My Daily Looks: What I Wore Lately Vol. 8

Happy hump day, friends. It’s time for another edition of What I Wore Lately! But first, I have some pretty sweet sales to share with you.

Nordstrom wants to support their customers after the announcement of their 2-week store closure, so they’re having a surprise sale — for a limited time, almost everything in the store is 25% off!

This is a great time to pick up some comfy loungewear to wear while you’re homebound — keep it comfy, not frumpy!

Or perhaps you need a few new tops for those conference calls you’re taking at home, or you want to stock up on summer basics… hopefully we will be getting out and about in a couple months!

SO many of my favorite closet basics are included… Tory Burch Miller sandals (even the Makeup!), my Vince Camuto denim jacket (I have size S), my Kut from the Kloth white denim jacket (I have size M), my go-to AG jeans, and the Agolde Toni too!

Plus, my favorite Barefoot Dreams cardigan is included ( I wear this every morning over my pajamas until I get dressed for the day; size M) and even the Dyson Hairdryer!!!

Also, this Tory Burch McGraw Hobo is the perfect everyday bag for spring and summer; I have the white, but I love this Devon Sand color.

See more on my Nordstrom Favorites Page!

And Nordstrom isn’t the only retailer trying to brighten these dreary days with a sale.

Everlane also wants to offer their customers meaningful value in uncertain times, so they are breaking their own rules and offering weekly promotions to make their everyday basics even more affordable.

They’re kicking it off this week with $50 denim, and you can look out for something new each Monday.

Sephora is offering free shipping on all orders with code FREESHIP. I’m going to order some makeup I’m running out of.

LOFT has extended their Free Shipping promo, and they’re offering special deals across all departments.

And finally, Verishop is running a Spring Reset Sale where you can save up to 25% off on designer brands that rarely get discounted, and Sweaty Betty is running 25% off on their Yoga Edit so you can update your at-home workout wear… or, let’s face it, many of us will be wearing leggings all day every day for a while!

Phew! That’s a lot. (All the images above are clickable, if you want more details on the items I’m wearing.)

I know not everyone is in the position to shop frivolously right now, but if you need anything or just want a little pick-me-up, this is a good time to snag something on your wish list!

What I Wore Lately

Okay, let’s talk about what to wear when you’re stuck at home for weeks on end. I never thought I’d be writing about what to wear when self-isolating, but I guess there’s a first time for everything!

This chronicles not just what I’ve worn over the past two weeks, but also how our lives have changed in such a short time. I think I’ll be glad I documented this experience some day.

Sizing Reference: I’m 5’5″ with a slight hourglass shape and currently 135-ish. When I say an item is TTS (true to size) that means a small in tops, 28 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe.

Daily Outfit Inspiration from a Stay At Home Mom

This first look dates back to two Wednesdays ago. It was the day the painters started work on our kitchen cabinets, and I had a doctor appointment. At the time, the coronavirus seemed so far away…

The sweater is a spring favorite from Everlane, and the jeans and shoes are new additions to my wardrobe this season. All three pieces are on major rotation these days and can be mixed and matched various ways.

Everlane cotton v-neck (TTS) // Rag & Bone jeans (TTS; 25% off) // Everlane loafer mules (size up half or whole for wider feet) // necklace set // earrings

Next, an outfit I wore to CBS (Community Bible Study) two weeks ago. It was a chilly, rainy day, and I wore a cozy white sweater with off-black jeans and snake print mules.

My jeans are awesome and on sale, but these are similar, and that price is crazy good. Also, I need to chop an inch or two off these jeans… these don’t look as current as they would if they were a little shorter.

similar white sweater // jeans (similar at a crazy good price!!!) // mules (TTS)

I wore this cozy stripe sweater with my favorite jeans and sneakers the day the tile guys were here installing our backsplash. You can probably see out the window how foggy and grey it was that day.

These jeans are also a little too long, but I hate to lose the chewed hem. I usually wear them with shoes that have a lower vamp to help compensate. They’re also 25% off at Nordstrom!

sweater (TTS; extra 60% off) // jeans (TTS; 25% off) // sneakers // earrings

The next day was Saturday, and I went to our ladies’ Bible study at church. I think this is my favorite outfit from the week. I just love this color combo.

