Q&A + What To Buy at Nordstrom Double Points Event

Hello and happy Friday! After so many of you gave me great post topic ideas last weekend, I still found myself at a loss for what to post today. I wrote a bunch of them down, but I didn’t have the photography I wanted to develop any of them for today, so I decided to do a Q&A post.

Also, Nordstrom Double Points is ON!

Now through Sunday, May 12, Nordstrom credit cardmembers will earn 6 points per dollar, debit cardmembers will earn 4 points, and Nordy Club members will earn 2 points on purchases made in stores or online at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook.

I just updated my Nordstrom Favorites in The Shop in case you need some shopping inspiration, and I’ve included them at the end of the post as well.

Okay, so now on to the Q&A!

These are a combination of popular questions I get asked a lot, plus a bunch I received yesterday after putting out a call for questions to my Instagram community.

May Q&A

Q // Recommendations for good jean skirts?

A // I actually just tried this one from LOFT and it’s really cute on, but size up if in between. Bonus: it’s 40% off today!

I also like this one at J.Crew for more of a casual/distressed wash (it’s 25% off.) Target has a few; I like the looks of this light wash one from their Universal Thread brand. Talbots has a few as well.

Q // I want to try the jumpsuit trend. Can you pull it off if you’re short waisted?

A // Yes, definitely! I’ve tried a few, and it is like anything else — it takes some trial and error to find what works for you, but I’ve found a couple that fit me pretty well. So far, this dotted flutter jumpsuit at LOFT is my favorite, and it’s 50% off!

Q // I love rompers/jumpsuits. I’m 5’4″, is there a secret to wearing them? I haven’t found one I like yet.

A // I don’t think there’s a secret — it just takes a lot of trial and error to find the right one for your body. Also, you may need to be open to tailoring. You can always have a jumpsuit hemmed if it’s too long, and if you fine a sleeveless one that is too long in the body, the straps could be taken up fairly easily.

Frankly, while I like the trend and can appreciate that they make a nice alternative to dresses, I really don’t find them very comfortable or easy to wear.

Q // Who is your favorite Game of Thrones character? 

A // True confessions: I’ve never watched it. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one, haha!

Q // Best racer back bra?

A // I hardly ever need one, but I do have this Natori Imagine Convertible Bra. It’s the only one I’ve tried, so I can’t really say it’s the best, but I like it!

Q // What are your go-to bras?

I have three of these Freya Idol Balconette Underwire bras (also at Amazon), and I usually alternate through those. I also have a couple of the Wacoal Embrace Lace Underwire Molded Cup bras (also at Amazon.) They used to be my go-to, but lately I’ve been wearing the Freya ones more. Both run pretty true to size.

And while we’re talking bras, I get this one a lot…

Q // Best strapless bra?

A // Hands down, the Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless. You can also get it at Amazon, Bloomies, Lord & Taylor, and Macy’s.

Q // How do you feel about the cropped flare jean trend?

I’ve tried, I really have, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a good look on me. There are some people who pull it off beautifully!

Q // Best self tanner?

A // I’ve written about it a lot, but I still use Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel (also at Nordstrom.) Every once in a while, I see another blogger recommend a different one, and I order it because I’m afraid I’m missing something that’s better, but I always come back to the Clarins. I don’t get super dark with it, but it’s enough color to “take the edge off” my winter white skin until I can get some real sun.

Yes, I do tan. I’m careful about it, and I don’t get nearly as dark as I used to, but I do like to have a natural glow.

YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: How To Apply Self Tanner:

How to Apply Self Tanner Like a Pro

Q // Do you do self tanner on your arms, legs, chest only? What about your back for swimsuit?

A // Usually arms, legs, chest only. I used to have my husband put some on my back if I needed it, but these days, I’m more of the mindset, if I can’t see it, then I don’t care. 😂

I generally don’t agree with this mindset — I mean, that’s why I post all those rear shots when trying on jeans and shorts! I think we should always be mindful of how we look from behind… but if my back isn’t as tan as the rest of me in a swimsuit, I’m kind of over it. That said, my back usually gets sun quickly when I do put my suit on, and evens everything out.

My upper thighs are also not as tan as the rest of me because I wear shorts so much, and that used to bug me, but I guess I’m getting old because I just don’t care anymore. Ha!

Q // When do you do housework?

A // I feel like I’m always doing housework, lol! It’s a never-ending task. I do have a regular cleaning person, and that helps a lot.

Q // Do you still go to blogger conferences?

A // I actually have a ticket to the Blissdom Conference in November! I used to go to one or two blogging conferences a year, but it’s been a while since I’ve been to one, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Q // What is your favorite season for clothes?

A // Fall, for sure! There are so many more options for layering, and I love sweaters and boots.

Q // Your posts suddenly began showing up in my junk mail instead of my inbox. How can I fix this?

