Coffee Talk 11.19.17

Good morning from a wet and windy Philadelphia! It started raining yesterday afternoon and didn’t let up all night, as far as I can tell.

This morning it’s not only pouring rain, but the wind is howling like a hurricane out there. It’s still dark as I sit here tapping out this post so I’m just going on how it sounds, but I’m just really glad a) I got a run in yesterday and b) I don’t have to go anywhere for a few hours. Hopefully it will settle down by the time we have to leave for church.

I was hoping to shoot an outfit this morning, but I guess that ain’t happening! It’s okay, I have enough to get through the week, but this one is a dress, which would be great for variety. Oh, well. I’ll save it for after Thanksgiving.

Last night we had two families over from church, and that was fun, but it was a little stressful leading up to it. I thought I was keeping it simple by making a big pot of chili and corn muffins, but there’s still so much to do to host a dinner party — even a casual one. We always end up using it as an opportunity to do all those little nagging household tasks that get put off — like cleaning fingerprints off of doors and wiping down the kitchen cabinets and getting all of our clutter out of the nooks and crannies where it seems to accumulate despite our best efforts to keep up with it.

You know how it goes, right!?! Paul is great and he does a lot of that nitty gritty stuff, plus he even had the kids helping with vacuuming and things, but it s still a lot. Of course now it feels great because my house is clean and decluttered, so there’s that!

Then I realized yesterday morning that we didn’t have enough soup bowls and spoons to serve a party of 12, so I ended up making a trip to Crate & Barrel in the middle of the day. Then I got it in my head to make a charcuterie plate so I stopped at the grocery store on the way back. All that put me behind schedule, and I was making corn muffins when everyone arrived. #hostessfail

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, and everyone had a great time. And now I have a full set of soup bowls. Ha! I also replenished my wine glasses, which were in desperate need.

I know why I was low on soup bowls and wine glasses — they tend to get broken. But how does silverware disappear? Does anyone have any insight into this?

I still have the same set I registered for when we got married 22 years ago, and suddenly pieces are disappearing left and right. I’m down to 3 salad forks, and I’m definitely low on spoons too. I’ve bought extra pieces over the years so I’d have more for hosting big groups, but now I’m down to fewer pieces than I had when we started with 8 place settings.

It isn’t cheap to replace flatware so I would really love to solve this mystery. I’m blaming it on having teenage kids. They all swear they have no idea what’s happening to my silverware, but I think they’re to blame. I know I’m not taking them out of the house or throwing them away. I guess it’s time to place an order from Replacements.com.

Have you heard of them? They stock discontinued china, crystal, and flatware, so if you need to add to your sets or replace lost or broken pieces, you can do so without having to start over from scratch. You can also sell your sets to them — if you have dishes from your grandmother that you don’t want, or if you want to get a new set and get rid of your leftovers. Also, if you’re looking for something specific, you can register your pattern and what you’re looking for, and you’ll get notified if they find it. It’s all pretty cool. I have used it a lot over the years to add to my wedding sets or replace lost/broken pieces.

Anyway, that was a tangent! I have no working relationship with replacements.com, just thought y’all might like to know about it.

So guess what? Our Thanksgiving Day plans got changed, and now we’re having my in-laws for dinner. We already had plans to go to a neighbor’s house for dessert later on in the day so now it will definitely feel more festive! Also, the family voted, and we’re grilling steaks. How’s that for non-traditional?

We’re going to be out late the night before, and I am too stressy about making a turkey and all the fixin’s, so we decided to go with something easy that is also a special treat. As an added bonus, my husband usually does the grilling so it will be less for me to think about. I’m happy about it. There is only one family member who is disappointed about this meal choice, and I do feel bad that she won’t have a traditional turkey dinner this year, but she’ll survive — #firstworldproblems and all that.

In blog news, I’ve got a massive Black Friday sale guide I’m working on, and I’m also hoping to get some gift guides up this week. I’m definitely going to pilfer some of the suggestions you guys gave me yesterday in the comments, and I’ve been crowd-sourcing on Facebook too so I think I’ve got a good roundup of ideas for you!

Okay, I’m off to get ready for church and figure out what to wear that will hold up to the wind and rain out there. Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Woke up to our first snow this morning in Ottawa, Canada. Freezing rain last night. Hear you about silverware. Might have disappeared in school lunches when they throw out their garbage?

  2. We always do steak and seafood for Christmas, and I really enjoy it. We grill filets and have more traditional sides like oyster dressing, sweet potatoes, balsamic brussels, cranberry relish, and some sort of traditional holiday pie. It is so much easier than messaging with a big bird. Maybe having some traditional Thanksgiving sides will appease your disgruntled teen. ???? 

  3. We have also experienced the “disappearing flatware” syndrome. I chalk it up to children accidentally throwing things away when they clean their plates into the garbage can. What I did was go to San’s Club and buy the inexpensive sets of flatware (we needed forks and teaspoons) to supplement what we had. We only pull them out at holidays usually anyway. It was way more affordable than buying more of our stainless pattern. I did the same thing with wineglasses and champagne flutes. So now we have enough for parties!

