Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring with Cropped Jeans

Hello and welcome back to my mini-series on transition style with Amy Ann from Straight A Style!

So far we’ve talked about transitioning our outfits from winter to spring with a shoe swap, brighter colors, and lighter layers. Today we’re both styling outfits with cropped jeans.

You can see more of Amy’s outfit in this post.

Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring with Cropped Jeans

First, let’s talk about how cute this ballerina raglan sweater is.

I found this sweater at Everlane, and it’s a great transition piece because it has the warmth of cashmere, but the 3/4 length sleeves and beautiful open neckline are a nod to spring.

If you’re not familiar with Everlane, they’re an apparel company that is committed to transparency and supporting ethical factories around the world.

It’s a great company to support, and you get a very good quality product at fair prices. They don’t usually run sales, but their products are priced accurately for the value, and they’re very open about the cost to manufacture each product they produce.

I love the subtle details in this sweater like the knit detail at the shoulder seems, and the neckline is super flattering. It also comes in pale blue heather and black, and I’m wearing the small for reference.

These cropped jeans are from LOFT, and I found them surprisingly flattering! Y’all know how I’ve struggled to find cropped straight denim that I like, and these are pretty good.

They do run really big, though. I’m wearing the 28 and I think I need the 27, which is completely unheard of. If anything, I sometimes have to size up to a 29.

These shoes are another good example of the shoe swap tip for transitioning your winter outfits to spring. Mules are the perfect transition shoe, in my opinion, and these are actually quite comfortable.

They’re the Sam Edelman Laurna mules in the buff nude color, and they also run big. I typically wear an 8 or 8.5 in shoes and I had to size down to a 7.5 in these.

If you have thicker feet or a higher arch, you may find them more true to size, but for my flat feet, I had to size down an extra half size to get a good fit.

I accessorized this simple look with two short delicate necklaces from Gorjana — which I just learned I’ve been pronouncing incorrectly for years.

I was reading it phonetically (george-anna) but I heard the sales associate at Nordstrom this weekend say Gor-e-ah-na with a soft g. *mind blown*

I also wore this beaded coil bracelet from Stella & Dot, and I carried my Everlane tote.

I have a feeling I’m going to be getting a lot of use out of this bag this spring! The Light Taupe seems to go with everything I’m wearing lately, and it looks like it was made to match these shoes.

Matching your shoes and handbag isn’t necessary, and sometimes I prefer not to, but it’s perfectly fine to do so.

Outfit Details:

Everlane The Cashmere Ballerina Raglan // LOFT Destructed Straight Leg Jeans // Sam Edelman Laura Mules // Everlane The Day Market Tote // Stella & Dot Gia Coil Bracelet // Gorjana Chloe Pendant // Gorjana Super Star Necklace

I love a good pair of cropped jeans in the springtime, and they’re also a good alternative to shorts in the summertime. You can find them in whatever silhouette you like best — skinny, straight, or bootcut.

Here are a few other ways I’ve styled cropped jeans over the past few seasons.

With a tee and sandals…

With a tee and sneakers…

With a sweater and wedge sandals…

With a printed top, denim jacket, and wedge sandals…

How to Style Light Wash Jeans

With a tee and cardigan plus wedge sandals…

Be sure to stop by Straight A Style to see how Amy Ann is styling cropped jeans for transition season.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. Jo-Lynne, you need the light blue ballet neck sweater from Everlane. I know you don’t like to buy the same item in different colors but it is gorgeous. I can see me wearing it with white jeans or shorts. And I’m loving the crop jeans. I just have to find the energy to order 10 pairs to find a pair I like, lol. Question on the mules. Love the color. How easy are they to walk in? I bought a pair of Frye mules last fall and was profoundly disappointed. They don’t stay on my feet well and I feel like I have to shuffle to walk in them. And I wore them outside so I couldn’t even return them. 😕But I love the look of mules. And I’m not a quitter, lol. What are your thoughts? Happy Thursday!!

