My Spring 2021 Denim Favorites

Denim styles are in flux right now, so I thought I would round up my spring 2021 denim favorites. This is basically an update to my 5 Favorites: Denim Edition that I’ve posted several times in the past.

These days, straighter styles are trending, along with higher rises and lighter washes. While I still love a skinny jean, I’m finally embracing some other styles as well.

I have a lot of jeans, as I wear them daily, so I have more than I’m listing here. But these are the ones I find myself reaching for most often, now that I’m finally able to wear my spring clothes.

Also, Shopbop is having their annual The Style Event, so a lot of these jeans are on sale right now! CLICK HERE to shop all my Shopbop Sale Picks.

My Spring 2021 Denim Favorites

#1. Mother Insider Crop Step Chew Hem Jeans

at Saks (fully stocked) // at Nordstrom // at Neimans ($50 off with code INC50)

Mother jeans are some of the best I’ve ever worn. The denim looks and feels amazing, it’s generally very flattering and holds its shape, and the washes are practically works of art. Also, Mother jeans are made in Los Angeles, which is hard to find these days! Of course, you pay a premium for these unicorn jeans. I realize they don’t fit everyone’s budget, but if I have to choose my all-time favorite jeans to wear right now, it’s the Mother Insider Crop in the Dancing On Coals wash (pictured here).

I wasn’t sure I was crazy about all the distressing at first, but I’m loving the ultra casual style and the texture the rips jagged step hem. If you don’t care for the distressing, the Sweet and Sassy ($50 off with code INC50) or Hey Sun washes are both really good too. They both have a raw step hem, but no other rips or distressing. I’ve tried all three, and they are all suuuuper soft and comfortable. They run true to size, or some say they size down if in between; I my usual size 28.

#2. Levi’s 724 High Rise Straight Crop Jeans

sold out; similar here

Okay, this is mean because these jeans are no longer available, but I love these for a white version of a distressed crop straight jean. They have the more modern straight silhouette without being too wide, and the inseam is the perfect crop length for me. For comparison’s sake, these jeans have a 9.5″ front rise, 25.25″ inseam, and 11.75″ leg opening.

If you like the style and don’t need the white denim, Shopbop has two pairs of Levi’s 724 high rise crops in their spring event sale. In fact, I got mine during this sale around this time last year.

I found a similar pair at Bloomingdale’s, but they have a 28″ inseam and 14.5″ leg opening, so they’re a bit longer and wider than mine. I’ll be on the lookout for something more similar that is stocked for this season, and when I find something good, I’ll update this post.

#3. AGOLDE Sophie Mid Rise Crop Skinny Jeans

at Nordstrom // at Shopbop

I still like a crop skinny jean for spring, and the wash on these AGOLDE Sophies is a really nice medium indigo blue with a good deal of sanding and whiskering to give them a lived-in look without being sloppy. They’re also verrrry soft and comfortable. The fabric is only 33% cotton, so they’re very stretchy, but they have great shape retention and never bag out.

AGOLDE is a newer made-in-the-USA denim brand that is making waves. In fact, two of their styles made my spring denim favorites list. These are a mid-rise crop with a 26″ inseam, 10.25″ leg opening, and 9.75″ front rise. They run true to size; I have the 28.

#4. Good American Good Legs Crop Jeans in White001

at Nordstrom // at Good American

I wanted to include a white skinny, and I debated between these and the Paige Hoxton, but I settled on these Good American Good Legs. They’re less expensive than the Paige, the denim is slightly thicker, and they’re more widely available. Plus, I cut my Paige Hoxtons to make them shorter, so when I post pictures of me wearing them, it’s not an accurate representation of how they will come to you.

Good American is known for making jeans with tummy control and butt-lifting technology. They’re also specifically designed for curvy figures, and they promise not to gape in the waist. When you pull them on, they feel suuuuper tight, sort of like wearing Spanx, but they settle in quickly and become very comfortable.