Everything I’m wearing (including my Lagos necklace, ring, and earrings !!!) is 25% off. Also, these Rag & Bone boots are gorgeous and amazing quality, and also included in the Nordstrom 25% off sale.

sweater (TTS; 25% off) // jeans (TTS; 25% off) // boots (TTS or size down half for narrow feet; 25% off) // necklace (25% off) // earrings (25% off) // ring (25% off) // bracelet

I had nursery duty at church that Sunday, so I kept it casual.

sweater // jeans (TTS; 25% off) // loafers (size up) // earrings (25% off) // ring (25% off)

This next look is from last Monday, the day my world started to get really weird.

Everything about that day just seems heightened… I don’t know if that makes any sense or not. I remember throwing on this outfit to pick up my daughter from school for her orthodontist appointment, and feeling like things were a bit off-kilter. My heart rate was off the charts all afternoon.

After her appointment, I stopped into Urgent Care to get my back x-rayed (from the fall I took a few days before) and then we swung by Chick-Fil-A on the way home.

Even amidst all of the uncertainty, I managed to put together one of my favorite outfits in this post — it’s so simple, but I really love the various shades of grey with the white loafer mules.

sweater // jeans // mules // earrings (25% off) // necklace (25% off)

Sadly, that night I had a viewing/funeral visitation to attend. The weather was warming up, so I went with short sleeves.

I wanted a cardigan or blazer to throw on top, but I realized I really don’t have an appropriate layering piece for this type of outfit. My leather jacket didn’t seem quite right, so I braved the elements like this.

Since then, I’ve ordered a few blazers and cardigans, and I found an amazing blazer that I’m excited to add to my wardrobe. I’ll share more in this Friday’s try-on haul.

Also, everything I’m wearing (except jewelry) is 25% off.

blouse (TTS; 25% off) // pants (size 8; 25% off) // pumps

I don’t remember when I wore this outfit, or why I have this picture, but I’ll throw it in here since I don’t have a picture for Tuesday, and these Vince snake print slip-on sneakers are 25% off.

I love these soooo much. They are just so luxe and comfortable, and they jazz up all my basic neutral outfits. I wear them all year-round so the cost per wear is pretty much nill at this point.

black turtleneck (old) // jeans (TTS; 25% off) // sneakers (size down half; 25% off)

Wednesday, was my bi-weekly nail appointment, and coronavirus was the talk of the salon. I was saying it was going to get bad, but some of the other ladies didn’t think it was much to worry about…

Two days later the county was on lockdown, and the salon is now closed till further notice.

On a lighter note, this cardigan is really good — soft, stretchy, comfortable — perfect for long days confined to the house. It ships free with Prime, and my Anna Beck necklace is 25% off.

cardigan // tee (size up) // jeans (TTS; 25% off) // mules (size up half for narrow feet; size up a whole size for wider feet) // hoops (similar for less) //necklace

And that starts a long string of days at home… Thursday was the last day my 8th grader had school.

I worked from home most of the day, feeling an odd sense of urgency, and when I was on my way to pick up my daughter from band practice, I got the message that school would be closed Fri and Mon for a thorough cleaning.

She was all atwitter when she got in the car. Even though they chose not to make the announcement during school hours, the news spread like wildfire among the kids at after-school activities.

I feel really silly following up each account of these very strange days with information about my outfit, but that is my job, so….

This hoodie is really cute and on sale, and these AG Farrah jeans just went 25% off at Nordstrom. I chopped 1/2 inch or so off of these because I wanted them a little bit shorter.

hoodie // jeans // sneakers // earrings (25% off)

The next day was Friday, and the news that our neighboring county was on lockdown had everyone (including me) scrambling to stock up on more food and paper goods. I wore this outfit to the grocery store that morning to see what was left.

Fortunately I got there before it got too crowded, and I was able to find almost everything on my list.

t-shirt // jeans (TTS; 25% off) // sneakers (25% off) // cardigan (old) // earrings (25% off)

And yes, I wore this again on Saturday… or maybe it was Sunday, I’m losing track. I don’t think I’ve taken outfit pictures every day.