  4. After 20 years of marriage my flatware was also disappearing. One Sunday afternoon, I was watching QVC’s In the Kitchen with David. He was offering a Lenox flatware set for $135 that retails for $490 (I couldn’t believe it but it was true! I immediately went to Lenox’s website and it was selling for $490!) so I grabbed it from QVC and have never been happier! It’s gorgeous! Check today’s show or later this month as with the holidays they have larger sets with great hostess pieces!

  5. We have had the disappearing flatware issue in the office! We are down to 2 forks to use lol. I need to look for a cheap set to use there.

    I’m with the teen, I can’t have Thanksgiving without turkey. Maybe make a small turkey breast for her?

    I just made a list of people I need to buy gifts for, now to start filling it in with ideas for Friday. Half the list is my nephews and niece (plus she has a bday 4 days after Christmas.) Going to try the want, need, wear and read method this year so I don’t go too overboard plus stockings. Easy to fill for young ones except the 4 month old!

  6. How does silverware disappear? I keep having to go in the camper and get the silverware from there, when camping season comes around again I guess I will take all the silverware from in the house and put it in the camper and buy me some new, score:)

  7. Steaks for thanksgiving sound great! One of the things I like about the friends’ house we go to is there are enough of us that there’s always a couple protein options along with turkey.

  8. I love your non traditional idea for Thanksgiving. We did an early Thanksgiving with my in laws this weekend because we won’t be able to see them over the holiday and I’m afraid we may be all turkeyed out! I may take a family vote too and see if anyone wants to try something different. As for silverware, I find them in my kids’ rooms even though they are not supposed to be eating in them (well they can have snacks but full meals with silverware? No.). Thanks for the tip on Replacements.com. I had never heard of them before but I’m going to check them out. Have a great Sunday! 

    Cathy V.

  9. I know at our house people goto scrap there plate and and they dont hold there silverware together some fall in the trash. We have also found a fork or two in Garbage disposal.  Have a wonderful sunday

  10. The idea of steak for Thanksgiving sounds scrumptious. It’s just a thought, but for your teen who really wants some turkey, a super easy thing to do is to pick up a turkey breast (bone in) or some turkey drumsticks, and throw them in the slow cooker on low overnight with some seasonings (less is more) and some butter and/or a little broth. It comes out not particularly good looking, but it tastes really good and you don’t have to put any work into it at all other than pulling the meat off the bone to serve it.

  11. I think the disappearing flatware is due to kids accidentally throwing away.  I have the same problem !

  12. In regards to the missing utensils, I say they accidentally ended up in the trash because I know that’s what happened when I was young and had to help clean up the kitchen.  For my senior high school project in Home Economics, I chose to make our Thanksgiving meal, all by myself, and yep, that included the turkey and all of the sides.  I recall making an A.  So, I love preparing it.  The number of people has dictated over the years the number of sides we prepare.  Larry likes raisin dressing and I like cornbread dressing, so we aren’t making either one this year.  We don’t need those carbs, since we will have pumpkin pie!  We will bake our turkey for Thanksgiving then smoke one for Christmas.  Good luck keeping your teen happy!  And good luck with the rain and wind.  We have sun and wind here in south central Georgia.  

  13. Great Coffee Talk!  I’ve been going in circles myself this morning, wondering what to wear with these hurricane force winds!  Had to chuckle about the disappearing silverware!  I, myself never had that problem, but my sister that had five children (4 were boys) certainly did!  Enjoyed your story of what I call the pre-company power cleaning!  My sister-in-law was hosting the speaker from church last week.  She called his wife & asked “do you want to see a clean house or have a good meal, because I can’t do both”!  Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves??  Enjoy the day!

    1. I love that: “Do you want to see a clean house or have a good meal because I can’t do both”!  You’re so right that we put too much pressure on ourselves.  If I could just get past my perfectionist tendencies… I would so love to be that way! 

  14. I’ve come to the conclusion that silverware goes to the same place as missing socks!  Lol. 

    We always have a smoked turkey at Thanksgiving.  It’s already cooked so you’re really just warming it up.  #soeasy.   We changed up Christmas quite a few years back and do a beef tenderloin.  My children , who are adults now, love that they get variety throughout the holiday season.  So that became our new Christmas tradition.  

    Have a blessed day!  

  15. I love replacements.com I used them a few years ago. My original china set was a service for 16 pre kids now with significant others I orders 4 more plates along with a tiered plate everything came in perfect condition! 

