Fall Try-On Haul: Nordstrom, Madewell & LOFT

Greetings from the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware! We’re down here at my nephew’s wedding, and we’ve had a great time.

The ceremony was beautiful, and it’s been quite the party, complete with the Phillies Phanatic (the Phillies baseball team’s mascot) showing up in the middle of the reception and dancing with us for almost an hour. (Google him — he’s hilarious.)

Anyway, I’m up bright and early to put the finishing touches on this post. Thank goodness the hotel has good, strong coffee.

I stopped into Nordstrom one day this week to pick up a few things, and I ended up doing a big dressing room try-on haul. Then at the end, I have a few more things that came in the mail the other day.

Fall Try-On Haul: Nordstrom, Madewell & LOFT

Try-On Haul: Nordstrom + LOFT and Madewell

As a reminder, I’m 5’5″ and about 140# with a short-waisted, hourglass shape. I typically wear a small in tops, a 6 or 8 (28 or 29) in pants, and an 8 in dresses.

Most everything I tried was true to size, so I won’t mention sizing notes unless something was an exception to that.

I didn’t go into Nordstrom looking for anything in particular, but I found a ton of great things by Vince Camuto. They seem to be carrying more of this brand this season, and I was pleasantly surprised by all of it!

His stuff is in the same department as Halogen and Caslon and those brands, but I will say his price point is a bit higher — just to warn you. They’re still good solid, mid-range prices though, and the quality seems really good.

Vince Camuto Bishop Sleeve Colorblock V-Neck Sweater (size S) // I love the v-neckline and the color blocking on this sweater, and the combination of neutrals is really on trend.

It’s a nice quality knit — on the thinner side but with a nice weight to it. It seems a little big through my shoulders, but judging from how it looks on the model, I think this is the way it’s supposed to fit.

I left this in the store, but as I’m looking at these pictures, I wish I’d kept it. Oddly enough, I didn’t like it as much in person as I do in these pictures, so I’d like to try it again and see if I feel the same way about it.

also wearing: DL1961High Waist Crop Fray Step Hem Skinny Jeans with J.Crew Factory Zoe Calf Hair d’Orsay Flats

Vince Camuto Mock Neck Sweater (size S) // This sweater is soooo soft and cozy. I didn’t expect to like it very much, as it looked big and bulky on the hanger, but it’s like putting on a big bear hug, and I think it’s actually cute on. Obviously it’s not super slimming or anything, but it’s perfect for cold winter days when you want to feel cozy but still look nice.

When I saw the price, I almost didn’t get it, but I ended up caving and brought it to the register. It comes in 3 other GORGEOUS colors — I love them all, but I chose the fleur because I love how it pairs with denim, and it’s a color that looks good near my face. Ooooh, I just found it on sale in this deep blue.

also wearing: DL1961High Waist Crop Fray Step Hem Skinny Jeans with J.Crew Factory Zoe Calf Hair d’Orsay Flats

Vince Camuto Animal Jacquard Pullover (size S) // This sweater is very thick and so super soft — another pleasant surprise. It feels really nice on, and it has such a flattering fit.

My only issue with it is I can’t decide if it’s a cow or a leopard, haha! It reads cow to me, and I’m not sure how I feel about that . . .

Sanctuary Runway Leggings (size M) // These leggings were also better than I expected. They’re incredibly comfortable, and nice and thick — kind of a cross between ponte and regular knit leggings.

I tried to lighten up the shadows in the picture above to show you the pockets on the rear, but that only magnified how dirty the mirror was. I didn’t notice it till I came home and started editing pictures, and yikes! It was nasty. Anyway, these leggings are AMAZING, and they’re on sale right now.

I would have brought them home except I know myself, and I know I won’t reach for them. I will always reach for jeans instead. But if you’re in the market for a quality pair of leggings, these are GREAT.

Vince Camuto Smock Detail Blouson Sleeve Top (size S) // This blouse was also a pleasant surprise. I admit, I tried on a lot of these clothes because I thought some of you would like them, not because I really wanted or needed them. But this blouse came home with me too! #occupationalhazards

I love the fit, the neckline, the sheer sleeves, the smock details . . . I love it all! This is perfect for church or work wear. I’m wearing the magenta, and it also comes in a gorgeous holiday red.

also wearing: Sanctuary Runway Leggings with J.Crew Factory Zoe Calf Hair d’Orsay Flats

Vince Camuto Enchanted Floral Sleeveless Hammered Satin Blouse (size S) // I picked up a few holiday-ish tops to try, and this floral satin blouse is stunning. I love the ruched mock neck, and I appreciate that the armholes aren’t super low, although there is a bit of bra showing. I have this issue with most sleeveless tops, but I think if I wore a black bra, this one would be okay.

