Coffee Talk 04.07.24

Frank & Eileen Lauren Polo Dress in British Navy c/o (size M)

Good morning! I hope you had a good week. All I can say about mine is, I’m glad it’s over! So. Much. Rain. Also, this was my 4th week in The Boot. I won’t lie, it’s getting old, but I started physical therapy, so I’m hoping to graduate to the fancy lace-up ankle brace my podiatrist gave me very soon!

Despite all that, it’s been a fairly productive week. I’ve been banging out blog posts left and right, and I read two books cover-to-cover. I highly recommend them both — Kristin Hannah’s newest, The Women, is a Vietnam War era novel. It’s on the heavier side, but it was really good. And one of Lucinda Riley’s older books, The Lavender Garden, was also fantastic. It flips back and forth between the WWII years and modern day (well, 1998) France. 

If you prefer a mystery, I read First Lie Wins a few weeks ago, and The Rules for Disappearing when I was in Florida, both by Ashley Easton. They’re fun and suspenseful, but not too heavy. I pretty much read each of those four of those books in a day — even The Women, which is quite long. I could not put any of them down.

In other news, I wanted to let you know that the KUT from the Kloth Kara raw hem denim jacket is on sale in the Lavender. I like the Plush Pink that I’m wearing here, but the Lavender is the color I really wanted. Unfortunately, it didn’t get here in time for my Florida trip.

wearing above

And in case you missed it in yesterday’s email newsletter, the ATM Schoolboy V-neck that I’ve had for years and love so much is on a deep discount at Saks OFF 5TH. (Size up, if in between; I wear the medium.)

Unfortunately, the shipping is pretty steep, but it’s still a good deal compared to the full retail price. Or you could add on to your order to get to that $99 free shipping threshold. This short trench and this cargo midi skirt both caught my eye. Also, I love my slip silk scrunchies. These make nice little gifts, and if you grab two of those, that gets you right at $99, along with one of the ATM tees.

I also just noticed these classic Stuart Weitzman sandals. I had these in the 4″ heel and finally donated them because I just cannot do 4″ heels anymore, but 3″ is doable. I hope I can still say that once I recover from this ankle injury!

Okay, so that’s about it for me today. We were out late last night at our daughter’s Indoor Drumline competition, so I’m looking forward to a nap this afternoon. I also have another book I want to start reading, Code Name Hélène. It’s another WWII historical fiction novel, and it’s based on a true story. I will never cease to be amazed at the bravery of so many of the women who went before us. I can only hope and pray I never need to find out how I would respond to such circumstances.

And with that, I better close the computer and get ready for church, or I’ll be late. I felt like I had so much time when I sat down to write this post, but suddenly I’m behind schedule. I guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun!

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19 Responses

  1. I love the Kut jacket, but on my computer screen, the “lavender” looks identical to the pink. I wonder if it’s actually lavender. Does anyone have it in lavender?

    1. I have the lavender. To me it’s more pink than purple. It’s a cooler tone I think than the pink plush jacket.

  2. Wow!!! You read fast. I love historical fiction and have read lots of WWll books. To too am amazed.
    I hope PT helps your ankle fast. I can’t believe it’s been a month in the boot already. Have a good Sunday. We are heading to Sunday School soon. I’m looking forward to a book reading day after church. Our weather rainy too.

  3. Hope the pt helps and you’re back to normal soon! We must have the same taste in books. I really enjoyed The Women and First Lie Wins. I just ordered two of the others you mentioned from Amazon. Code Name Helene was very good. She was amazing.!

  4. I started reading The Women on Friday and cried just 15 pages in! Didn’t want to put it down but had so much going on this weekend. I’m halfway through and plan to finish it today- it’s SO good. I’m a big fan of Kristen Hannah & love the way she writes and develops characters within the historical setting. I also read First Lie Wins this week and really enjoyed that one too. I highly recommend books by Kristen Harmel since you seem to like historical fiction. The Book of Lost Names was great.
    Must feel good to have more range of motion with your foot. Yay for PT!

  5. I hope the PT starts to help your ankle. It is not fun not being able to drive yourself places and be at the mercy of your kids! Been there!

    I Finally caved and bought the ATM tee, couldn’t resist at that price! I had just replenished my white tees for summer with some Banana Republic ones, so got the black ATM.

  6. You read a lot of books. That’s amazing! Just out of curiosity, do you buy paperbacks or kindle editions?

    1. I buy the actual book. I don’t like reading on a device, but I really should use the library. 🤪 I have a couple of friends who I pass almost all my books onto, and then I usually donate when we re done with them.

      1. As an author, I can tell you that we love it when you buy our books. Access to reading material for all is a writer’s first priority but most readers don’t know that writers don’t get paid per read for library books. (And most writers make pennies on the dollar of the cost of a book.) I like to support writers so that can afford to keep writing, although sometimes I will buy used hardbacks on Amazon (Again, the writer doesn’t get paid for the purchase) just so books aren’t going into the landfill. I use the library occasionally but don’t have much luck with it as it seems like they’re always due before I can finish them! Yes, they can be renewed (downloads and physical books) but only if no one is waiting for them. I like to buy the hardbacks and share them with friends, then donate them. Libraries will usually take current hardbacks if they’re in good shape. Happy Sunday!

        1. This is so good to know. I always buy the book because I just love to have an actual book in my hand and the act of turning pages and using a real bookmark are important to me as a reader. I pass a lot of the books I read onto friends.

  7. Thank you for recommending books. I’m enjoying WWII historical fiction lately, also. Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan is pretty amazing. Fiction but 90% true- the love story part was embellished.

  8. I recently read First Lie Wins and that was so good. Glad things are progressing with your ankle. I recently bought a denim skirt and need ideas on how to style. I haven’t taken the tags off yet because I think it looks slumpy the few ways I have tried styling it. lol. Thought it would be a good alternative to shorts for the summer.

  9. I am SO ready for your underwear update! Thank you for all you do …. your recommendations are always on point! I especially appreciate your honesty in that everything (sponsored or not) is not always a win. That must be a fine line for influencers with guidelines from sponsors. Best of luck to you with PT and prayers for complete healing from your ankle injury.

  10. Love the Kut jacket!! I have it in strawberry trying to copy your outfit but the olive Evereve pants don’t work. I bought them in regular and need a petite. The hunt for olive pants continues.
    Based on your recommendation, I am currently reading The Women. It’s very good. Thanks for all the book ideas.

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