The Athleisure Trend with the IT Sneaker for Spring

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing my gym sneakers with street clothes, but times have changed. The athleisure trend, which is basically incorporating activewear into your daily outfits, has changed everything. Nowadays I’m seeing street clothes worn with everything from the popular Nike Free running sneakers to throwback styles from New Balance and Adidas.

This is how to rock the athleisure trend for women over 40: Adidas Superstars, distressed black jeans, grey tee and a denim jacket.

For this post, I’m styling the popular Adidas Superstars. I’ve been seeing these everywhere lately, and I love that they have more support than my Converse and lend a similar look to an outfit. I sort of wish I’d ordered the ones with the black stripe, though, as these are so very white, but I guess that’s the point!

A day at the park: Jo-Lynne Shane in Adidas Superstars

They are actually very comfortable, but you do have to order a whole size down from your regular sneaker size. I ordered an 8.5 the first time (I usually wear a 9 in a running sneaker) and I was swimming in them. These are an 8.

Adidas Superstars: the It Shoe for Spring

One sunny afternoon last week, we took my new kicks to the park for a test drive. I kept the outfit casual with distressed black jeans, a grey v-neck tee, and my trusty jean jacket. These are all pieces you’ve seen before and items you can easily replicate at any price point. I linked to a few options in the widget below.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Adidas Superstars, AG The Legging Jeans and T by Alexander Wang with denim jacket

Denim Jacket over grey T by Alexander Wang with black AG The Legging Jeans

Denim Jacket over grey T by Alexander Wang with black AG The Legging Jeans

I ordered my Adidas Superstars from Nordstrom. I don’t usually think of Nordstrom as a place to shop for sneakers, but when I was perusing their spring shoe collection, these jumped out at me, and somehow they ended up in my shopping cart. Amazing how easily that can happen!

This is how to rock the athleisure trend: Adidas Superstars, distressed black jeans, grey tee and a denim jacket.

Nordstrom is my go-to store for spring shoes. They have every type of shoe and style imaginable, and there is usually something to fit almost any budget. I love how easy it is to return things if they don’t fit. In this case, I was able to return my size 8.5 sneakers with their pre-paid return address label, and then right away I re-ordered them in a size 8 and a size 7.5, figuring I’d just return the pair that didn’t fit. The 7.5 are already on their way back at no charge to me. Easy peasy!

Adidas Superstars: the It Shoe for Spring, perfect with black distressed jeans, grey t-shirt and denim jacket

These sneakers are great with jeans, but they’re also cute with shorts and casual dresses. I’ll be styling them with both in the future.

Jo-Lynne Shane rocking the athleisure trend with Adidas Superstars, distressed black jeans, grey tee and a denim jacket.

What do you think of the athleisure trend? Are you a fan or no?

Athleisure Fashion for Women over 40: Adidas Superstars, distressed black jeans, grey tee and a denim jacket.

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50 thoughts on “The Athleisure Trend with the IT Sneaker for Spring

  1. I still fall under the “never wear sneakers” category. I own two pair of converse, and it is a struggle for me to find something to wear with them. I LOVE them on others, but I just can’t seem to get the knack of wearing them for me. You look great, and the pictures are awesome!!! BTW, I like the “tweaks” you’ve done to your blog.

  2. You know I’m a fan! I love the look of these and may give them a go. I still love the look and ease of my Converse, but honestly, I can’t wear them for more than a few hours. They kill the tops of my feet. Like, rip them off while I’m driving hurt. I’ve had them over a year now, so I don’t expect them to get any better at this point, lol.
    Such a neat pic of you on the bench, by the way. Love the view!

    1. I was wondering if this happened to anyone else. They KILL the top of my feet too after a few hours!

      1. Hi, my Converse hurt on top too. I removed the laces from the hole closest to my ankle and this made a huge difference.

    2. My converse hurt too but I thought it was my foot that has metal hardware in it. I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me!

  3. I’m a new follower. Interested in the comfy-looking LONG T-shirt! Where can I purchase that, if you are able to tell me? Thanks!

  4. I love it! I have major foot issues and it’s very hard for me to firid cute, stylish, comfortable shoes. The athletic look is great for me because I can wear comfy sneakers, but still be stylish. I have a few pairs of classic Brooks sneakers, which I love. Converse aren’t comfortable for me because they are too flat and don’t have any cushion. I’ll definitely check out these Adidas!

  5. If those sneakers have arch support is definitely give them a try. As usual you look great! Congratulations to your daughter on finding her niche. Our 16 yr old granddaughter is in ballet and loves it. Her best friendships have been made there.

    Have a blessed day!

  6. I have a hard time with the white tennies still—they remind me of all the tourists I’d see when we were traveling. But I’m sure I’ll get over it and have a pair soon (ha ha).
    I know with my converse like pair, I do feel like my feet are extra long—not that it bothers me, but I can’t quite figure out why?

  7. I’m with you on the ATHLEISURE trend. I finally was convinced when I saw a Jean at Extra Petite style a cute pair of black Addias with their famous white stripes. She had a similar outfit as yours but was wearing a utility jacket and cap. Uber cute! You are definitely rocking the trend here…esp with the gorgeous back ground. I had drafted a post on this topic weeks ago and totally forgot about it! LOL…thanks for the reminder. Maybe I should finish that one ;P

  8. I do like it, but would get limited use due to tennies not being allowed at work, except occasionally on Fridays. I was glad to read the notes about the flat nature of the Converse. I have a good arch, and basically cannot wear flats. It’s excruciating. I will gravitate toward Adidas, etc. Incidentally I bought a super cute pair of Puma a couple of years ago, blue with pink tropical print. I still haven’t worn them, but may break them out soon!