I tried it on with both pants and a skirt . . .

Vince Camuto Velvet Tube Skirt (size M) I thought this was a really fun piece for dressing up this blouse for a holiday event or something like that. It’s a pull-on style and very comfortable.

1901 4-Way Stretch Ankle Skinny Pants (size 8) // Again, I’m fighting a dirty mirror to show you the details on these pants, but I think you get the gist. (If you’re thinking it doesn’t look that bad, that’s because I photoshopped out the worst of it.)

I have these pants at home, actually, but I saw them and picked them up to use in the try-ons, and they work really well with this blouse. They’re comfortable and stretchy and fit true to size, or size up if in between; I have the 8.

I can see topping off this outfit with a velvet blazer for a more casual holiday party, or wearing a cardigan to church or office events.

Vince Camuto Side Cinched Crepe Top (size small) // I’m not crazy about this top — the length throws my proportions off balance and kind of splits me in half vertically. It’s a cute design, though, and the color is pretty. If pink isn’t your thing, it comes in four other colors.

also wearing: 1901 4-Way Stretch Ankle Skinny Pants with J.Crew Factory Zoe Calf Hair d’Orsay Flats

Vince Camuto Chiffon Sleeve Sparkle Jersey Blouse (size small) // I looove this top, and once again, I wasn’t really in the market for it but I decided to get it while the getting was good. I think it will come in handy during the holidays.

It’s form-fitting but not super tight, and has just a hint of sparkle to make it festive. The sheer chiffon sleeves are a nice touch. So many holiday tops are sleeveless, which then requires a topper. This top is one and done — well, just add pants or a skirt, and you’re done!

also wearing: 1901 4-Way Stretch Ankle Skinny Pants

Caslon Three Quarter Sleeve Tee (size small) // This is a great closet basic, and the boatneck is nice for a change. It’s thick and stretchy but not super tight or clingy, and it’s not at all see-through.

DL1961High Waist Crop Fray Step Hem Skinny Jeans (size 29) // I saw these jeans on another blog, and I liked the wash and the funky hems, so I ordered them to try.

They have a 10″ front rise, so it’s quite high, but that makes them very comfortable, and I like how they hold everything in.

The inseam is 26″ so they’re definitely a cropped style. I wish they were about an inch longer to be perfect for me, but they’re still fun to wear with booties and flats like the d’Orsay flats shown here.

J.Crew Factory Zoe Calf Hair d’Orsay Flats (size 8) // These shoes are a great value for the price point. I was surprised by how comfortable they are, and while the quality isn’t outstanding, they look nice enough.

When I first put them on, I thought they were going to be rough around the topline, but after walking around the house in them for a few minutes, I could tell they weren’t going to bother me at all. I wore them all over the mall and was comfortable  For under $50, they’re a fun trendy shoe to update your fall wardrobe.

Caslon Cotton Blend Boyfriend Blazer (size small) // These sweater jackets are trending this season, and it’s nice to have a different option for a completer piece.

This isn’t really a sweater, but not sweatshirt material either. I guess it’s some type of knit. At any rate, I think you could use it for both work and casual outfits. It also comes in black.

also wearing: DL1961High Waist Crop Fray Step Hem Skinny Jeans with J.Crew Factory Zoe Calf Hair d’Orsay Flats

Caslon Houndstooth Check Double Weave Jacket (size small) // I was hoping to like this better than I did. Maybe if I’d been able to steam it, I’d have felt differently, but I was underwhelmed. It’s also unlined, which makes it feel flimsy and cheap.

Sanctuary Gina Long Sleeve Mixed Media Tee (size S) // It’s hard to see the details on a black shirt in photos, but I tried to get up close so you can see the contrasting material on the neckline and cuffs. This is a really cute top to wear with jeans or work pants.

It’s slightly see-through, but not enough to bother me. I think that’s magnified in these pictures — plus I wasn’t wearing a black bra, which would help immensely.