A // Ugh! I hate hearing that. Yes, you can do a few things. First, be sure to add my email address — [email protected] — to your address book or your contacts so your email provider recognizes that it’s a legitimate address.

Also, make sure to move all of my emails from your junk folder to your inbox — that also signals to your email provider that it’s an email you want to receive. If there is an option to click “not spam,” do that as well.

Finally, if you have gmail, you can set up a filter to send all my emails to your inbox — or where ever you want it to go. I hope that helps!

Q // What eye makeup remover do you use?

A // I love the Almay Longwear and Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Pads — you can get them at Ulta, Amazon, or pick one up at your local drugstore. Make sure to get the blue one for waterproof eye makeup. Even if you don’t wear waterproof makeup, it works a lot better than the oil free one.

Q // Do you ever use dry shampoo? Brand? Tips? Suggestions?

A // Not often, but when I do, I use Living Proof. (Sephora Insiders can get 10-15% off right now, depending on your level!) I don’t have any great tips except to hold it a few inches away from your scalp (it’s easy to get too close.)

What To Buy at Nordstrom Double Points Event

This is the best time to stock up on essentials that never go on sale! Think bras, underwear, designer bags and shoes, makeup, skincare…

Also this popular drawstring maxi dress has been restocked!!!

Shop my favorites here:

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37 Responses

  1. Good FriYay morning! I keep meaning to ask but haven’t gotten to it so — if you find time could you address “tucking” with the new high waisted jeans? I am having a difficult time trying to figure it out. It seems I am cutting myself into quarters rather than thirds. Not a good look for me. Thank you and enjoy your weekend.

    1. Hey Cindy, I think it’s really hard to do if you’re short-waisted, and at least half of us are. You may indeed be cutting yourself into quarters. You may need to also play with the length of the jeans – if they’re shorter, it will help compensate.

  2. I’m glad that you will get the results of the MRI on Monday!  At least you don’t have to wait several weeks for that.  I too HATE needles, and cannot watch myself or anyone else get poked.  With the extra points deal going on at Nordstrom, I need to start buying Christmas gifts.  Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Yes, I’m really glad I can see the doc on Monday. I hope he has the results by then. I have my disc, but he’s an ENT so I assume he needs the radiologist report to know for sure if anything is amiss.

      1. I took the CD and a hard copy of the report from the first CT Scan I had done to my ENT.  While he still had to do a culture of my sinuses, the CD still provided him with helpful information.  I am thinking positive for you, in that the CD will tell your ENT all he needs to know!

  3. These Q&A posts are fun. I’m with you on the crop flair jeans, Jo-Lynne. I’ve tried multiple pairs and I can’t pull it off. I’m definitely a skinnies girls, though I bought a pair of Kut from the Kloth Natalie bootcut jeans (which seem like flairs to me) and I get compliments every time I wear them. Question: Have you washed your Boden t-shirt? I washed and then hung mine to dry and it seems bigger than when I bought it. (It’s also very wrinkly– not a big deal as I love ironed t-shirts anyway.) You know how cotton “grows’ sometimes. I have the blue one hanging in my closet, I just haven’t taken the tags off yet. Happy Friday!

    1. Yes, the Kut Natalie is a good one! I tried those during the #NSale.

      I have not washed my Boden shirt, so now I’m scared to. I also got the blue one, and I love it. Wore it yesterday. 🙂

  4. If you’re still in the market for q’s or post
    suggestions…you tried on a pair of jeans recently that were called “mom jeans” (that I thought looked nice on you).  But you seemed to think they were close to living up to their name…and I’ve been thinking about it ever since (yes I need a life).


    Aside from the SNL mom jeans parody …what makes a mom jean a mom jean?

    I suffer from dumpy butt to start (TMI) so I definitely need higher rise/waist styles.
    Vigoss used to make the perfect high waist skinny jean for me, then they discontinued it. Story of my jeans life.

     Are straight leg styles mom jeans?  

    Of course, you don’t need to build a whole post around my specific needs, haha.  (I did check out the frump jeans link from the shorts post, btw.) But if you’re ever short on material, the specific momjeans warning signs would be super helpful to this old mom!

