from Athleta over the blue tank. I just threw on the sneaks I wore to the gym earlier in the day for this picture. (I was barefoot the rest of the time because I was at home. STILL want to get myself some gray Chucks or pumas or something with a bit more style.)

I have NO idea what is going on with the picture quality in that one! Another chilly May day, and another pair of jeans and long-sleeved sweater. This time I pulled out my pink dolman sleeve sweater from Gap, worn over a gray and pink striped tank (also Gap) and the same old silver flats and gray handbag. Necklace and bracelet are Silpada.

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18 thoughts on “Mom Style | What I Wore This Week 05.09.12

  1. You look great in all of your outfits! I am jealous that you can still wear layers.

  2. Love love those snakeskin espadrilles!! Oklahoma can’t make up it’s mind with the weather either…only instead of being cold it’s summer hot already! Last week was upper 80’s & 90’s, this week is mid 70’s. What the?

  3. I lose my waist all the time. 😉 And I love that outfit. Favorite colors.
    I am going to panic any minutes now because I’m going to my college reunion on Saturday. *breath**breathe*

  4. Hey Jo-Lynne,
    I love your fashion posts. I like that you always look very nice and put together, but you are not over the top. It’s fashion that the “regular everyday busy mom” can do.
    I have a question…. I am short 5’2″, 47 years old and a little “Hippy”, usually wear a size 6 or 8 in my other jeans. Growing up everyone wore “Levi’s”, but I could not, hips would fit then the waist would be to big. That to say….I have been admiring your skinny jeans……do you think I could wear skinny jeans and do you have any suggestions on a brand? Does age play a part in wearing skinny jeans?
    Another questions…. I notice that you change out your “bags” often. I don’t usually do that because of the pain of making the transfer of items and being a busy mom. Do you have tips on how to easily change out bags?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Jenny! I didn’t respond right away b/c I was thinking of doing a post on this, and then I realized I already have. I did a How to Wear Skinny Jeans post that is always one of my top Google hits. I do think you can get away with them if you are short and a little “Hippy” as long as you balance them out with the right shoe – go for a chunkier shoe to balance the hips. Boots over the skinny jeans work really well for this, but in the summer, you can do a chunky wedge sandal. A heel will help too. I’m not sure about the brand. I have the opposite problem, I always find jeans to be too tight in the waist. But I would say to look for “Curvy” fit – a lot of brands make this now.

      As far as the bags go, I mentioned that in my FAQ. 🙂

      It is a bit of a pain, but it only takes a second, and it’s a great opportunity to clean out the trash inside. 🙂 My rule is that I have to move EVERYTHING over. It is temping to only take out what I think I”ll need, but invariably I’ll end up wishing for something I hadn’t noticed in the old bag, and if I don’t move it all, then I end up with purses all over the house with odds and ends inside. I much prefer to start with an empty bag. So. I try to always empty the old one out entirely, toss the crap that doesn’t belong, and put the rest over to the new bag. It really only takes a second – when you do this a couple times a week, there’s no time for clutter to accumulate.

      If only I was so organized about my house . . .

  5. Hey from the UK! I’ve just wanted to comment to tell you I LOVE your blog, especially the fashion! You’ve completely inspired me to be less mumsy in how I dress. I have recently left work to become a full time mum and I wasn’t sure what I could wear to be stylish – I used to be well known on the playground for my style as used to wear lovely shift dresses for the office and would never be without Louboutins!!! Now as a full time mum/mom they’re just not practical and I was falling into a routine of always wearing leggings … Now I’ve ordered myself some skinny jeans and some tops and some pumps!! All thanks to you!!! I’ll keep watching your blog for further inspiration! Thanks again!!

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