Sanctuary Grease Leggings (Bristol Plaid; size M) // These plaid leggings are really fun. They come in a bunch of other plaid options, and some are more bold patterns, but I like that there’s low contrast between the colors in this pair, giving them a more subtle appearance.

I’d wear these with tall boots, so that there’s not as much plaid visible, to make them even a little more subdued, but they’re a nice alternative to jeans and solid color pants.

Halogen Crewneck Cashmere Sweater (size S) // Nordstrom carries this Halogen cashmere sweater, or a version of it, every year. It’s a great closet basic, and it feels wonderful on.

I have it in camel, but I love this medium grey color too. They also make a v-neck version, which they updated this year with a slight V in the back of the neckline as well.

I will say that it usually goes on sale at some point, so I’m hesitant to recommend purchasing it now unless you really need it.

Halogen V-Neck Top (size S) // This blouse is really flattering on, and I love the patterns it comes in. I really wanted the black pin dot (with fall colors on a black background) but they were sold out in my size so I ordered this rust floral.

I love that it’s a pull-on style (I hate futzing with buttons, plus they always gape across the chest) and did I mention how flattering it is? I’m getting tired of these drapey blouses you have to front-tuck. This one can easily be tucked in, but you can also leave it out if you want.

Madewell Varick Turtleneck Sweater in Hthr Pine (size S) // When I saw this sweater online, I ordered it immediately. I love the chunky knit, and this pine green is gorgeous.

It does have some wool in it, so it’s a little scratchy if you’re sensitive to such things, but not enough to bother me. Plus you can always wear a long-sleeve tee underneath for more warmth and as a barrier.

I ordered it in both the green and cream, but I like the green much better, I’m not sure why. See below.

Madewell Varick Turtleneck Sweater in Antique Cream (size S) // I’m not sure what the difference is, but the cream color doesn’t excite me as much. The green is a keeper, for sure.

also wearing: AG Prima skinny jeans (33% off!)

LOFT Blossom Ruffle Cuff V-Neck Blouse (size small) // Finally, this blouse came in the mail this week. I’m waiting on more from that order, but I wanted to at least share this — although it’s almost sold out. It wasn’t when I ordered it, but it went fast after that.

LOFT is having a site-wide 40% off sale right now, so that’s definitely worth checking out.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for sharing your try on haul! Love it! Sooo I have a question about turtle necks… I’m currently in the Signature course at AYW… their advice is a hard no for turtle necks (for any body type). I love turtle necks! Any advice for how to make them work?!  Appreciate your input.

    1. Ha. I guess I forgot about that. Yeah, I get that they’re not as flattering as some other necklines, but I can’t give mine up. When I’m cold, it’s all I want to wear.

      I prefer the ones that have more of a relaxed turtleneck, so they show a little more neck, which is elongating. For that reason, I love a cowl neck. And then finding a length and fit that is semi-flattering is important too, of course, and the color and what you pair them with… all the stuff you learn in the course. I’m a huge advocate of AYW – even tho I don’t follow the rules to a T, I know why things don’t look as good as they could, and I decide to compromise, I’m not just wondering what is off. You know?

      1. JoLynne—can you explain why a turtleneck is not a good option for all body types?  Seems like it should be good for some ladies.

  2. I love the Hotel DuPont! One of my sons had his wedding reception there a few years ago. And great family pic. I’m really tempted to order the plaid leggings. They are a little dressier than jeans but not as dressy as slacks. I don’t think you need tall boots. The plaid is classy and fun at the same time, and as you said, subtle. Happy Saturday!

    1. Really!? How cool. It’s a beautiful building. When we lived in West Chester (like 23 years ago!) we used to go to plays at their theater occasionally. It was fun to be back.

  3. Yes I loved it. You tried on some fabulous items. It’s so much fun to read and browse but I know it’s hard work for you so Thanks. XO

  4. What a great family picture. You all look stunning and all those dresses are beautiful. I really love the added waterfall ruffle on yours:)  and what a great back drop. Was that the hotel? Also love the jersey sparkled top you bought . I’d love that for the holidays it’s dressy but still has a casual vibe. Also I agree with the blouses you don’t have to fuss and tuck in much easier to put on and go.
    Happy weekend 

  5. This was a really really helpful post today JoLynne!!! Thank you so much. I’m grateful for your time and effort in showing us clothing and styling…..my closet reflects it! I’m 59 and I’m at home, so it is really easy to dress in ultra casualness but it also feels good to look nice and put together without spending a lot of money. Have a blessed weekend…….oh by the way you were rocking that dress for the wedding!!!!

