April 4, 2021

Happy Easter! #CoffeeTalk

Good morning, and happy Easter! It’s a joyful day for Christians around the world, and we’ll be celebrating this morning at a local church here in Cape Coral, Florida. I always find it a bit odd not to be at my home church on Easter Sunday, but I’m so thankful for the freedom to worship in...
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March 28, 2021

Coffee Talk 03.28.21

Yesterday, I had a few hours to sit and hang out BY MYSELF for what felt like the first time in a year, and it was GLORIOUS! I'm sure it wasn't the only time I've had a few hours to myself this year, but then again, I can't remember the last time I did that.
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March 21, 2021

Coffee Talk 03.21.21

Well, friends! It’s officially spring, and our weather seems to have gotten the memo! I am feeling hopeful and anticipating all good things. My mom had a lot of sayings that I heard over and over when I was growing up, and they tend to come back to me at the oddest times. 
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March 14, 2021

Coffee Talk 03.14.21

Greetings, and happy Daylight Savings! Thank goodness for smart technology. When I woke up this morning, my phone, the clock beside my bed (Echo Dot), and my watch (Apple Watch) were already synched to the new time. I will never understand why my car can't do the same thing.
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February 28, 2021

Coffee Talk 02.28.21

Greetings on this last day of February! I know I say this every month, but this month really flew for me. I think it’s because I enjoyed all of our snow, and I wrote some pretty in-depth blog posts which took a lot of time. And then at the end of this month, my blog design project has been all-consuming.
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February 14, 2021

Coffee Talk 02.14.21

Good morning, and happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you get to do something special with someone you love today. Go ahead and refill that coffee mug because I'm feeling chatty this morning...
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February 7, 2021

Coffee Talk + A Rare Sunday Try-On Haul

Greetings and salutations on this snowy Sunday morning! Go ahead and refill that coffee mug because I've got a brief weekend update, and I'm also sharing a few random try-ons that I didn't want to hold till next weekend.
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January 31, 2021

Coffee Talk 01.31.21

Happy Sunday, friends! It is the last day of January! How on earth did that happen? Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I just think it’s wild how fast this month has flown, especially considering everything our country (and the world) has gone through in the past 31 days.
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January 24, 2021

Coffee Talk 01.24.21

Good morning! It’s looking like another a crisp, cold, sunny winter day here in the Philly area. It’s amazing what sunshine can do for one’s mood and outlook on life. I fell down a rabbit hole this morning, looking at vacation rentals in Florida, so today's Coffee Talk is a short one.
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January 17, 2021

Coffee Talk 01.17.21

I had to double-check as I input the date on this post. Is it already the 17th of January? But, wait. Is it only the 17th of January? Which is it? Already or only? I dunno. I was telling someone the other day that I feel like I'm in this weird, endless winter right now. I'm not sure what day it is or even what month it is anymore.
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January 10, 2021

Coffee Talk 01.10.21

Ahhhh, we had such high hopes for 2021. I guess we should have known better, but it was a good five days while it lasted. Grab your favorite beverage, and sit for a while. It’s time for my weekly Coffee Talk!
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