What I Wore This Week (and Last Week Too!)

Good morning! I hope you’re enjoying your first June weekend! I didn’t share my outfits last Saturday because I wanted to do a MDW Sales post, so I have two weeks of outfits for you today.

Also, if you have been having trouble receiving my emails or getting opted in to the new GDPR approved list, scroll to the bottom of this post for instructions. I even have an update that is newer than the email that went out this morning… for all who have been getting that error after trying to update.

The weather has been up and down, as it tends to be this time of year, so I’ve got a mix of spring and summer looks again this week.

I wore this outfit one dreary, rainy day last week to run a few errands. I take every chance I can to wear this sweater before I have to put it away for next fall. I know the price is up there, but I did get it when it was on sale, so at least there’s that.

cardigan (option) // tee // AG legging ankle jeans (option) // shoes (more sizes here / less $$ option here) // necklace

I wore this outfit to church two weeks ago when it was pretty outside. I think it was the only non-rainy Sunday we’ve had in months. Also, these jeans are on sale at Saks. I got my regular size 28, but I kind of wish I had gone up to a 29, so if you’re buying a pair and you’re in between sizes, you may want to size up.

sweater // jeans // similar shoes // bracelet // earrings // sunnies c/o

I wore this outfit to go to the mall… obviously! I took this picture in the Nordstrom dressing room. After my shopping trip, I met a friend for lunch.

This sweater is on sale and it’s a really nice piece to have for those times when you want something dressier than a tee but still comfortable and easy to throw on and go. It also comes in white, and I’m wearing a small. I love these jeans, but size up if you order. I’m wearing a size 30.

sweater // white jeans (option) // sandals in Makeup (option) // bracelets

Yep, the same jeans two days in a row. As I said in yesterday’s post, I definitely get my money’s worth out of these! This top is cute (and on sale!) but definitely size down. It also comes in other colors.

wrap top // white jeans (option) // similar espadrilles // necklace // bracelets

YAY! They restocked this dress! I was SO hoping they would. It runs a little large, so size down if in between. I have it in a small.

Also, it’s thin, but I feel comfortable without a slip as long as I’m wearing my Jockey Skimmies Slipshorts (less control) or Spanx Shape My Day Girl Shorts (more control) underneath. I prefer the Spanx, but both are comfortable and moisture-wicking and keep your dress from getting stuck in unfortunate places… ifyouknowwhatImean. I also hear good things about these Soma Smoothing Shorts, but I haven’t tried them yet.

dress // sandals in Makeup (option) // sunnies c/o // bracelet

I wore this casual outfit to run some errands last Friday, and I think I went to the mall; it’s hard to remember. This graphic tee is so fun and only $7.50, and I love these tri-tone earrings for when you want something larger than average but not too big and heavy.

graphic tee // jean shorts (option) // sandals in Makeup (option) // earrings

That night we decided to go out to dinner, so I switched into this denim skirt outfit. We were just going to a casual restaurant with the girls, but I wanted to look nicer than the denim shorts and graphic tee (above.)

The skirt runs small; I have it in a 30. And I wear a small in this tee, so it’s pretty much TTS.

white tee // denim skirt (option) // cardigan c/o Social Threads // sandals in Makeup (option) // earrings // bracelets

I wore this last Saturday for a Target run among other things. Yes, the same shorts and sandals two days in a row. It seems to be a theme lately!

I thought the cut on this top was really cute, but it’s stretchy and has a way of hugging your lumps and bumps, so that’s something to be aware of. It runs small, so size up! I have the medium.

stripe top // jean shorts (option) // sandals in Makeup (option) // earrings // bracelet

I wore this on Sunday to church. It was another rainy day (shocker!) It wasn’t a downpour; it was just spritzing, so I went for an in-between outfit with this 3/4 sleeve sweater and perforated booties.

My rain boots got packed away when we staged the house to sell it and I haven’t bothered to dig them back out yet, and besides, I’m tired of wearing boots!

stripe sweater // jeans (option) // booties // bracelet // bag (old color)

I have no idea what I wore on Monday, but I didn’t photograph it, evidently. This outfit is from Tuesday. I came home after shooting a bunch of summer looks with Alison and threw on these comfy old shorts and the twist front tee — which, I discovered, is finally on sale!

twist front tee // similar shorts (size down 2 sizes) // similar sandals // layer necklace

I didn’t photograph myself on Wednesday or Thursday either, and for that you should thank me. Not even an Instagram filter could have handled Thursday. I stayed in workout clothes all day… no makeup, ponytail, glasses… the works. I even took my daughter to the hair salon, where I callously subjected the stylists and other patrons to my startling sight. I know, I’m a terribly thoughtless human being.

Okay, okay, I kid… it’s not really not as bad as all that, but I generally prefer to stay close to home on my “grace days.” But some days, you just gotta do whatcha gotta do!

Finally, I threw this outfit on yesterday to take my daughter to the orthodontist and to run to the carpet store. I decided to give the blue denim a rest, so I grabbed these pink jeans instead. The easiest way to wear colored jeans is to throw on a white tee and a denim jacket, so that’s what I did. It’s totally fool-proof as long as you have pieces that fit you well.

I am also realizing, as I write this out, that I didn’t actually give the blue denim a rest — I just switched it around to my jacket. I’m hopeless. Hopelessly in love with denim, that is.

denim jacket // white tee // pink jeans (pink sunrise – on sale!) // similar sandals // necklace // bracelets // sunnies c/o

And that’s a wrap! I hope y’all enjoy the rest of your weekend, and come back on Monday for Day 2 of 21 Days of Summer Fashion!