  9. You always take great photos but these are exceptional. It feels like your photographer was experimenting with some different types of shots. The combination of a beautiful backdrop, awesome lighting and of course fabulous you made these extraordinary!!!

  10. Love this trend! I feel like it’s me full outfit when I’m not traveling!
    Love the sneakers! Super cool!!!

  11. I’m glad to see a post about the athleisure trend. I think it is great for moms! I just bought a pair of gray Vans for a more casual look and love them.

  12. I also thought you should never see me wearing sneakers…..but exactly as you say….times change! Lol!
    I sure hope I am not going to like the pyama trend in a while…

  13. I LOVE this trend. Not because I think it’s so cute – although as you are showing, it really can be – but because there are just times – many actually – when comfortable shoes are needed. Most women’s shoes (including ballet flats and chuck taylors) are actually really bad for your feet. Maybe most people are lucky enough that they can wear any kind of shoe without issues but I certainly can’t, much as I wish I could.

    So, thank you for helping to show athletic shoes do have their place and can be cute and fun!!

  14. This is a super cute weekend look. I think that most of the world has taken this athleisure look too far. Nike capris and tanks have become the new yoga pants. Plus, its not a good look for most people. Unless you are Heidi Klum or Kate Hudson, most women cant really pull this look off successfully. And then there is the hygiene part of it if you actually worked out in the outfit. Workout, shower and then head to the store or breakfast with friends.

  15. The Converse were not giving me the support I needed so I was on the hunt for a new pair of sneakers I could wear a variety of ways. My 13-year-old niece convinced me to buy these. I’m so glad she did! I’ve worn them with everything from skinny jeans to dresses. They keep my feet comfy the entire time. Every other store was sold out but Nordstrom had them in my size. We are very casual here in southern California so I love the athleisure trend.

  16. Beautiful as always and love the lighting in your shots! As for me, I’m sticking with my Converse for now but do enjoy this trend too!

  17. Love my Converse Chuck Taylor but agree they are not comfortable for all day wear, bought them in navy as still think all white shoes do made feet look bigger. The Addias are ok with jeans but think I would feel they would be too clunky with a dress.

  18. I’ve enjoyed this trend for years but have always gone with a more “European” style sneaker like:
    I find they have more support than my daughter’s Converse I’ve borrowed and they look good with jeans, shorts or even a casual skirt. And I prefer gray to white. With size 10 feet, any shoe in white looks enormous!

  19. In NY those sneaker or Kicks are called shellys. Theybring me back to the days of run dmc. In the city this look is everyday. Because ppl are always walking sneakers are part of your wardrobe. They are sneakers for work, the gym and running errands. We have been doing Athileisure long b4 it was cool. So glad its cool now ! Cause i live in the suburbs and ppl were looking at me funny ????

  20. I have been looking for an all white sneaker. Question is, how wide are they. My foot is wide and often leather shoes hurt my wide foot because there is no give. I usually end up having to go with the material type tennis shoe that has some give. Do these run more narrow or wide?

  21. I like the Athleisure trend. I like to be comfy, and my feet tend to need the support. Unfortunately for me, I’m not in the US, and it’s not caught on here. (Currently in Mali.) I can do shoes that are comfortable and look even a little dressier than tennis shoes (like the ones that are a cross between tennis shoes and mary janes.) I have some water shoes from Land’s End that work well for that.

  22. Hi Jo-Lynn for the great combination. Yes definitely you have the chic style with those superstars sneakers. They are quite trendy nowadays and everyone wears them, seems that age is not an issue with them. I really like them.
    Are they leather from the inside?, hence comfortable enough to wear them sockless? they look even better without socks. keep it up. You can pair them with shorts too.

  23. I bought the Adidas Stan Smiths a couple of months ago and I <3 them so much! I get tons of compliments. Being in my 40s, I can remember wearing them the first time around 😛

  24. You look great in these pics Jo-Lynne! I love this trend and found that a white pair of athletic shoes (mine are from Ecco) really brighten up some outfits, especially as I wear dark skinny jeans a lot. They are so comfy and perfect for my life as a mum.
    My question: how do you keep the soles clean? I have special cream for the top of the shoes, but the sole actually gets dirtiest. I don’t mean the sole under the foot, obviously, but the bit on the sides. ????

    1. Okay, at first I thought you meant the bottom, and I was like WHO CARES? LOL!!! So as for the sides, I really don’t do much. The day I took these pictures, these were brand new, but now they are starting to show wear, and my Converse definitely are dirty on the sides. In fact, there is some funk on the one side that I really need to clean off. It looks gross. I must have stepped on something. Anyway… I really don’t worry about it. My old Superga definitely are marked up on the sides of the soles and I leave it alone. I just figure that is normal wear and tear.

  25. I love your post. I also enjoy the casual look with sneakers. I never wear t-shirts. I would like to start dressing on the casual side on the weekends. Questions, what color stripe on the Adias sneakers would you recommend? One of your post said copper, then you had a post of white, but preferred black. I love white sneakers. I want to buy a pair. What color stripe would you recommend for my one pair? I also own a white sports. They are more for warmer weather.

    1. Hey Kimberly. I think I like the black stripes best, of the three, but it depends on how much black you wear, I think. Since I tend to wear a lot of black, and I like to pair Superstars with black jeans, I like how the black stripes work with them. The copper are fun and more summery, and if you wear a lot of blush and light denim, I think they’d be the best choice. I like both better than the white. I got the white ones first (last year) and soon regretted and wish I had the black stripes. Hope that helps!

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