22 Days of Fall Fashion: Sleeveless Turtleneck + Crop Flares

Well, it’s HERE!!! 22 Days of Fall Fashion starts NOW.

I’m teaming up with Cyndi Spivey for a style collab, and we’re each styling a new outfit every weekday during the month of September for your fall outfit inspiration!

To launch the series, I’m styling demi-boot crop pants with a mockneck sweater tank and snake print mules.

Usually I like to launch a new style series with an outfit that I love with a capital L, but this isn’t one of them. I like this look in theory, but I wish I could tweak a few things. I’ll explain more below.

I’ve always loved the juxtaposition of a sleeveless turtleneck. Some people say it looks silly, but I think it’s a nice way to transition your wardrobe to fall when it’s still warm outside.

Plus, you can always throw a denim jacket on top on a cooler day… which I wish I’d done for these pictures, but I’m sure you can visualize that. (FYI, my favorite denim jacket is on sale again!)

I like everything about how this sweater fits except for the length. At 20″, it’s quite short on me. I realize it’s intended for pairing with high rise pants, which are very much on trend right now, but I wish it were a couple inches longer.

On the other hand, it’s a comfortable ribbed knit, and not too body-conscious, as some ribbed knits can be. It’s quite forgiving for a larger chest. Also, the turtleneck is the perfect cut.

It’s a traditional turtleneck style without being too tight and constricting, and I also like how this sweater fits around the arms.

Plus, I think this dark walnut is a gorgeous shade of brown — perfect for fall. It also comes in ivory, black, and olive; and it runs true to size, and I have it in the small.

I paired this sweater with olive green demi-boot crop pants, and I love the color combination, but I wish they were a straighter cut. (For anyone wondering, demi-boot basically means mini flare.)

While crop flares are trending, I’ve struggled a bit with this silhouette. I’m a skinny jean girl through and through, but I try to be open-minded when it comes to fashion trends, lest I get stuck in a rut. Plus, I like to show different options because even if something doesn’t look the best on me, it might look great on YOU!

I was hoping I’d like a demi-boot cut better than crop flares, but these pants turned out to have way more of a flare than I had hoped when I placed my order.

On the other hand, these are the perfect crop length for me, with a 26″ inseam. I just wish they didn’t flare quite so much from knee to hem.

I’ve considered taking them to a tailor to see if they could alter them a bit — I expect it would be very easy to do. Otherwise, these pants fit great. I like the mid-rise, and the material is very comfortable.

FYI, they run true to size. I’m wearing the 28, and they also come in petite and tall sizes. For reference, I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds.

Here’s a close-up of my shoes. I absolutely love the colors in this snake print, and the minimalistic styling is right on point. These are the perfect shoe to pull this look together.

I realize some women need more support or can’t walk in mules, but if you don’t need to baby your feet, I highly recommend adding these or something like them to your fall wardrobe.

Another option would be a loafer, and of course you could also wear ankle boots with this outfit.

Because this outfit is fairly plain, I wanted to add a piece of statement jewelry to add another element of interest, so I wore my Victoria Emerson Cairo boho cuff.

The earth tones are perfect with the olive and brown, and it has great texture and shine for a touch of glam.

I wore fairly simple earrings, so as not to interfere with the turtleneck. These small geometric hoops are by Kendra Scott, and I like the brushed gold for an understated, casual vibe.

And I carried my Everlane Day Market Tote in the light taupe. If you’ve been around for a while, you know I’ve had this tote for years. It’s a really nice value for a classic leather tote, and I like the the sleek, minimalist styling.

So yeah, while I love this look in theory, I wish I could make a few tweaks.

If the sweater were an inch or two longer and the pants a little straighter, I’d love it. But perhaps some of these pieces will be just right for you. If not, maybe you can recreate this look or something similar from pieces in your own closet.

I do love the color combo, and I hope it gives you some fall style inspiration.

Outfit Details:

mockneck sweater // demi-boot crop pants // snake print mules // taupe tote // earrings // bracelet

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the fall look she’s styling today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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52 Responses

  1. Love the shoes, bought them from the Nordstrom sale but had to return, my heel kept sliding off to the side. Would love to find something comparable in the same color family.

  2. Ok, those pants look AMAZING on you, I love the flare and it’s very complimentary…….truly:) i love the entire outfit, might have to get those pants and the shoes…..those shoes would match everything.

