Maroon Field Jacket

Hello, there! Welcome back to 25 Days of Winter Fashion! When I showed this maroon field jacket in a Shop With Me post, you all went nuts for it, and I had several requests to style it.

While this is more of a fall look for those of us in the northeast, it might be a good winter outfit for those of you in warmer climates. I was asked not to forget about my southern friends when I was planning this winter series, so I’m hoping you guys like this one!

What I like about this outfit for warmer climates is the colors are wintry but the twill jacket is lightweight so you don’t overheat.

Then there are these booties… these are by Kork-Ease, and they are so super comfortable.

They’re a bit pricier than some booties I feature, but this style is classic and they’re the kind of quality boot will last many years. Not only are they made with a leather upper, but the lining and sole is also leather. For those of you with finicky feet, they have a cushioned footbed and as well as arch support, and the 1″ heel makes them easy to walk in.

Also, the hidden elastic goring ensures a custom fit and provides easy on-and-off, which I love. I hate futzing with my shoes, which is one reason I gravitate to ballet flats and loafers. I also really like the smooth grey leather against the wood grain heel. I wanted leather so I can wear them when it’s messy out, but if you don’t need that, 6pm.com has these booties in a really pretty taupe suede for 55% off!

I also found this black and white striped sweater at Old Navy. They call it a tee, but it’s definitely more of a sweater. It is super-duper soft, and I feel like the cut is very flattering. It hugs your curves without being clingy, and the sleeves are nice and long and cozy. FYI, it’s on a Today Only Deal at Old Navy, and it’s only $18.50. (For that reason, it is excluded from the 40% off sitewide deal they have going on.)

I also really like the vented sides. This sweater is a pretty cozy, so if it’s too warm for your weather, you can always sub a striped tee. For size reference, I’m wearing the small.

I’m wearing a small in the jacket as well, and it’s plenty roomy to layer over a sweater. I really like the shorter length, and it also has that drawstring so you can cinch the waist for a more flattering fit. If maroon isn’t your thing, it comes in a slew of other colors including a camo print. This jacket is 40% off today, bringing it down to $26.99!

I kept the rest of the outfit simple with black jeans and my go-to black satchel. And guys! My favorite casual black jeans are on sale! These have a slightly faded black wash that I really like for casual wear, and they are soooo flattering and comfortable. These were sent to me by Hudson a while back and I find myself wearing them a ton. They’re really good.

If they’re still way out of budget and you’re in the market for black skinnies, Old Navy has a pair of black mid-rise super skinny jeans that look good and they’re on sale too. They’re 1.5 inches longer than these, though.

This outfit is fine on it’s own, but I think the maroon jacket really makes it. Another option would be a quilted vest — either black or a deep jewel tone like burgundy or even pink. I love the J.Crew excursion quilted down vests, if you’re looking for a good quality piece you’ll have for years, and their Factory version is pretty good too if you want a more budget-friendly option.

I really like this outfit for a casual fall/winter look when you may be doing a lot of walking or need something practical but put-together.

Old Navy Twill Field Jacket // Plush Rib-Knit Tee // Hudson Nico Ankle Super Skinny Jeans (similar for less at Old Navy) // Kork-Ease Velma Bootie // R Minkoff Mini Perry Satchel // faux pearl earrings

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the winter outfit she’s styling today.

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24 Responses

  1. Stunning outfit.  I never thought of wearing a black/white stripped sweater with that color jacket. It makes the color really pop!  

  2. This outfit is just right for most of the winter in the south! I love the color of the jacket! I’d really looked at that striped sweater, but decided the wide white stripe would accentuate the negative. Glad to hear it was too warm anyway!
    Thanks for keeping the southern girls in mind!

  3. What’s the difference between a “field jacket” and a “utility jacket”? I’m not very “fashiony” and don’t know!

  4. Perfect outfit for us South Texas gals. I love that the striped sweater comes in petite but I really do need to stop shopping for myself and get some Christmas gifts in the cart too. Lol 

  5. Great outfit and it’s perfect for us down here in the south. I don’t even own a heavy coat, most of my outerwear consists of jackets like this one. This is a gorgeous color too. Old Navy has been surprisingly impressive lately!

  6. I’m so excited – I just got an email for a flash sale from Garnet Hill – these boots are 40% off and free shipping today only.

  7. Thank you Jo-Lynne for styling this color of jacket. You look fabulous in this color and combo. BTW…..these pics are beautiful especially with the background. *Lisa*

  8. Great jacket! And thanks for remembering us Southern gals. It can be hard to dress in a wintery look when it’s 70 degrees outside! 🙂

  9. The coat is a great color. The whole outfit is poppin wonderful. I have to tell you my everyday flatware took wings and flew out the door. Nobody fessed up. It has stayed in the drawer now that the kids are married. I guess a few missing forks and spoons are worth it . We have a new set now and they are very quiet and not entertaining at all.

  10. I LOVE this outfit! Thank for your sharing, these types of outfits are perfect for winters here in Phoenix, and I’m always looking for new ideas. 🙂

  11. I loved the jacket when I saw it posted before and ordered it immediately in a small.  I am an inch taller than you, same weight, smaller chest.  It was too tight across the back with a lightweight tee so tried a medium which was too big.  What a disappointment!!  I’m a California girl and need a lightweight jacket, so will keep looking.  Between you and Cyndi, I get lots of good ideas for my casual wardrobe.  Thanks!!!

  12. I love that jacket for Savannah. I’m torn between khaki or navy. Love maroon but not my color. Help. Which color? Guess khaki would be good with anything. Black jeans, etc. Great buy. You got it right, Jolynne.

  13. Great color… My daughter went with the khaki color from Gap factory as it was just a bit longer. We need heavier coats for our winters here in Canada but the jacket is great when just going shopping and you can  just add a nice big plaid scarf for some added warmth. Will be great in the spring and fall again too… 

  14. While I am a day late, I hope I won’t be $1 short finding the jacket at ON!  This winter living in a more southern part of GA has taught me that I do not need so many heavy weight long cardigans.  This jacket is much more weather appropriate.  And the booties!  I am going to make myself try on my tall boots, booties, etc., that are in my closet now.  If they are not really comfortable and appropriate for my ankles, etc., I will donate them and buy these booties.  
    Enjoy all of the Thanksgiving prep!

  15. I love how the jacket adds color to this outfit. I live in the south though and it really doesn’t make sense for me to buy a bunch of different colored coats/jackets. Even if it is a great deal. Just won’t get much wear out of them. What is another way I could add color to this outfit? Thanks.

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