Stylish Social Distancing Outfits with Nordstrom

Greetings, friends, and happy Friday Eve! We’ve almost made it through another week in this strange new normal we are all living. Hey, at least we’re all living it together!

Thank goodness for the internet and social media to keep us all connected, amIright? And since most retailers are closed for a bit, online shopping is where it’s at.

I’ve asked on my various platforms what kind of content you all are looking for from me, and it seems almost unanimous that you want me to keep posting fashion, while being mindful of the situation unfolding around us.

Most of us are spending a lot more at home right now, so I’m teaming up with Nordstrom to create some stylish social distancing outfits on my Nordstrom Looks page that will keep you comfortable yet put-together at home.


You might have heard that Nordstrom is running a pretty stellar sale right now — 25% off storewide! Yes, that means almost all the items featured in this post are 25% off.

Whether you just need your top half to look put-together (conference calls, anyone?) or you want some new cozy duds to help you keep calm and carry on, I tried to come up with a little something for everybody.

Stylish Social Distancing Outfits

Pamper yourself by spending a day in these lightweight lounge pants and super soft hoodie.

These trendy glasses filter out harmful blue light from electronic devices and computer screens, and the rose quartz facial roller and radiance brightening facial oil will help keep your skin hydrated and radiant while you’re homebound.

Working from home, but got a conference call? No problem. Slip on this pretty spring blouse with comfy jeans and cozy slippers… no one has to know what’s on your feet.

Don’t forget earrings and lipstick, though!

At the end of the day, put on these comfy jammies, pour yourself a glass of wine, and snuggle up with your favorite person for a Netflix marathon. You earned it!

See all these and more on my Nordstrom Looks Page.

Be sure to sign up for The Nordy Club so you can start earning points toward Nordstrom Notes today. There are other great benefits too, such as beauty & style workshops and priority access to style events (like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.)

And don’t forget that Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns, as well as curbside pickup — even more important now that we are trying to stay out of public places.

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  1. Love your comparison to a hurricane! Having grown up in New Orleans, I’m well acquainted with the “hurry up and wait”. Of course, during hurricanes we can hang with friends & neighbors. My goal during this season is to find 1 thing to be grateful for each day & say it out loud several times a day. In spite of crisis, there are blessings everywhere!!

  2. Thanks for sharing some great items from Nordstrom!  I placed an order for a couple of items last night and remembered to use one of my Nordstrom Notes to bring the final cost down some more.  Yay!

      1. Cases are on the increase and Government action is ramping up. Its a wait and see situation. Stay safe everyone!

  3. This morning after taken a shower I was thinking about how to dress for the day since I have now become a homeschooling mom, Schools are closed.  Any way I just didn’t want to throw on any ole thing so decided to find some cute spring outfits in my closet and put one on and do my hair and a lighter then normal makeup. No since letting yourself image go while we are staying home. Thanks for this post

  4. Thank you for these looks, and thank you for having a platform where we can share who we’re all doing. I love the community here. I’m genuinely curious as to who these people are that feel like this hasn’t touched them? Is this in some parts of the country that don’t have a lot of cases? I’m really interested because our corner of the world is completely upside down. We are all at home, everything is closed except for grocery stores, and the kids are homeschooling. I had been thinking that this was every where, but is that not the case? Sometimes I watch the news and feel overwhelmed, so I would love to hear from people that are not as affected. Take care everyone!

    1. Some states aren’t imposing the same restrictions the rest of us have, and I see people on vacation and all sorts of things. Sort of jealous. Wish I could stick my head in the sand too… I had to explain what “flattening the curve” means to someone yesterday. Some people really don’t understand the situation our hospitals are going to be in if we don’t slow this thing down. I guess they’re not on Facebook. 😂

  5. Thanks for keeping up the fashion. It’s my go to when I need a break. I’m in Seattle & Washington State is shut down Restaurants bars gyms salons nail salons. Etc. Grocery pharmacy banks are open. Take out delivery drive thru only including coffee shops only at restaurants. Libraries are closed to. Schools closed until April 24. My husband & I both work at home now. That’s interesting. The Univ of WA just announced online classes for spring quarter so we’ll be moving my son home from dorm this weekend. Go out & support your local businesses. This is a huge impact to our consumerism economy. Support Jo Lynn too!!

  6. When are we going to have a Facebook Live, Jo-Lynne? I too am enjoying the community spirit here.

    I like hearing from other readers about what’s going on in their lives as far as social-distancing. I’ve been reading every comment.