    1. The shoes DO match everything. It’s kind of insane how often I want to wear them… I actually had to make myself wearing something else with a few outfits during our photo shoot on Sunday so I don’t have the same shoes with too many looks. 😂

  3. agree: love the color combo, the mules are a perfect print (although my feet can’t do mules), the crop Demi-boot cut will not be for me, top needs another 2″ on you so on my 5’8″ it won’t work.  BUT the main thing is the outfit is a very good style inspiration!!

  4. I really like this style of pants on you.  I hope you don’t give up on this cut.  Perhaps your eyes just haven’t adjusted to this look.  Great outfit, you look beautiful!

  5. The color combination is beautiful! I think the whole outfit looks nice on you. Maybe the taupe color of the handbag is throwing things awry? I’d love to have seen it with your denim jacket. I hope your back is healing Jo-Lynne.

  6. So happy its 22 day of fall time! I love a sleeveless turtleneck sweater. Living in Florida they are perfect for late fall and winter under jackets and sweaters. I agree it needs to be a little longer to make me happy. Can’t wait to see what else you have coming up!

  7. I love sleeveless turtlenecks where I live in Florida.  They still have to be lightweight but make me feel like it is fall even though it is still hot here. 

  8. Thanks for the review on the Zella joggers. I wanted to order them during the anniversary
    sale and they were out of stock. I’m 5′ 2″ and wondering if they would be to long on me. I forgot how tall you are. I like the brown top with your olive pants. I would never have thought of putting brown with my olive pants. Goes great together.
    Also I missed emails for a day and happened to catch you mention a pillow that had been recommended to you. Please tell me what pillow you’re going to buy. 😉
    I hope you’re feeling better!

  9. I really love this color combo and you styled it well and look fantastic. I am so proud of you for not staring this series off with jeans. Lol. These aren’t colors I would normally wear but this is why I follow you, to get out of my black/grey rut. I will now take out my olive pants and order this brown top. I’m happy that you said it wasn’t too clingy around the girls 😊

    1. Haha, well, don’t get too excited. I think the other looks I’ve photographed are all jeans. 🙈 That occurred to me just yesterday. I already did the 5 ways to wear the Spanx black pants, and 5 ways to wear cargos, so I didn’t want to style them again so soon, but I’m going to need some variety or it’s going to be mostly jeans this month. I don’t have a single dress or skirt either. I haven’t found any that I care for yet. So…. this series may be very denim focused.

  10. I really like this outfit. It’s different from what you’d usually style.. nice to think outside the box and yes I’d love a denim jacket over it:) looks great 😊

  11. I agree with others that the pants look great on you. I too have some curves and I think the flare balances with the hips without shortening your silhouette.  Great color combination that I probably wouldn’t have thought of. Thanks!

  12. Wow!  That was what I said to myself when I first saw this outfit!  This looks fantastic on you!  I know you looooove your skinnies, but these pants look great in the photos. And, the turtleneck!  And the shoes!  Just love it all – including the tote. Perfect colors together!

  13. I love the flare on this on you.  Honestly though I love the shoes too what I don’t love is mules with a crop flare. They look so much better with a small heel or of course a high shaft bootie. I do love the color combo and I love the sweater including the length. But I’d prefer a higher rise pant.  

  14. I’ve been looking at your outfit and wondering why it doesn’t work. Do you think brown booties with a high shaft would look good with the flared pant leg? They would also bookmark your outfit. 🤔

    1. It doesn’t work mainly b/c the top is too short. But the other thing that is distracting is the color of the turtleneck – it is close to my hair color, so I really lose my neck in the high turtleneck. Plus I don’t have a very long neck to begin with. An ivory color might look better on me, although I do love this shade of brown. I’d prefer a cowl neck, or a more relaxed turtleneck that shows some of my neck.

  15. I love this outfit and I think the pants fit you perfectly. You look absolutely darling and right on trend. Keep that outfit! I’ve had really good luck with JCrew pants and jeans so I may have to order those. The top is great too (color is perfect). Outfit #1 is a win IMO 😊

  16. What I really love about this post is that you put yourself out there! You told us what you thought didn’t work and why and what you would change. And that is what sets you apart from the other bloggers! Well done. I need that more than another perfect outfit! 😉

  17. Love the sleeveless top! Perfect for an Alabama fall. Color  is beautiful on you. I also like size of the earrings and I am a KS fan. Will check them out! 
    I really enjoy the detail you give about clothing and how it feels and fits. 