These sneakers are spendy, but they’re super soft and comfortable and I’d say they have moderate support. They’re also 20% off right now at Neimans, and Nordstrom has a bunch at 25% off.

hoodie // jeans (25% off) // sneakers (20% off) // earrings

I wore this next outfit on Monday, after a photo shoot with Alison. I took pictures from a few different angles because I always get a lot of questions about how this sweater fits.

Yes, it’s boxy, but somehow it works. I don’t know if it’s because it has such a nice drape, or if it’s the length, or the wide neckline… I just love it, though. For $50, you can’t beat it.

sweater // jeans (TTS; 25% off) // shoes (on sale at Nordstrom) // earrings // necklace

And it got cold again yesterday, so I threw on this cozy turtleneck (sold out) and my new Madewell cropped jeans. I love the wash and the leg opening on these, but they are not on sale, and almost sold out.

This $50 Everlane pair has a similar wash and fit, and you can always cut them if you want a raw hem. I bought the ankle length for a more cropped fit.

sweater (sold out) // jeans (similar for less) // sneakers (20% off) // earrings

And that’s a wrap!

I hope you don’t mind me chronicling not just my outfits, but also the current events and how they’re affecting me here in my little corner of the world.

It’s another chilly day here in PA, but the sun is shining and the birds are singing, and it gives me hope that the world won’t feel like it’s tilted on its axis forever.

I plan to get outside for a walk in a bit. I hope you can do the same!

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33 Responses

  1. I love seeing your outfits. We need something fun with all the heaviness going on in the world. More kitchen pictures please!!! Be safe!

  2. I really appreciate this post/journal. It helps me so much to hear how others are walking out this new normal. It gives me confidence in understanding restrictions and makes me feel I’m walking this out with others!💗

  3. I’d love to know the steps you take to shorten the legs on your jeans while ensuring that they end up the same length.  I haven’t really sewed since the 1970’s, so I’m out of practice.  I am on the hunt for a pair of high waisted cropped, not skinny, jeans, and I’m thinking I may end up having to shorten them.  I hope you will keep sharing community updates with us, since it’s not the same everywhere.  Since there has not been one confirmed case in our area, things are not as stringent as they are there.  I love all of the sweaters you shared.  Any update on your back and your hip?

  4. You must be a day behind Minnesota in weather, as it was sunny and warm yesterday but drizzly and cold today here. I have to say, that sun sure made things more tolerable. My husband and I are trying to stay positive and get out walking every night. Feels like a ghost town when normally our bike paths would be busy. Hate to think that after another long winter this could all go until summer:( Thanks for your daily posts, it so helps keep things sane for a bit!

  5. Thank you for the time you put into your post. Even if you are in a hurry, you never let the readers feel “rushed”. Also, thanks for being “real”. We are all having the same issues & I appreciate your honesty!!

  6. I’m putting money into the economy by placing an order with Nordstrom and J Crew this morning. I feel so fortunate to be able to continue to work while others can’t that I think it’s important that I support businesses– from my couch.

    I’m planning to use some of my unexpected time home to go through my closet and update all of my jeans. I started doing IF in January before really knowing what it was– it was just the way I used to eat in the days when I had a house full of children. I’ve lost about 5 pounds but the interesting thing is that my jeans are fitting as if I had lost 10! Thanks for all of the info you’ve given us on your IF journey, Jo-Lynne. I feel so good eating this way.

  7. Thank you for sharing your feelings along with the outfits. It really does make a difference and I love seeing the outfits. I’m making a point of getting dressed, putting on makeup, doing my hair everyday – need to find some normalcy and it just makes me feel better able to handle whatever the day brings! God Bless!

  8. I have a question: I know in your photos you always show shoes with what you are wearing, which makes sense. But what shoes do you wear when you are home? We have a no outdoor shoe policy in our house – which I think is common. Curious to hear if you wear slippers, have multiple shoes you wear, etc. that are specific to indoors.

