Spring Up Your Beauty Routine

Now that spring is here and the weather is starting to warm up, it’s time to think about updating your beauty routine! Today I’m sharing how I’m freshening up my makeup for spring and summer and the latest products from Nordstrom that I’ve added to my bag o’ tricks.

I like to reassess my makeup and skincare at the change of seasons and make sure what I’m using is still working for me and see if there are any new products or colors I should try.

I always notice it first with my foundation. I recently started observing in pictures that my face looks a lot whiter than my neck and arms, and I realized it’s time to get a darker foundation and setting powder for spring and summer. I also wanted to get some new eye shadows and maybe a new lip color, so I set out to the mall on Saturday to see what I could find.

Nordstrom is always my first stop for new makeup because of their top notch customer service, well-trained beauty stylists, and of course their no hassle return policy. Never is that more important than when trying out new makeup.

They also have a wide range of top makeup and skincare brands, so I’m guaranteed to find something that will work for me, whatever it is I’m looking for.

I’d been hearing some buzz about the Charlotte Tilbury setting powder and Magic Away concealer, and I’m already a fan of her lipsticks and lip liner, so I started out there.

The beauty stylist working the counter obviously knew the line well and immediately matched me with the powder in 2 medium and the concealer in the color 4. She tried 3 and then 4, and then shook her head and said, “I should have known… everyone always ends up being a 4.” So 4 it is!

When I got home, I realized there are like 16 shades of that concealer, so I have no idea how everyone ends up being a 4, but if you’re wanting to try it, that sounds like a safe color to try.

I love the applicator on this concealer. It’s got a sponge tip that you apply directly to the areas where you need extra coverage.

For me, this is my under-eye area and the top of my nose where I have a scar from an accident a few years back. Foundation never seems to cover that scar, so I have to put concealer on top and then set with powder, or the redness shows through.

Then all you do is tap with your ring finger to blend it in, and it really does have a way of disappearing into the skin, blending into my foundation, and covering those darker areas under my eye and the redness on the top of my nose. The best thing about it is, it lasts all day, and my skin doesn’t get scaly or creased.

I’m also loving the Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder. It’s translucent yet still provides extra coverage on top of my foundation.

How they manage that, I’m not sure. As I said, it only comes in 3 colors, so it really does take on the color of the foundation you’re wearing, and it gives my skin a smooth finish that truly does look almost airbrushed.

As for my new foundation, I haven’t made a final decision on that just yet. The beauty stylist I was working with didn’t care for the way the Charlotte Tilbury foundation colors were working for me, so she took me over to the Chanel counter. I have a lot of pink and red undertones in my skin, and most foundations are too warm for me.

This is one example of why I like to shop for makeup at Nordstrom — she tried two colors in two different formulations and sent them both home with me to test out for a few days.

It really is hard to decide on a foundation color in a department store, without natural light, and sometimes I like a shade that’s a little deeper than what the beauty stylist thinks I should wear, so it’s really nice to get to take a couple of options home and test them out for a few days in all different lighting situations, and also with the rest of my makeup.

I’m still trying to decide which one I like better, but I can say that the Chanel foundations are absolutely gorgeous and go on my skin so beautifully. It’s a big difference from the Estée Lauder Double Wear that I was wearing before, which had a matte finish that was too dry for my skin and made it look older and more dry than it is.

I know that some of you love that one, and it was a great color match for my winter skin, but I’m definitely looking for something more moisturizing this go-round. It just goes to show, everyone’s skin is different and different products work differently for each person, so you really do have to try a few to find the right one.

If you like a full coverage foundation, MAC Studio Sculpt has always worked well for me. The Chanel is a bit lighter, but the coverage is still really good, and it does last all day.

I also took this opportunity to refresh my favorite lip liner and lipstick — both in Pillow Talk. The lip liner is so smooth and goes on easily. It’s also designed to reshape, resize, and balance your lips without feathering or bleeding into your skin. I have thin lips, so I always draw just a bit over the edge of my natural lip line — especially on the top lip.

Then I fill in with the Matte Revolution Lipstick, also in Pillow Talk. I’ve been using these two products for months, and it’s a great everyday neutral combo. Her lipsticks also go on super smooth and are long lasting without drying out your lips.

I typically apply a gloss on top — MAC Lipglass in Cultured is my long-standing favorite. In fact, you can see in the picture of all my makeup that it is time for me to get a new one! It just adds a nice glossy finish that isn’t sticky, and I feel like it helps my lips look fuller too.

My next stop was the Trish McEvoy counter for some new makeup brushes — which are how she got started and kind of her claim to fame, but I ended up with new eye shadow and blush. Her eye colors are all mix and match, so you purchase the compact and then fill it with your colors.

I chose this Double Decker refillable compact because it is such an efficient use of space! After using huge eye shadow palettes with a gazillion colors and a separate blush compact, this single compact holds all I need for both, and it’s so small and compact. I just love it.

For my eye shadow, we put together three pretty shades — blackberry granite, rose quartz, and white peach.

I also purchased her #6 Deep Eye Contour Brush because I’ve been wanting a brush that is more precise for applying eye shadow to the corners and crease. The beauty stylist at the counter showed me how to place the color with this brush and then use a bigger brush (one I already have at home) for blending.

Finally, I filled the other side of the compact with two powder blush refills — coral and sunbeam. You can use the coral for the main blush and the sunbeam as the highlighter, but she just mixed the two and applied, so that’s what I’ve been doing.

As for the rest of my makeup, I’m still using Lancôme’s Monsieur Big Mascara and Le Stylo waterproof eyeliner in black as well as Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Brow Pencil in dark brown.

And here’s the final result! It’s fresh and springy and as close to “peaches and cream” as this 46-year-old brunette is going to get.

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photos: Alison Cornell