Quick & Easy Summer Makeup Tip: Eyeshadow Pencil

I’ve discovered a new makeup trick for making my mourning routine even faster — eyeshadow pencil!


I have always been a bit scared of cream eye shadows, I don’t know why, but powder works just fine and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is my motto.

But I recently received this Champagne Eyeshadow Pencil by Sumita Beauty in my Glossybox, and one day I decided to give it a test drive.

You can easily control how dark it is by how much you apply, and it blends in easily with a fingertip.

All of the summer makeup tutorials I’ve seen lately in the magazines say for the perfect casual summer look, apply a neutral shadow just on the lid and not past the crease, then finish off with a bit of eye liner and mascara. That’s what I’ve been doing with this eye shadow pencil, and I love it. Totally easy, quick and it looks natural but polished.


I love how the champagne color brightens the eye area and makes you look more awake. It’s like a natural eye lift!

Oh and hey! Another video! I’m on a roll this week. See how easy eye shadow pencil is to apply:

Have you tried an eye shadow pencil before? Dish!!

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  1. I have been using the Clinique Chubby sticks for eyes this summer. Same technique—I was amazed at how well they lasted the day.
    Side question—where did you get the earrings you are wearing in your video? They are so cute!

  2. LOVE your site!!! And love the pencil shadow idea, it really lasts ALL day! Oh, btw, what shade lipstick are you wearing in the close up picture? Love the peachy, pink color! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks Jo-Lynne!

  3. Hi Jo-lyne, Can you please tell me the name of the Essie pink nail polish you are wearing in this video?
    Thank you!

  4. I have been using Mally Beauty shadow sticks and love them. You can get them at Ulta. My faves are Saddle Shimmer, plum and dusk. I use them as a top and bottom liner for day and go heavier for nighttime looks. Can blend with your finger right when you apply and after a minute or so it will set and stay put for the rest of the day.

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