    1. We don’t wear shoes in our house, either. Even guests remove their shoes. This is new for me (2nd marriage after being widowed) and I’ve just been wearing slippers, but when we have friends over for dinner and I’m a little more “dressed up”, I wish I had something nicer than slippers. I was thinking about ordering a pair of Birdies to wear inside when I want shoes, Do you wear slippers inside, Tippy?

  9. Please do not feel silly. At.All.  You’re doing what you normally do, your job. We are all clinging to anything normal during this odd time of life we are all sharing.  I’m trying to spend 30 min outside daily and in Chicago it is not always pleasant to do that. I’ve pulled out exercise dvds & gone on line. I’ve created a “to do” list for the house.  Yesterday the tops of the kitchen cabinets were thoroughly cleaned, re-arranged and all fake greenery tossed. Apparently that project hadn’t been tackled since 2012 😳. When this is behind us, my house will sparkle even in hidden spaces, I’ll still be physically fit, & have some cute warm weather new clothes.  Keep doing your thing and stay healthy. We are all in this together. Life is good, we make it that way. No matter what gets dished our way. 

  10. Keep up the good work!  When I take a break I like a diversion.  I am journaling right now because I know I will want to look back at this time in the future.  Could you encourage your readers that if they are going out grocery shopping offer to go for someone else too. 

  11. No matter what is going on around us, we still have to get dressed!  I appreciate your blog as much as ever and if gives me a few pleasant minutes each morning when I check in.  Please keep up your good work and know that you make a difference.  I am a senior with immune system issues so, to try and do my part, I am making easily digested food for two cancer patients going through chemo.  It definitely helps to think about others less fortunate.  God bless.

  12. Its always fun to see your weekly looks, and yes keep the posts coming. Its definitely something to look forward to. Even though I work from home anyway for our company, having everything pretty well stopped or closing keeps you confined to the house more. So many stores within the malls here have closed that I am foreseeing them just close by the end of the week. I’m going to head to the basement shortly and go through all the coats that have been gathering for a while and do some purging…

  13. I thank you for this!  I’m in the San Francisco area and also “sheltering in place”.  I love the creative outlet that fashion provides and I feel like your account of the week is as weird as mine!  So thank you!  I love hearing about your experience!

      1. It’s weird: everything is closed except grocery stores (where the shelves for basics like pasta are bare), kids’ schools are online (I am learning about something called Zoom), and we are texting/face-timing, not visiting friends.  Really thankful we are all healthy and together!

  14. Please don’t feel silly. We need you! We’re all concerned about what’s happening, but we need to keep some sanity. I, personally, like to hear how others are faring. But I still love clothes and seeing how you style things is something for all of us to look forward to. And yay for Nordstrom! Placed a shoe order this morning, now going back to see what else entices me.

  15. Well I went for nail appt today. This is a very sterile safe environment. Only 1 other person there which was sad. In fact they are closing for 2 weeks tomorrow because business is so slow. Since I am not doing much going I have been slack about what I wear. Jeans and tees. Stay safe everyone. Dont go where big crowds are.

  16. Thank you for continuing your posts as they are a much-needed diversion. It’s also good to hear about your daily life and to be able to compare your circumstances with mine. I think that we are going to be in self-isolation for a lot longer than most people believe. Thanks for all that you do!

    1. Yes, I’ve been trying to tell people this, and they look at me like I have two heads. It’s going to be a long spring… and I’m not even sure about summer at this point. I heard one source that seems to be pretty reliable and not at all dramatic, say that it is expected to die off a bit over the summer and come back strong this fall. Makes sense, as that is how viruses tend to behave. This too shall pass, I know this. But man, I can’t wait to be on the other side. Thanks for your encouragement.

  17. Thank you for acknowledging the reality around us and how to go about our lives, hunkering down with family, connecting virtually with colleagues and friends, keeping up our health and basics as best we can — including dressing in “comfy, not frumpy” outfits.  Wonderful post — thank you.

  18. I think you have the perfect amount of current events mixed with fashion.  It’s good to hear what’s going on in your part  of the country, and yet, also have a nice diversion from all of this.  Thank you!  Praying your family stays healthy! 

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