Stripes + Skate Sneakers

Greetings, friends! I hope this week is treating you well. Today’s outfit is one that I often throw on when I’m looking to be casual and comfortable but I want to be prepared for whatever might come up.

I was immediately drawn to this chunky striped sweater when I saw it on Nordstrom’s website, but I knew it was meant to be mine when I saw the name of it — Coast of Maine Stripe Sweater.

For those who follow along, I was born in Maine and most of my mother’s family still lives up there. We visit every summer and sometimes at Christmastime. I felt drawn to this sweater for that very reason — and also, stripes!

I usually wear this sweater with black jeans and my black leather skate sneakers, but sometimes I throw it on with distressed blue jeans and Converse. It’s just got a great casual, cool vibe, and it’s very comfortable and easy to throw on and go.

For size reference, I have the medium. It’s juniors sizing so I sized up, although I could probably wear the small. Also, it’s made of a cotton/acrylic blend so it’s great for anyone who can’t wear wool. It’s no longer available at Nordstrom, but I found it at Amazon and Zappos.

I’m so glad I sprung for these sneakers because I’ve worn them a ton although they were an impulse buy at the time. I wasn’t really looking for a pair of leather sneakers, but they’ve turned out to be my go-to fashion sneakers this fall. I like that they’re a little heavier than my Converse — they seem more suited to this time of year. Amazing, there are still quite a few sizes left at Saks Off Fifth.

I know I’ll get questions about wearing open back shoes in the winter and the sock issue. I don’t wear socks with these, and I wear them on milder winter days. Around here the temperatures fluctuate quite a bit. Everyone has a different threshold for cold and what they can tolerate, so it really comes down to preference and if you’re comfortable or not.

This Half United Haitian Coin Pendant is my favorite necklace for casual wear. I like the thicker chain and the longer length, and proceeds help support organizations that provide meals for children in need in the USA, Cambodia, Fiji and Haiti. It sold out at Nordstrom, but it’s available on the Half United website.

These are my Frame black skinnies, although I usually wear my Hudsons with this sweater because they have a slightly more faded black wash that gives them a more casual vibe, plus the Hudsons are more comfortable. If you’re looking to invest in a good pair of black skinnies, I’d go with Hudson. Also, they’re on sale!

This is just an easy casual outfit that is great for weekend wear or for those who are at home during the day and want to be comfortable but put-together.

Rip Curl Coast of Maine Stripe Sweater at Amazon or Zappos // Frame Le Color Skinny Jeans (I actually recommend the Hudson Nico; similar for less at Old Navy) // Vince Verrell Backless Skate Sneakers // Half United Haitian coin pendant // faux pearl earrings // R Minkoff Mini Perry Satchel

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Don’t forget about my Facebook Live at 11AM EST today! We can talk about holiday fashion or anything else you want to talk about. Have your questions ready! And be sure to visit Cyndi and see the winter outfit she’s styling today.

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21 thoughts on “Stripes + Skate Sneakers

  1. Cute look! Your comments about the open back shoes in cold weather brings me to another question… what are your thoughts about perforated booties in the winter? I picked up the BP black perforated booties during the Nordstrom sale and they are my only pair of black booties. Wondering if I can pull them off in the winter with maybe black no-show socks underneath?? Or with tights and a skirt?? Help!

    1. Kim, I think you can wear them with no-show socks if you want. Definitely with tights and a skirt. As long as you’re comfortable (warm enough) I think they look fine in the winter.

  2. Great outfit and right up my alley.  When the laundry instructions say to reshape and dry flat, do you always do that?  I have a three tiered drying rack that I use for my lingerie and things that have to dry flat.  However, the sweaters don’t fit on it real well.  If it’s not sunny and warm enough to put the rack on the porch, I set it up in front of a safe portable heater to help the items dry faster.  I am curious what you lay your sweaters on to dry.

    1. Hey Ginger, I also have that kind of drying rack you’re speaking of. Sometimes I lay sweaters on it, but I agree, it’s not ideal. Honestly, I usually lay them on the back of the couch! 🙂 It’s a nice, smooth surface for them, and I can spread them out and use my hands to pat out any potential wrinkles.

  3. Nice casual outfit but that looks very put together and ready to go somewhere on a minute’s notice.

    I’m going to try and make the FB Live session but if not here is a question: I’m seeing some really cute red plaid tops, but do you think those are only for around the holidays or anytime?

  4. Super cute and love the go to comfy look again. I too continue to wear my converse and sneaker shoes as I’m sure soon enough those boots will have to come out. 
    I too love Maine we just went over in October to Freeport, and Kittery before heading up too wretham. Beautiful scenery and serious shoppi????????.
    Have a great day

  5. I have a sweater that is very similar but it’s a cashmere blend. I like the chunky look of this one though. It gives it a somewhat more casual vibe. 
    Please update us on what was discussed on the Facebook Live session for those that can’t attend. 

  6. Nice casual outfit that looks very put together and ready to go somewhere on a minute’s notice, which most of the times is when the phone rings.

  7. My favorite kind of outfit!
    I love how you make casual dress look
    so put together!
    So proves people do not hv to wear yoga
    Pants and pjs on the airplanes!

  8. Hi Jo-Lynne! Loved your FB Live today! You do a great job and answered so many questions! I love the burgundy sweater you were wearing and checked the link-just wondering what size you have and anything else you could share about it! Thanks and have a blessed day!

    1. Hey Joanne, thank you! I always feel like it’s too much of my voice. I wish there could be some interaction!

      I have the sweater in a small, and it’s more fitted than the Halogen one at Nordstrom but a tighter weave and I think a bit better quality. The v-neck is more narrow and it has exposed seams, which is kind of fun.

      Hope that helps!

  9. Super cute outfit!  You’ve inspired me to buy some stripes, because they look great on you (okay, you’ve inspired me to buy a lot of stuff, lol).  Sorry I missed you live – sounds like fun.  I love that necklace too, and what a great gift idea.  Thinking I may get that for Ellie, and then (ahem) borrow it from her every now and again.

  10. So I always have worn the Steve Madden slip ons- I have had them in various incarnations- most recently the perforated ones and also the suede. During Nordstrom Anniversary sale, I saw the Vince ones on sale and decided to splurge. Let me just say the are not even close to being as comfortable as the Steve Madden’s. Maybe it’s me ( i have wide feet) but i can’t walk more than a couple of hours in them before I have to switch shoes which is very annoying because these are my everyday sneakers/shoes. So disappointed….:(

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