I have these in the black wash, and I wore them on repeat all fall and winter, so I decided to try the white for summer, and I’m so glad I did. I recommend buying these your true size; I have the 6.

#5. 7 For All Mankind Josefina High Waist Boyfriend Jeans

at Bloomingdale’s (20% off with SAVEMORE) // at Zappo’s // at Nordstrom // at

While boyfriend jeans aren’t exactly on the cutting edge of fashion at the moment, they’re always a good option to have in your closet, and I’m enjoying the relaxed cropped fit right now. I tend to wear this style more in the spring/summer than in the fall/winter because I love how boyfriend jeans pair with sandals and a white tee for a casual girl next door vibe.

These jeans are very soft and comfortable, and the light wash and higher rise keep them looking current. I’ve always appreciated the consistent quality of 7 For All Mankind denim, and these do not disappoint. They wash and wear well, and they don’t bag out or lose their shape. They’re currently 20% off at Bloomies, and they run true to size; I have the 28.

#6. Daily Ritual Girlfriend Jeans (Bleach Wash) $39.90

at Amazon

You can probably tell from my other denim picks in this post that I’m a bit of a denim snob… although, I prefer to call it discerning. I ordered these Daily Ritual jeans from Amazon to have some lower priced options to recommend, and color me surprised when I liked them enough to add them to my closet! They’ve been in my regular rotation ever since.

These jeans are the best bargain to come along this season. They’re very soft and comfortable, they hold their shape well throughout the day, and the straight crop style is right on trend. I measured mine (although Amazon brands are not known for their consistency) and they have a 9″ rise and a 26.5″ inseam. They run true to size (I have the 6), and this is the Bleach Wash.

#7. AGOLDE Toni Fray Hem Straight Leg Jeans

at Nordstrom // at Shopbop // at

I discovered the AGOLDE Toni last spring, when I purchased this blue denim pair. I wore them a bit, but not as much as I thought I would. I’ve been reaching for them more this spring, and then I picked up this black pair with the raw chewed hem, and I absolutely LOVE these.

They’re soft and comfortable, and they have that on-trend straight crop styling without being too wide and baggy. They’re included in the Shopbop sale too! If you don’t like the chewed hem, the Montage wash is the same wash with the traditional hem. These jeans run true to size, or you may be able to size down if in between; I have the 28.

#8. KUT from the Kloth Amy Crop Straight

at Zappo’s

KUT from the Kloth does a good job with denim under $100, and I just added the Amy crop straight to my closet. I feel like these are a good substitute for the Mother Insider crop step chew hem jeans (#1 above) — they have the same vibe at a much more wallet-friendly price. In fact, these are currently on sale at Zappo’s!

I recommend sizing down in most KUT from the Kloth jeans, and I have these in the size 4. They were a bit snug at first, but they do stretch out some, which is typical for this brand.

#9. Mother The Insider Crop Jeans in Not Guilty

at Shopbop

I didn’t include these in the graphic, but I wanted to throw them in here as an honorable mention — especially since they’re part of the Shopbop sale! These were my first ever pair of Mother Insiders, and they’re so flattering. I’ve struggled a bit to style the crop flare style, but I’ve worked it out, and I’m excited to start wearing them more. Here’s now I’ve styled them for spring and for winter.

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29 thoughts on “My Spring 2021 Denim Favorites

  1. So glad you included the jeans from Amazon which are a great price point which I prefer since this is a trend item.

  2. Love your denim posts! I am so happy with my AG, JCrew, and a very old pair of GAP jeans that I haven’t needed to check out some of the “newer” brands out there (AGOLDE, MOTHER, Good American, etc). Changed over my closet this weekend and discovered an awesome pair of Levi’s 724 High Rise Straight Crop I had packed away because they were too snug. Now they fit perfect and have a perfect distressed knee and chewed hems. So happy!!

    1. The title of the post is Spring 2021 “Denim” Favorites. Denim is going to be jeans. There will probably be posts on shorts, pants in general, joggers, etc… later.

