Wildflower Tee + White Crop Jeans

Welcome back to 22 Days of Summer Fashion! Today I’m styling this wildflower fitted scoop neck tee with Levi’s white straight crop jeans.

This is a great little top for throwing on with jeans or shorts or even a skirt. I like the shorter length and fitted style.

It’s made of a cotton/modal blend, so it has more of a silky texture than your typical cotton tee.

I think the scoop neck is really flattering too, and I like the shape of the short sleeves. Some ladies prefer a longer sleeve, but this is my favorite length.

This top runs small; I’m wearing the small, but it’s pretty form-fitting, and I haven’t washed it yet. You could size up for a more relaxed fit. Also, it’s 40% off with code YESSS.

I paired it with the Levi’s 724 High Rise Straight Crops that I’ve shared before. I love how thick these are; there’s absolutely no show-through.

The raw cut frayed hem and destroyed knee keeps them casual, but the crisp white denim has a refined look about it. It’s a nice juxtaposition that allows you to dress them up or down.

These jeans run small; I sized up to a 29, and you can find them at Shopbop and Revolve.

If you’re not familiar with shopping at Revolve, they have free 2-day shipping and free returns (for 60 days), and it’s very easy! Shopbop has free 2-day shipping and free returns for 30 days. Both provide return labels, and it’s much easier to use them than it is to reprint one from their websites, so be sure to hold on to that until you’re sure you’re going to keep.

These are the rag & bone sunnies I picked up at the Shopbop sale last winter. I love the colorful tortoiseshell oversized square frames, but they’re spendy. I found a similar pair for under $100.

This was the day I forgot my jewelry, so I only wore this one necklace. Normally, I’d add earrings and a bracelet.

To complete the look, I went with a nude flat sandal and a white bag. Sometimes I match my shoes and bag, and sometimes I don’t.

In this case, while I also have these sandals in white, I thought the nude looked better. I like the way they blend in with my skin, allowing the crisp white jeans and bold blue top to be the focal points.

Outfit Details:

wildflower tee // white jeans (also at Shopbop) // similar sandals // similar bag // necklace // sunnies (similar for less)

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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34 thoughts on “Wildflower Tee + White Crop Jeans

  1. I wore that top 2 days ago! Love it! I wore medium rinse jeans, as I’m a pear and white jeans don’t work for me (I’m an AYW graduate and that is a basic principle.) You wore it very well! I love your sandals, I wish they were still available, searching for a similar pair. Have a great weekend!

  2. I bought this shirt after I saw it on you in another post.  I love it.  It’s so cute. It’s like a t-shirt, but dressier.  Thanks for showing us great clothing.

  3. What a pretty outfit, especially the top!  I have arthritis in my spine and have now undergone several injections and having some of the nerves cauterized at a pain center where this is all they do.  The injection procedure is very simple and I have the option to have some light sedation, which I do.  If this ends up being what you need, I promise it is not bad, and this is from someone with a very low tolerance for pain.  I know that y’all are looking forward to seeing Ozzy today and having people in your home this weekend.  Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Ginger. It’s more the needle than the pain that scares me. I did have an injection in my foot once for plantar fasciitis. Uggghhh…. Anyway, you do whatcha gotta do. 🙂 I’m hoping to get some answers from this MRI, at the very least.

  4. I’ve had back problems for years now. I did have a course of injections several years ago and honestly it wasnt bad at all. I only got temporary relief so I had to look into something else. I’ve been seeing a Network chiropractor for about 16 yrs now and even though I have flare ups now and then, it’s been really good for me. This is not traditional chiropracty (sp?) – they do not crack your back. It’s very gentle and it teaches the spine to release its own stress. I think different things work for different people. I’m local so if you want more info, send me an email.

  5. This is a great little shirt, I plan on ordering it today. I’ve purchased a few of the items you have featured lately and have been very pleased. Thanks for doing the homework for me on finding some great summer pieces! I too have had back problems, mine came on suddenly and I had the injection. If you can get some mild sedative for the shot that is probably best. I hope things improve for you, back issues are no fun! I ended up having surgery which fixed my problem, for long term relief I have found massage along with daily stretches, PT and walking to be the key to staying fit and free from pain.

      1. There are different kinds, might be worth talking with your doctor about. I was pretty anxious when I had the shot, and it wasn’t very pleasant for me, so would look into the conscious sedation method if I had to do it again. I hope the MRI shows what is going on so you can work on correcting it! Best wishes.

  6. I’ve been having hip issues to. I walk/run 4.2 mph on a treadmill 4-5 x a week for 4 miles. About every other month I get this hip pain and I couldn’t figure out what hurt and I’d plug along. It didn’t really hurt while on the TM but bending over and sitting were the worse. Sunday it started in. Long story and an Xray later I get a diagnosis. Started Prednisone 2 20mg for a week. I was in so much pain last night I wanted to curl up and die. I took the pills and woke up this morning with no initial pain lying. So now it “bites” at my but it’s not constant throbbing and the groin area feels so much better. I’m so scared I’ll gain wait so I’m going to really straighten up my diet and work on that for the next two weeks. So. . . I relate! Good luck!