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27 Responses

    1. You know what? I have a theory. Can you do me a favor? Do you have any of my old emails still in your inbox?

      If so, find one and scroll to the verrrrry bottom in the footer — the black area at the bottom. The very last row of text has a link to “update your preferences.” If you click that, you should get the same page as with the link I provided in this post, but it should be filled out with your info b/c it came from an email you received from your account. Check the box beside “Yes, I want to receive your emails!” and see if you get the same error. Let me know what happens. THANK YOU!

  1. Love these posts! How is the weight of the Kut from the Kloth jean jacket? I’ve been looking for a lighter weight jean jacket for summer. I love them over a maxi dress.

  2. I was so excited to see your email this morning! Thank you!! And yes I like it when you also post about decorating and home goods.

    1. Hey Susan, it is still showing you not opted in on my end so scroll to the bottom of your email, click update preferences (in the black box at the bottom) and then make sure to check off “Yes I want to receive your emails” under Marketing Permissions and be sure to click the UPDATE button too. You got my email this morning b/c I sent it to the original list. 🙂

  3. Hi Jolynne. Today our furniture is arriving in Raleigh/Durham, NC from Cleveland, OH after being in a hotel for a week with my husband and dog! The best advice I can give you is that packing will take about 10 times longer that you think it will–especially the storage spaces. Get packing, girl! Love your blog!


    1. GAH! I am sure you are right. I know I need to get moving. I just told my family that everyone has to pack at least 2 boxes before watching TV each day. We’ll see how that goes… haha!

  4. Love your posts! Quick question. My family is headed up to PA
     (Lancaster) this coming week, and I am wondering what kind of clothes to pack. We live in Houston, and we are already having temps in the upper 90s, so we are in shorts all the time, Do I need to pull out my jeans for my trip? In any case, I can’t wait for some cooler weather!

    1. It is hot and humid today but that’s supposed to change when a storm comes thru tonight. This week looks more temperate — highs in low 70s, lows in the 50s. YAY! So yes, I would bring some jeans and a cardigan or denim jacket for evening.

      1. Thanks. I will dig out jeans and light coats/cardigans for all of us then. Our lows are in the 70s so this will feel awesome! 

  5. Hi Jo-Lynne, I am one of those people with the funky message problem. I tried out your hunch. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Thanks! By the way I ordered that cute wrap top in three colors. Can’t decide on the black or red. The green is going back. The black was as well till I saw the white jeans outfit. I even have those earrings and of course a pair of black espadrilles. I do have some style sense of my own but thanks so much for all the great ideas!

    1. Hey Cindy, I checked your profile, and it says you opted in, but it also says “pending confirmation” – did you get a confirmation email in your inbox? I didn’t used to have my list set up to send that, but that may have changed with the GDPR. Maybe search my email “[email protected]” and look in your spam folder.

  6. It is nice to have proof that you really do wear some of the same pieces for several days.  Because I have a very limited number of shorts/capris to wear for working around the house, I have to wear them on repeat.  After you take your girls shopping, I am confident you will start packing a few boxes this weekend.  🛍

  7. Hi Jo-Lynne. I love all the outfits this week and though due to work I can’t join the FB live, I watch every.single.week! Thank you for doing those. Question about the TB sandals/flip flops: Do they run large as the website says or did you order TTS? Love the make up color-goes with everything.

    1. Hey Pam. I wear my usual size 8, but a lot of women say they size up. I think it depends on how thick/wide your feet are. My feet do entirely fill the shoes, but if I went up a half size, they’d be too loose on me.

  8. It’s always fun to see what you are wearing on a daily basis.  I dress so casually most of the time, it’s nice to get some new ideas for just wearing at home and running errands. My basic pieces are definitely on repeat!  Thanks for the home sales links. I bought 4 of the small juice size drinking glasses several years ago and couldn’t remember where I got them!   I would love to add the larger ones and now know where to find them.  Enjoy your weekend!

  9. So much work goes into each and every post!  Thanks for the recap!  I’ve been waiting and plan to sign up for Adore Your Wardrobe when it opens up tomorrow.  

  10. I just tried again and am still getting the monkey message. Last week when I tried to update it gave me a message that “this email is already on our list.” However, when I left it alone I didn’t get any emails all week (until today.) I just unsubscribed and resubscribed. Hopefully this puts me back on your mailing list!

  11. I do have one small complaint about the new website. On my computer, there is a long skinny grey box on the left side of the screen with all the icons to click on for sharing. The problem for me, is it runs into the printed message and I have to scroll your message up and down to try to get past that box, to read the words on the far left of the screen. Annoying.

    Otherwise, love everything else!

    1. If you widen your browser window, the blog should expand, and those will be in white space on the sidebars. That said, you are not the first one to have this complaint so I have taken then down. 🙂

  12. I’m impatiently waiting for that Caslon maxi dress to arrive. Thanks for the restock alert in your newsletter the other day, by the way. For me it was a bit of a splurge for a dress, but I still regret returning a similar one from two years ago, so I jumped on it. It looks like it will be super versatile.

  13. I had to laugh about giving blue denim a rest b/c the other day I realized that I wear something in that vein almost every day. It’s just who I am, I guess! Ha!

  14. I just got in my AG denim skirt!  I love it!  Thank you for always having great style advice.  I wear a 28 in the AG jeans so I ordered a 30 in the skirt.  Just like you said!  

    Thanks again! Toni

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