    1. I am considering it! I rarely buy blue because I wear blue jeans so much, but you’re right, that would be gorgeous with white. So these shoes are better than most mules I’ve tried. None are as comfy as my black suede Rebecca Minkoff ones, but these stay on pretty well. I don’t feel I have to scuff. 🙂

  2. So glad you styled some cropped jeans as I just bought some this week that have a bit of flare to them. They may actually be straight leg but since I’m short they do flare out a bit or I’ve been so use to wearing skinny jeans. I just didn’t know how to style them? I’ve only tried them with slip on sneakers and didn’t really like the look so thank you for posting all those extra pics. I can see that mules and maybe converse might look best. Or maybe a cute wedge when the weather gets better. I love the grey sweater but out of my price point but I have several grey options in my closet. Those jeans are so flattering on you, you look so cute and stylish. Safe travels home! 

    1. I think the key is wearing a shorter top (or tucking in, which I can’t do) and then making sure the length of the jeans is right. Some are too long on me and look awkward. These are a good length, I think, although I wish they were maybe a half inch to an inch shorter. And yeah, shoes that have a lower vamp help extend the leg a bit. Or just go all out with booties.

  3. I sure hope your flight leaves on time today and that the roads at home are in decent condition for the Uber ride home.  I really like this outfit!  The necklaces are so pretty, the sweater is pretty, and the mules are awesome.  I just checked them out online and noticed that the description does not mention arch support.  In your opinion, do they have that feature?  Thanks!  🛫 ⛰ 🛬 ☃️

    1. They sort of do — I mean, they are not comfort shoes by any means, but they do have padding and it feels like some support. And thank you. Definitely praying for a smooth flight home. Evidently it is warmer today do just slushy, no ice.

  4. I am loving these cropped jeans looks. I think the skinnier ones are a bit more flattering (but I might have to give these new ones by Loft a try). The turquoise shirt with cap sleeves looks so pretty!
    I don’t own any Gorjana pieces (wish I did) but I’ve been reading Gor-jana in my head, like in the word “gorgeous”. Guess that’s wrong too, LOL. Too funny!
    I think you made the right decision by staying another night. Driving on icy roads in no joke, wether you are the driver or not.

  5. This is such a pretty color combination for Spring. I like the whole look! Thank you Jo-Lynne for your suggestions on the stadium bags. I absolutely love both the Gigi New York bag and the Madly Yours bag on Etsy, just not sure I can justify the price point. However, having said that, since these bags can be worn as a fashion statement and not just for stadium events, perhaps it would be worth the investment. Safe travels back home today! Be blessed!

  6. I love all the cropped jeans outfits!  I wear a lot of cropped jeans because we don’t get warm until about June and I get tired of my full length jeans.  I tend to wear the skinnier ones because they are more flattering on my short frame.  Shoes definitely do change the looks up a lot!  I love all the ways you wore them.  And wearing the   3/4 sleeve sweater with crops is a perfect transition.   Have a good flight home!

  7. I have to get out and try on some croppped straight legs! These samples with sandals, sneakers and heels are cute! Any easy way to transition into shorts. 
    I noticed your bag matches your shoe. Is it ok to match now? 

  8. Oh I love this outfit on you… the jeans definitely work. Just a question… they look narrower on the bottom of the loft model than on you or are my eyes playing tricks?? I need to be careful of the crop length because as much as I love that length I am 5’3 and it can become full length lol…  I just watched survivor last night… going to be another good one😉

  9. Just wondering if you’ve ever addressed the subject of different colors of clothing looking better on some of us than others? 
    Another words, are there any colors you personally stay away from? Should we be considering hair color, eye color, skin tone, etc or is life too short to be overthinking this? 😀
    Love your blog! Tina

    1. No, you aren’t overthinking a bit. We all definitely have colors that look better on us than others. I typically gravitate to cooler colors due to my dark hair and the red/blue undertones in my skin.

  10. None of this is what I’d typically wear, but somehow I still want it all, lol. Matching bag and shoes get me every time! I know it’s not technically a must, but it just makes me so happy when it happens 😊

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