  3. I am trying to embrace the new jean styles. At first, I would look at the larger legs and think to myself that they’re unflattering, but I realize that some of my issues are based on the idea that I want to look skinny. Which I never have been and never will be. lol. While I doubt my skinny jeans will disappear from my closet forever, I am enjoying adding some different silhouettes. I have found, however, that I don’t like the supper high-rise styles. Maybe because I’m short-waisted? They are uncomfortable when sitting and when I try to size up, they don’t fit well.

    1. I can’t wear super high rise either due to short waist also–10″ (or less) seems to be my sweet spot. Otherwise I’m just boobs hanging over my pants. Not the look I’m going for! LOL

  4. The Lou and Gray Stars sweater. I love it. So after seeing it in a lot of posts I ordered it and I’m so glad I did. Here’s one reason why: I actually own a pair of semi-dress pants* in every color of the stars. It was totally by accident.
    * these pants are either a colored denim (Wit & Wisdom) or ponte from Ann Taylor or Chico’s. My only caveat is REMOVE Jewelry when putting the sweater on or taking it off — I snagged mine on the clasp of a gold necklace my daughter bought me for Christmas. It’s such a tiny ring clasp that I get lazy taking it off and the little protrusion on the spring part was very naughty!

  5. So happy to see non-skinny jean outfits!! I have never been fully #teamskinny so it is great to see you showing updated denim. BTW, on Mac/Safari, it seems one cannot post to comments. I moved to Google Chrome to post this. Thanks Jo-Lynne.

  6. Have slowly been finding my way too with the new jean styles. 🙂 Thanks for your work on this! I know for me, a more casual sporty shoe, nothing dressy, suits my style much better.

  7. Mother and Paige are my hands-down favorite denim brands. I’ve also had really good luck with JCrew denim the past two years and just ordered a new pair with a button front (a style I’ve been wanting to try). I like your yellow denim jacket in one of the pics above – so cute!

  8. Great post! All the jean outfits look stylish and current. What I love most is the variety. Seems almost anything goes in denim. This is good to know because not all styles are flattering on everyone. We can wear what works on our shape and still look current.

  9. You featured a pair of Levi’s a few weeks back that are distressed and have a chewed hem (Amazon) that are the same 724s, right?! What happened to those? Because they still have them in a few different washes on Amazon!

  10. What a great post! There are so many factors that go into a pair of jeans fitting just right, and you provide so many helpful details to help us determine if your favorites will work for us as well. Thanks so much!

  11. I’m a big fan of jeans so I love this post. Don’t tell my husband, ha, but I have two Mother Insider Crop jeans, one in Hey Sun wash and one in white. Never thought I’d like them so much, but they are both divine, a little high waisted (I’m short-waisted) but not a big deal. Regarding size, I’m in my usual 27 and I’m glad I didn’t size down. They don’t bag out at all. Since I’m 5’3″, they show ankle, which is perfect this time of year. I also have the AGOLDE Toni in black with the chewed hem, and love them. Warning though, don’t put them in the dryer or they’ll shrink. I did that totally by accident and now they’re a size smaller, so had to buy a new pair, that’s how much I love them. I just bought the Amazon jeans in the Bleach Wash and can’t wait to get them! I love the light wash, I don’t have any jeans like it. They feel guilt free because they’re so inexpensive!

  12. Love this post! I’m slowly trying to figure out what jeans styles work for me. It is a slow process! Ha Ha It is great to see so many different styles and how they work with tops and shoes. Thanks for doing the preliminary work for us! I also did just order that cute Free People tee in Wild Thing. Thanks for the inspiration Nordstrom Look outfit in your email!

  13. Hi Jo-Lynne, just wanted you to know that I purchased the Lou & Grey Star Sweater thru your blog when there was a great sale at Loft this past Thursday. Thank you. Luv your blog!!

  14. Hi Joanne, just wondering where the floral print top you are wearing in #3 is from and if you have tried any of the new wide leg jeans? thanks very much,Suzanne

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