    1. Haha, you crack me up. Usually “mom jeans” are super high rise, loose in the thighs, a little tapered through the calf, and they tend to give you a “long butt”. Of course, the trendy ones currently being marketed as mom jeans are not supposed to make you look dumpy, but I’m still not really sure anyone over the age of 25 and bigger than a size 2 can pull it off. 🙂

      Example: https://shopstyle.it/l/2TfS

  5. I have never watched Game of Thrones either. Haha! As always, thank you for all your tips and styling.

  6. Great post – I have a follow up question on the blogger conferences. Are some invite only? Are there lots you can pick and choose? What do you do at a blogger conference? 🙂

    Thanks again for keeping me fashionable at 50! 🙂

    1. rewardStyle is invite only, but I don’t know of any others that are. As far as what you do, there are sessions like any other professional conference, where you learn tools of the trade, best practices, all that. And then there are usually some fun parties in the evenings. Usually there is a room where brands set up stations and you can go around and meet with brand reps, they give out samples, like a trade show basically. There may be small break out sessions on niche topics, a big keynote address by someone famous, round table discussions… it varies. 🙂

  7. Fun post! I love that black maxi dress, but I ordered the striped one back when you first posted it and it was just cut too low and too long for this petite body.  Still looking for a casual maxi with sleeves.   I’m with you on the cropped flare jeans.  They look cute on other people, but I just don’t have the legs (or the height) to pull it off.  I’ll stick to my skinnies rolled up.  I have never seen Game of Thrones, either.  Happy Friday!  Enjoy your weekend!  And praying for good results on Monday.

      1. I just went to look and unfortunately it’s only an XXS and I would need the XS or S.  I’ll keep checking though – maybe they will restock again.  Thanks for the heads up!

  8. And, I thought I was the only one not watching Game of Thrones. At least, I’m in good company. 😉
    I’ve tried the flared cropped jeans and they don’t work on my body type either. I did buy two pairs of cropped skinny jeans that are really cute for spring. 
    Yay! It’s a Friday! 😀

  9. When I see the outfits you put together, I look forward to trying them myself!
    (P.S. I haven’t watched Game of Thrones either–so you are not alone! )

  10. I never had much luck with dry shampoo at first; my hair would feel stiff and dry.  Then my stylist told me a couple tips.  First,  you should be using your fingertips to rub it out of your scalp in the same motion that you’d do with regular shampoo.  Then brush your hair from scalp down to brush out any remainder.  You can also use a hair dryer set on cool to blow any excess out.  
    I’ve never tried living proof, but I have had the best luck with Dove.  I use one of the regular ones if I’m wearing my hair down, but they make a volumizing one that I use if I’m going to be wearing my hair in a messy bun.   
    Hope this is helpful!

      1. Forgot to mention this til I did it this morning,  but also the dry shampoo needs about five minutes to “sit”.  Any less and it doesn’t absorb the oil, and more and it is harder to shake out!

  11. I wondered, also, what I was missing by not watching GOT. So I tried it. No go. Suffered through 4 or 5 episodes before I was just too disgusted and bored (an odd combination). I know so many people love it, but I don’t understand. I was surprised because I like some really trashy TV. But this, to me, was something different, and I didn’t want it in my head.

    1. LOL! I really don’t like trashy TV and I have no desire to see what it’s about. I’m more of a Gilmore Girls/Parenthood/This Is Us type of girl. 🙂

  12. Since you mentioned bras, the Banana Republic Navy/White striped midi dress you styled has low cut armholes (size S). I am curious what you think about wearing a lace bralette with it?

    1. Hm, I don’t recall that they were super low – but I think that is always a good option. Or maybe even having the straps taken up a bit? I’ve worn mine once, but with a jacket on the whole time. I’m going to take a closer look.

  13. Fun post and I always like when you give Nordstrom ideas during double points, etc. It’s very helpful.  

  14. I don’t watch GOT either, so you’re not alone. Lol. I’m loving that maxi dress…..seriously considering giving it a try! 

  15. Last year I bought a pair of “kick crop jeans” from Loft. They had a little flair at the bottom. I am petite and short waisted and wasn’t reading your blog yet. My husband told me they weren’t very flattering, but I liked them and wore them anyway. I wore them to an outdoor family birthday party where my husband took video. When I saw myself in that video, I was horrified!  I immediately got rid of them and I realized I needed fashion help. You have been such an inspiration and helped me up my fashion game. Many nights my husband comes home from work and tells me what a great outfit I have on, or that I look great!  You have been a big influence in my life and I wanted to let you know how much you have helped me!  And it hasn’t been that hard, but your formulas and tips were right on target 

  16. I’m so happy to see the comments by others who don’t watch GOT. I’ve never watched it, just don’t see the point. Group hug ladies. 🤗
    I vote NO to flared crops. We used to give our pants away when they got that short. That said, we used to throw away our ripped jeans and now we pay big money for them. Crazy. 
    Love this Q&A. Great info, as always. 

  17. Jo-Lynne,

    Thank you so much for your recommendations on jean skirts. I always enjoy reading your blog, I love your style. Have a great weekend.

  18. Good grief! How’d I miss the Nordstrom double points thing? Good thing I read this, I need to get to ordering. LOL. I’m guessing my travel caused me to miss it. I’ve really been wanting to attend a conference and of course I adore Nashville, so that Blissdom one has me truly intrigued. Hmmm…I’m really going to have to think that over.

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