December 10, 2017

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer / Teacher Gift Idea

I've had a lot of requests for gift ideas for last minute stocking stuffers, teachers, service workers, and Secret Santa or Pollyanna style gift exchanges, and I've found the perfect thing -- Burt’s Bees Essential Kit Holiday Gift Sets.
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November 28, 2017

Holiday Gift Ideas Under $100 & Earn Dot Dollars Until 12/12/17

As you may or may not know, in addition to this blogging gig, I'm a Stella & Dot stylist, and right now we're having one of our famous Dot Dollars events! This is the perfect time to knock out some more of your holiday shopping, if you haven't finished already.
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November 25, 2017

Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

The guys... oh, what to get the guys... It's always a conundrum. I realize that all of our guys have different interests and hobbies, but hopefully you'll find something for your husband/dad/son/grandpa/nephew on this list.
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November 21, 2017

Holiday Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Greetings, friends! I'm back with another holiday gift guide, and today we're talking about what to get our aging parents and grandparents. Most people of retirement age pretty much have anything they need, and many are even downsizing, which makes them particularly tricky to shop for. I admit, I always struggle with what to get my parents and in-laws for the holidays. So I've gathered some ideas from the comments on a recent blog post, and I'll share what we do, and then I admit to inquiring on Facebook and pilfering some of the gift guides my blogger friends have put together. Hey, it takes a village!
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November 20, 2017

Holiday Gift Ideas for Teens

Okay, guys! By popular request, I've compiled my very first holiday gift guide of the season, and it's for teens and tweens! My kids are ages 12-18 so this is heavier on the teen gift ideas but I included some that are also appropriate for the tween set. Admittedly, one of the hardest demographics to shop for, I hope this makes your holiday shopping a little easier.
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