    1. As one who has also suffered from hip pain as a result of OA (osteoarthritis), and bursitis, may I suggest running, and any high-impact activity, including climbing stairs for exercise  is very hard on your joints. My therapist suggested cycling and swimming for exercise when I was dealing with the worst of it. Walking is fine for me now, but at one time even that was not the recommended.

    2. Yikes! That sounds awful. My pain is actually right under my derriere, lol. It’s in the back. He had me on Prednisone last month and it made me crazy, so I had to go off it. The lower dose pack he gave me back in January was tolerable and it did help, but my pain came back after I was done with it.

  7. I always think – white jeans, white sandals. I never thought about the shoes “matching” skin, but you mention it often (as does Cyndi). I have to try that.
    I hope you get your pain figured out and then get rid of it.
    Enjoy Ozzy. I am glad you are able to visit him.

  8. Top looks so pretty… Have you ever seen a chiropractor? Have a great visit with your family:) and Ozzy❤️

    1. I did a long time go – but it was for my plantar fasciitis. I did like him, though, so maybe I should see what my doc thinks about adding that to my therapies.

  9. I’ve had that shirt in my cart for a bit, think this might be the day to place the order! Your quest for relief of hip pain hits a lot of points for me. I had chronic left hip pain in the joint for awhile, did therapy, etc, went back to doctor after started having numbness down leg and into foot. Had MRI on back, turns out had 2 herniated discs. Had back surgery end of 2017, followed by therapy for recovery and things are better than ever. Good luck with your search for help and I hope you get a solution that works for you!

  10. Your blog is the highlight of my day! Thank you for all you do. Regarding hip pain, injections helped my mother in law tremendously. I wanted to add though that running for me gave me hip pain right on the right hip bone. I was also commuting in the awful California Bay Area traffic and at a desk job, but the virus fixed that. I know your issue is likely not from the same root cause but I found Yin Candlelight yoga fixed all the stiffness aches and pains. Yin is different in that poses are held around 5 minutes each. It can be quite intense but gentle at the same time because you are laying down or seated and almost falling asleep. The stretch goes beyond the muscle and and addresses the fascia. Once a week works for me. It concentrates on a ton of hip openers plus back, chest and neck. The teacher says your strongest emotions are held in your hips, so sometimes you may cry for no reason! My 16 year old daughter practices too, so any age can. It is worth a try to supplement your treatment. I am a weightlifter and cyclist and didn’t believe in yoga until I tried this. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for the info. 5 minutes… yikes!!! I dont think running caused this, as I hadn’t been running that much. I think it’s the desk sitting for hours on end. But now that it’s taken hold, it does not seem to want to let go! Maybe I need to give PT more time, or try some different activities. I was doing yoga and enjoyed it. I stopped b/c I thought it was making this worse, but now that I’m stronger from PT, maybe I should try again.

  11. Cute outfit on you.  Sorry about your health issues. Not fun. Its hard to take the time to get it all figured out.  Glad you are close enough to go visit Ozzy.  Must be nice and hard at the same time.  Enjoy your family this weekend.  This week did go fast. We are headed to my daughters to see our 1 month old grandson.  

  12. Hey JoLynne!! Love this outfit! So fresh and pretty!! Love Loft! My go to Place. Just want to say that I feel your pain with the back and hip issues. The MRI is not bad. I have had many. Both Cervical and Lower Lumbar. It’s a little time consuming but they l do give you music to listen too. As far as the injections, if you have to have one, they are not bad either. Only problem I have is trying to get up off the table. That’s a sight. Haha! Anyway, good luck with your decision. I think you will be just fine. I will be praying for you!!🌷🌸🌹🌻🌺🌿🌱🌼🥀

    1. I don’t mind MRIs. I’ve had many. I do hate needles, though, so hoping maybe I just need to give PT more time. At any rate, the MRI should shed some light on the situation. Thanks for your encouragement!

  13. I have that top too and really like it – such a pretty color. I wish it was a little longer in the waist though. Fortunately, it has not shrunk in the wash.

  14. Did I miss something you said about going to see Ozzy? It’s late and I buzzed through your cute outfit. The top is really cute and you look great in the jeans.
    Not sure if you’re talking about a cortisone shot? I have tendinitis in my leg which can be so painful at times. I went for the longest time insisting I did not want to go down the road of masking the problem and the pain. Finally decided to try the shot and what a difference!! They numbed the area before injecting me and I was surprised that I hardly even felt it. What a blessing. Good luck on the MRI.

  15. Hi JoLynne,

    I have the same issue with my hip and I have had two injections and it has helped tremendously! I space them out over a year-and-a-half and it’s really not that painful to get the injection in that area. I have weekly therapeutic massages for my back, hip and neck pain.

    Good luck!

    Ps love top…

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