  6. Hi Happy Saturday! Great photo of the fam. Love the blue dress with white flowers your daughter wore!

    Great try on haul, as usual. This one had exceptionally great pieces. The holiday top was awesome! I was just shopping this week for one. (By the time you need one they are all gone!!!)

  7. I always love the reviews when you do your try on hauls. You point out the good and bad of the items and you always have a nice variety. The biggest reason I commented today was to say what a beautiful family picture! Everyday casual pictures are fun, but when everyone is dressed to impress, what a great memory!

  8. Thanks for all your try ons and for the inspiration ! I am in big trouble now because a new Nordstrom just opened yesterday and it’s ten minutes from home! Uh oh. Leaving shortly lol. 

  9. I loved the try on session today.  My favorite s were the plaid pants with that black sparkly top.  And the red blouse is darling.  I’m with you about not having to tuck a blouse   I really like Vince Camuto line of clothing.  I’ve been seeing his things st Nordstrom  Rack too. You family picture was just wonderful.  Beautiful family.    Have a wonderful weekend.  

  10. Sometime this week you posted about your wool coat from J Crew.  I follow you on so many places I can’t recall where I saw it but want to see which coat you own.  Can you provide a link?  Thanks.

  11. Thanks for this great post, especially since you had to prepare it at the same time as preparing for the family wedding. You’re the best!

  12. Very nice family photograph at the weddng! You all look great! Love the try on hauls! The blouse and velvet skirt are my favorites.

  13. I would have been hard pressed to not bring most of these try on pieces home. Love the tops, excepting the Bishop sleeve and animal print (cow).  I’m thinking of trying on the plaid leggings. They would look great with a big slouchy sweater and booties. 

    You looked wonderful in your ruffled dress for the wedding. We knew it was a winner! It’s so nice to see the whole family dressed up. Your time together on the dance floor sounds like fun. Good memories! 

    Drive safe today!

  14. Love them all. And what a fun wedding. Thanks for video. Enjoy rest of your weekend. You all looked great all dressed up.

  15. What a beautiful family! Looks like an amazing time. Love the halogen turtlenecks and the plaid leggings. A perfect casual workwear outfit. Enjoy the weekend

  16. Well, gee, thanks, Jo-Lynne😊. You have just made me double my wishlist at Nordstrom!  So many wonderful things. You looked great in these outfits, but I must say you looked fabulous in your family photo. You should use that for Christmas cards. The dress was so flattering on you. 

  17. What a beautiful family photo! You all look terrific! You chose a winner. The cocktail length waterfall dress with those heels is perfect. Its our Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend (stat holiday on Mon) so busy prepping and cooking.
    Another terrific try on haul. I actually love the pink Vince Camuto twist front top on you – LOL.

  18. Ahhh What can I say…You had me at Vince Camuto. I love that brand. I will soon be the owner of the mock neck in Cool Dusk (Eucalyptus being a close second), That Madewell turtle neck is on my wish list as is the black sparkly holiday blouse ( I just can’t get my head into the holidays yet, heck we just started Fall here). Have a lovely weekend. Oh great wedding pics and footage. We have a bunch of Fall weddings coming up and perusing the crowd has given me a few ideas (maybe a jumpsuit..?).

  19. Great outfits. Loved the things you tried on. 
    What a wonderful family photo of you all. Be safe and have fun!

  20. Cow or leopard dilemma….hahahaha. My vote is leopard as a cow’s spots would be much bigger. Love that last purple flowered blouse and the magenta blouse! That color looks amazing on you. I love the Vince Camuto brand. I kinda groaned when you said you didn’t bring home the color block sweater cause my closet lives vicariously through yours. 😀

  21. Hey Jolynne! Your family picture is very Sweet. You have a Beautiful family! Love the girls dresses. Also, your dress is Gorgeous. So glad you went with a short dress. Looks beautiful on you. Always love your Try On Hauls. Every thing always looks great on you. Lots a good ideas. Glad you had a a Great time at the wedding. Love your blog! Have a good night!!❤😊

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