  16. Your Thanksgiving plans sound wonderful, Jo-Lynne. We had Thanksgiving at our house for a family of about 30 every year for years and when my children started getting older, they protested against the typical T-Day meal. Because we also had older folks coming who insisted you couldn’t give thanks without turkey, we alternated years. One year a turkey with the trimmings, then next a themed meal. Over the years we’ve had Greek food, crown roast, seafood, pasta, you name it. And on Christmas day we have never had a traditional American meal of turkey or ham. As the mother of 4, I refused to spend my day alone in the kitchen. I wanted to play with the toys, listen to the teens’ new CDs, and play games, too. We often do make-your-own tacos/burritos for Christmas day. It’s easy and it meets everyone’s dietary needs– the vegans, vegetarians AND the carnivores are happy, lol.

  17. I’ve caught my kids throwing away spoons. I had to get another silverware set so now I have two that don’t match but someday when my kids are bigger, I can have nice things, right?

  18. Yes! My silverware is disappearing! Where is it all going? Maybe they’re in cahoots with the socks!!
    Anyway, I’m doing a full Thanksgiving dinner for just our family of 5. Kind of a let down, but we have no family around and all of our friends have family coming in (like married children and such) or they’re going to their children’s places. I hate a small “only family” Thanksgiving. ????

  19. Love, love, love replacements.com! I’ve been able to easily add and replace pieces to my mom’s China set. Great suggestion!

  20. We constantly have a “bowl” crisis in our house. They aren’t missing just in the basement, family room, or one of my triplet boys’ bedrooms. Drives me crazy.
    Agree that even a very simple diner party is work. I stress a lot when people are coming over. Wish I could be a relaxed hostess.
    My boys would absolutely love steak over turkey on Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

  21. I have the same silverware problem, and I’ve found replacements on ebay. They are usually less expensive than Replacements. FYI, I blame the pizza boxes. Kids leave knives and forks in the boxes and then the boxes get thrown out…..

  22. Have you checked under your kids bed. 🙂 and what is a char——–????? I hate to be dumb. Sounds like a fun evening. You are just like all of us. That’s why we follow you.

  23. So much of this post could have been written by me. Hahaha! I hear ya’ on the having people over and thinking your making it easy on yourself. I don’t care how prepared “you think you are” you always ends up staying busy the entire day. As for missing silver ware. I haven’t had much of an issue of that, but I have a feeling every so often a piece gets tossed in the trash accidentally. I’ve been known to count it before taking out the trash after a party. LOL Have a great day Jo-Lynne!!! Stay dry!

  24. I love reading your posts on Sunday! If you’re not sentimental about your wedding set, just pick up 2 sets of something at Costco or Costco.com. I think they get thrown away when the dishes are scraped. It might even happen when you have “guests” help in the kitchen. Like my dad has thrown a LOT of stuff away because he doesn’t know what it is (like a garlic peeler, it’s silicone, so it’s trash, obviously.) Ha! He’s not allowed in my kitchen anymore. Hope you stay safe and dry today!

  25. Ha…it’s the teenagers for sure! I used to find silverware in the car all the time and I actually have pieces that belong to my husband’s ex-wife, so I’m sure my missing pieces are at her house 😉

    Thanks for sharing, Happy Thanksgiving! 

  26. I was down to 3 forks and 5 teaspoons out of service for 12. I know it was the teens in this house. They took them to their room while eating and then tossed the “evidence” since they aren’t supposed to eat in their room. That’s how I lost several soup bowls and saucers.

  27. We stopped having turkey a few years ago. My kids voted it down???????? It’s not about the turkey, it’s about family and being thankful. Enjoy your steaks and make it YOUR new tradition. 
    Most of us stress somewhat over hosting large crowds, as it is so much work on top of already busy lives. I’ve decided to cut some of that stress by simplifying meals. They are still special but fewer courses and I buy dessert. We need to give ourselves a break. 

  28. I solved the missing silverware mystery at my house AFTER the kids left the house. I caught my husband throwing spoons and forks away because he had chewed them up in the garbage disposal. Soon it was true confessions… both the kids and my husband admitted they had been doing that for years. As for the socks… that mystery is still unsolved. 

  29. I am with your teen. May I suggest you go to Whole Foods or some other place that has complete turkey dinners prepared and pick up a “special” meal just for her. All you have to do is warm it up. Have a blessed day!

  30. I had to laugh about the silverware. My husband had a habit of taking spoons with sack lunches and saying he would bring them home until I presented him with a bill from Replacements. Now he takes plastic.

      1. Bummer about the kids, but I’m sure you’re right. After months of eating with soup spoons it was fun for me to say, “Wow, Honey, look what USED SPOONS cost!”

  31. I love your story, it makes me feel good. I thought I was the only one that stressed over all those things.

    Why do we insist on having everything perfect? Lol!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  32. Oh I know where the missing flatware goes…to other teens houses and the cars….I have several from other people’s houses that I have not been able to find out who they belong too.

    Speaking of Replacements.com…they are local to the area that I live in. If anyone ever gets the chance to visit them I encourage it. They sit right off I-85 near Greensboro North Carolina and it is a real treat to see! They even have a museum for priceless treasures! The owner started out going to yardsales and buying up china and flatware patterns that people were getting rid of. He has totally turned it into a go to for discontinued patterns!

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