    I’m in central Delaware. Schools closed Friday, the University of DE closed the same day as there were positive cases there last week. Non-essential stores are closing down. Businesses that provide services are slowly closing. My nail salon called last night– closed until further notice, Restaurants are only open for take-out and then limited hours. Many are taking phone orders and walking food out to cars for those who aren’t comfortable going in. They are taking credit card payment over the phone so cash isn’t passed back and forth. I can still walk into my local Starbucks to pick up an order, but the chairs are all put up– I told my favorite barista the other day that it looked like the zombie apocalypse. She laughed and laughed– said she needed a good chuckle. Our grocery stores are all open. There are some shortages and a few people stockpiling inappropriately, but for the most part the few people I’ve come in contact with (from a distance) are practicing kind behavior which does my heart good. Everyone seems to have a smile for a stranger. Folks are pretty friendly in Delaware but have been even friendlier.

    Personally, I have been to the grocery store this week and I served Meals on Wheels Tuesday because we deliver to 2 low-income, seniors apartments and we were concerned they wouldn’t eat if we didn’t deliver. We took all kinds of precautions– temps taken at the facility before we could pick up meals, bags for the food so we could leave it in doorways or pass without touching our clients. I have 2 sons with families living nearby. One son decided we would continue to see each other and I have had grandchildren stay the night this week. I see them almost everyday so I was relieved, though I certainly would have understood if they wanted to keep their distance. The other son, who is an RN and is also caring for older inlaws decided to keep his distance. I’ve been facetiming with those grandchildren. And I always work from home, so my work hasn’t been affected.

    1. Oh, I keep meaning to do one! It’s such a zoo here with everyone around. I should just hop on and see who joins, rather than trying to plan it. I’m not always in a chatty mood when it’s time to go on, so I would probably be better off just going with it when I’m in the mood.

  7. Hi JoLynn, I love your fashions for staying home. Here in Colorado on the first day of Spring we are having a snowstorm and expecting 9-12 inches in our area south of Denver. We are truly shut in!! My husband and I worked out on our treadmills, but we much prefer walking outside…yesterday was near 70 sunny degrees. It is quite bad here, all the schools, libraries, hair and nail salons, restaurants and bars, gyms, and ski areas are closed. We found the last cans of kidney beans on the store shelves, so I can make chile and cornbread for dinner. I ordered some items from Nordstrom yesterday including makeup that never goes on sale. Keep up your blog! It’s a bright spot in my day! 

  8. Jo-Lynne, I remember a few days ago you posted a site for items to have at home during these uncertain times. I can not locate it and I was wanting to share it with my daughters. Thank you for your daily posts, we all need a diversion right now and you are helping us. God Bless you and your family! 

  9. Hi! I am in Canada. My province is shut down except for essential services (banks, grocery stores, pharmacies). All churches, schools, libraries, gyms, daycares, restaurants (except for takeout), bars, etc are closed. The Canadian-American border is closing soon to anyone but commercial vehicles. I have been stocking up on food and other items for the past several weeks because I had a feeling we would be social distancing or self-isolating. I haven’t been to a grocery store since last week so I don’t know if shelves have been restocked. I heard on the news last night that this new living situation may go on (and off) for 18 months. Kinda scary. Thanks, Jo-Lynne, for bringing in some normalcy and a bright light to our inboxes each day.

    1. P.S. I feel sorry for people who have lost loved ones and cannot hold visitations or funerals. A dear man in our area has lost his wife and we feel bad that we cannot extend our sympathy to him in person.

  10. Social distancing in Ireland
    Loved this post – brighten my day ! Perfectly judged is these challenging times – good on you!

  11. I used your link and finally ordered the Anna Beck pendant! I have a pair of AB earrings that I’ve had a couple years and love, and I have wanted more of her jewelry, so with 25% off I went for it! 👏🏻😊 
    Thanks for your very wearable fashion picks today! I’m getting ready to do a conference call with my teammates and I’m putting in a cute sweater to wear with my tie-waist lounge pants (just like the ones you featured above but I’d already ordered them last Saturday in anticipation of working from home .) I might order the cute reading glasses you linked as well as cute, new slippers. THANK YOU for the fashion diversion, while at the same time keeping it real. We are definitely witnessing history right now. 

  12. Ha!  I literally wore a version of the first outfit today!
    I recently found your post about sneakers (from Jan 2019) and found it SO helpful.  I had not heard of the Taos brand before and if you are interested I’d love your thoughts on how to wear the sneakers in different colors?

  13. Love these! I work in healthcare, but I wish I worked from home or was at least quarantined! haha That’s probably not politically correct to joke about, but we need to laugh at times like these, right?
    I love everything in this post. Thank you for the dose of normalcy you bring every day. I appreciate you!

  14. Just want to let you know that was a great post and thank you for all you do to help make this trying time easier. I know I need to still see your post each morning. You are right…. at least we are all in this together. Love your recommendations today. Blessings. 

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