Holiday Gift Ideas for Teens

Okay, guys! By popular request, I’ve compiled my very first holiday gift guide of the season, and it’s for teens and tweens! My kids are ages 12-18 so this is heavier on the teen gift ideas but I included some that are also appropriate for the tween set.

Admittedly, one of the hardest demographics to shop for, I hope this makes your holiday shopping a little easier.

Gift Ideas for Teens

Shower Speaker $15 // Maybe it won’t be so hard to get them to take a shower if they can listen to their favorite tunes. These come in a bunch of fun colors.

Portable Power Charger $20 // Allows them to keep their cell phones charged on the go.

Exploding Kittens $20 // This silly card game is easy to play but loads of fun. It’s a good one for teens and adults to play together.

Scratch Off USA Map $29 // If you’re a traveling family, this wall map allows them to scratch off where they’ve been and reveal their path in vibrant, bold colors.

Kindle Fire with Alexa $50 // We’re a huge fan of the Kindle in our house. This next generation of the best-selling Fire tablet ever is now thinner and lighter with a longer battery life and improved display, and NOW it comes with Alexa for quick access to the information and entertainment they want.

Ladder Ball Toss Game Set $50 // Great for outdoor gatherings, enjoyed by guys and girls alike.

Playstation Gift Card // For kids with a Playstation console, these gift cards allow them to download the latest games and add-ons.

Wireless Earbuds $27–$160 // So they can listen to their music anywhere, and you don’t have to!

Ukelele $21–$60 // One of the best fads to hit our youth, in my opinion. You can’t argue with a kid wanting to learn an instrument!

White Board & Markers/Eraser // My daughter loves having a white board hanging on the wall in her room. She draws on it constantly, makes notes, etc.

Crosley Cruiser Turntable $70 // Can you believe that vinyl is coming back? What goes around comes around, I guess! #punintended

Basketball / Football / Soccer Ball // Whatever sport they’re into, they usually need a new ball around this time of year because they tend to get lost or worn down.

Meccano-Erector M.A.X Robotic Interactive Toy with Artificial Intelligence $112 // For the kid who is into robotics. Recommended for kids aged 10+.

Copic Markers or Tombow Art Markers $9–$209 // For the artsy kids in your house, both of these brands come highly recommended from other moms.

Nintendo Switch $300 // This seems to be the hottest video game console going this year. Other popular ones are PS4 Slim and XBox One X.

Owl Crate // A monthly subscription box for kids who love to read.

Wall Posters // Wall art for their room is always a fun gift. Depending on their interests, you can find their favorite sports players, musicians, etc.

iTunes gift cards or Google Play gift cards // So they can download their favorite apps, movies, and music…

Also consider gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Fandango, or their favorite fast food or clothing stores. We also like to give gas station gift cards to teens who drive.

Concert Tix // I’m all for buying experiences as gifts, and if they can handle a little delayed gratification, concert tickets are a great idea. Also sports events, theater products, etc.

Money // A lot of kids would really just rather have money, although in my house, my kids still like to have a few presents to open. We sometimes do a mix.

Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Fuzzy Socks $4+ // These make great stocking stuffers and Pollyanna gifts. Everyone loves fuzzy socks!

PopSockets ($9.99) // These are great for enhancing the grip and capabilities of their phone. Kids love them.

Washi Tape Crafts $11 // For the craft-obsessed girl in your life.

Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light $14 // This little light will help her up her selfie game… trust me, she’ll love it!

Knit Pompom Beanie / Option $14–$19 // She’ll be warm and fashionable this winter in her pompom beanie.

Cozy Snood $25 // This goes perfectly with her new beanie! Girls are loving these snoods as an alternative to the scarf this year.

Beauty Blender $20 // If she’s into makeup and Youtube video tutorials, she will know all about this handy little makeup application tool from YouTube.

Onesies $16–$39 // My girls love these onesies for sleeping as well as wearing around the house when they’re home all day.

Eye Shadow Palette $54 // Teen girls are obsessed with eye shadow palettes. Some are way more pricey than this, and you can definitely find some for less, but I recommend this one unless she has a specific brand request.

Just Dance 2018 $37 // For her basement dance parties!

High Top Converse $60–$90// Speaking of what goes around comes around… girls are loving the high top Converse these days.

Beauty Subscription Boxes – some of the popular ones include BoxyCharm, Birchbox, and Ipsy.

sweater or jewelry from American Eagle Outfitters is always a safe gift for the teen girls in my house.

Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

Sorry that this list is so much shorter than the girls’ list. Boys are not my forte when it comes to gift ideas! My son is pretty simple — he just wants sweatshirts, video games, and Nike socks. LOL!!! See the general list above for more ideas.

Lanyard $5 // Most of the teen boys I know like to carry their keys on a lanyard. My son likes to tout his favorite sports team on his, but of course every kid has different interests.

Nike socks $15 // I can’t wait for this trend to die, but until it does, they are devoted to their black Nike crew socks. This could really go in the unisex gift section — the girls wear them now too.

Magnetic Dart Board $15 // Something to pass the time when he’s avoiding homework.

Harry’s Truman Razor Shave Set $20 // I thought this was a fun gift idea for the boy who is coming of age.

Player Jersey $50-$100 // This is also on my son’s wish list. If your kid is into sports, he likely has a favorite player. Use the search bar to find the one you need.

Tops Trading Cards // Lately the boys seem to have a renewed interest in collecting baseball trading cards; it’s something to consider if you have a baseball fan in your house.

Hoodie // My son likes sports themed sweatshirts, but every kid is into different things. Kohl’s has a wide selection. Since the kids generally don’t wear coats, I try to buy the thickest sweatshirts I can find.

Drone $40–$450 // This is one way to get them outside and off the video games. The prices vary quite a bit, depending how sophisticated you want it to be. Of course girls may enjoy these too, but my boys section needed a few more items to even it out.

If he’s a musician, perhaps he needs music or accessories to go with his instrument. If he’s into art, art supplies are great gift ideas. If he’s an athlete, consider accessories or gear to help him stay in top shape. These ideas apply to girls too! One of my friends said that her kids are asking for stock for Christmas! Hey, it’s never too early to start investing!

I hope these ideas are helpful. If you have other ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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