Victoria Emerson Winter BOGO Sale

Greetings, friends! It’s the first Victoria Emerson BOGO Sale of 2021, and what good timing! I don’t know about you, but I could use a little pick-me-up right about now. Also, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, if you can believe it.

The Braga boho cuff is one of their new additions, inspired by the blue skies and stone streets of the picturesque Portuguese city.

I love how this bracelet brightens up my neutral winter look, but it will also look beautiful with lighter colors and fabrics this spring and summer.

The combination of cream textured leather, white howlite beads, and crystal chain create a pleasing contrast against the brown woven leather, blue-green Amazonite stones, and crystal wrap.

And as with all her boho cuffs, it’s held together with the signature gold plated magnetic clasp with engraved logo — this one is white gold, which works well with the cooler tones in this piece.

This Trieste Boho Cuff is another new addition this winter, and it’s inspired by colors from the Italian port city that bears its name.

I love how the bold blue and green hues pop against this winter white outfit, and the shimmering gold and silver chains add a richness to the piece. This one has a gold plated clasp.

And the Attica boho cuff is one of their top sellers season after season.

The silvery beads and coins, along with the pavé crystal shamballa on the braided wax cord, and the strap of white and silver seed beads combine for the perfect sparkly neutral statement bracelet.

This is such a versatile piece, and I’ve worn it many times over the past couple of years. I particularly like how it complements the mauve and grey tones in this casual outfit.

Even on days when I’m working from home, I like to add a pretty accessory. It brightens up my day and brings me joy.

Here are a few more of my favorite Victoria Emerson bracelets that are in stock and on sale right now….

The Kalamazoo cuff is a mix of shimmering gold beads, coil wrap, and metallic chains .

The Chartres Boho Cuff is a blend of glass and metallic beads that are hand-tied on ivory cord and layered between shiny gold chains. I think this one is so elegant.

And the Alicante is one of my perennial favorites. I absolutely love the mix of silvery beads and coins, pale crystals, and metallic chains.

Then there are her wraps…

The Crystal on White Ivory wrap is a best seller. The white crystals are spaced out among faded peach crystals, for an understated everyday bracelet that goes with practically anything.

And the Midnight Mist five wrap is the ultimate black on black bracelet — so striking!

And I’m always a fan of her Freshwater Pearls on Natural for a classic look. Here I paired it with the Double Wrap on Tan Leather for more of a stacked look. (FYI, the double wrap is already marked down, so not included in the BOGO free promo.)

Here are those and more of my Victoria Emerson favorites on sale right now!

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  1. I love these bracelets. I have very tiny wrists and have trouble finding bracelets that don’t look bad and just fall off over my hand. Do you think these bracelets would work for me?

  2. Morning Jolynne!

    Can you link your pink and tan sweater with your black jeans?  Thank you so much!

    I used to sleep wonderfully.  Never had problems.  And then, oh my!  I was late in menopause, last period at 58.  And truly, I want it back!!  Sorry for too much info.  

    Thanks got hit blog Jolynne.  I read everyday.  


  3. Thanks for the heads up on the sale – love her bracelets. Do you have a link to the pink sweater you are wearing in the Attica Boho Cuff pics?

    Thanks for all you do!

  4. Hi Jo-Lynne!  I love the sweater that you’re wearing with the Attica Boho cuff.  Can you provide a link for it?  Thank you!  🙂

  5. My daughter got me some of these bracelets for Christmas. They are absolutely beautiful.. I find the magnetic one very easy to put on. However, the wraps are more difficult. Do you have any tips on how to get these on? The first time I put one on it fell off shortly after I wore it.

    1. I’ve never had one fall off. I just put the “button” in the tightest slot, and then I cut off the excess. Sometimes it’s hard to get it on by myself the first time, and if I’m impatient, I’ll have one of my daughters help me. But after I’ve worn it once, the slot is more open, and it’s pretty easy to get on and off by myself. I’ve never noticed them falling off. I’d say, just make sure the button is in there securely, and you should be good to go. And cut off any excess leather.

  6. I use Natrol quick release melatonin 1 mg tabs. . I take it if I wake up during the night. I started with one mg. And now take two mg.  It usually gets me back to sleep. Only thing is it lasts only 3 hrs.  I had tried higher doses but they too many side effects and still only last 3 hours.  I’ve been thinking about the time release but seems to have too many side effects.
    Peri menopause is difficult. Maybe ask your gyn for referral to specialist 
    Good luck

  7. HELP ☺I put two(2) sale items in my cart but when I go to checkout the Winter Bogo( Buy one get one free is not being reflected, still seeing price for both items when I was about to make payment.

    How were you able to get your Winter Bogo at checkout?

    1. Were any already on sale? If so, they don’t qualify. Also, new gold vermeil items don’t qualify. The discount should show automatically in cart, on qualifying items. Hope that helps! 🙂

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