  18. Love the color combo! I’m with you, though, Jo-Lynne. I just don’t love the demi-boot in a crop length. I think if you were to draw lines (like we do when breaking up the look into thirds) the wide point of the hem matches the wide point of your hips. Does that make sense? It’s almost as if the silhouette begins at the hemline. I keep thinking I like this new silhouette, but I never like it when I try it on. I’d prefer a straight-leg crop. But, as someone said, has my eye just not adjusted?

    The brown is such a rich color. I love it! Have you tried any of the cinnamon-colored sweaters or tops? Sometimes it’s called spice. I love that color and years pass without seeing it. Banana Republic has several items in those shades. I’m thinking that color might look good with the olive pants. I tend to wear black, white, or navy with olive so I love seeing something different.

  19. I really like this color combo!  I noticed right away how short the top is.  I suspect that you did not wear a necklace so that the top could shine in its own glory.  I have ordered a pair of snake print mules from Belk, and am really hoping that they have the support I need and that they fit.  I bet Savannah is enjoying having her whole pack home all of the time!  Or maybe, she had rather it be just you and Caroline during the day. 🐶 Have a great day!

  20. To me, crop flares (or any cropped pants) cut off the leg. Some ladies can handle that; us shorties usually cannot. These pants would be lovely on anyone if they were full length. And we all know you look great in boot cut pants — even if you don’t like them!

  21. Oooh, I love this color combination!  I really never thought of putting brown with my olive pants. It really is striking.  Thanks for the inspiration!  And honestly, I think the pants look nice on you.

  22. Love this Fall series with Cyndi and you!  Seems so normal in this weird year, so thank you. Cute combo of colors. I’m with you on all points. The top is great but I prefer a few more inches. The pants are a good color but I can’t do that flare either. I guess more accurately, I can do it but I don’t want to 😉.  The inner French seam is not easy to take in and continue fresh in an unnoticeable way. The outer seam is doable but I’d say inner seam is a deal breaker. Keep looking and you’ll find the perfect pants that you love and don’t require alterations.
    I have the VC denim jacket, love it too and I’m all geared up to wear it. I didn’t get much use in Spring with the stay @ home order. I’m SO ready. 

  23. I LOVE that outfit on you. The colors look really good and I actually like the flare of the pants! I can see how less flare would also look good. I love the length of the turtleneck, but it isn’t practical as I’m sure it rises and shows skin with each move! Very annoying!! For that reason, I would want to “tweak” it as well! I love those colors and I agree, couldn’t have found a better shoe to pull the outfit together! Love the series and can’t wait to see what’s next! Thank you!

  24. Love the color combo!  I just thought you had tucked in your shirt, until you mentioned the length.  😆 I think your black suede vionic sandals would look really good with those pants.  The suede and the amount of coverage leans them into fall and I think the heel would be good with the cropped flares.  

  25. Interesting post. When I first saw the cover picture, I thought the outfit was adorable on you. I admit – I was thinking the top was tucked in. When you pointed out that it wasn’t, I can see how it’s too short. Gorgeous color though. And I love the pants in every shot but the head on shot. The flare looks perfect from the other angles, but I agree it’s a tad too flared looking in that shot. I am also a fan of skinnies, but the slight flare crop intrigues me. Though I don’t dislike the straight crop, I prefer the slimmer top half of a slight boot. But I agree with you that I want them slight (I’ve never been a fan of full length flare jeans). Altering them seems like a PITA, but I’d be curious to hear if you do that, because everything else about them (color, fit) looks great. Shoes are adorable – wish I could comfortably wear mules (my feet slide around in them too much).

  26. Great out of the gate outfit for day one of the fall fashion series. Puts me in the mood for more fall shopping. Love the colors. I do like turtlenecks and mocks. This will work in hot Central California with or without a jacket. Thank you!

  27. Great post and nice to get the explanation of why you think it doesn’t work. I most happy you and Cyndi teamed up for a fall series! I follow both of you and always learn so much. Keep up the good work!

  28. Jo-Lynne, you and I could be fashion twins!  It seems like everything you like, I like too, and everything you don’t like is not a favorite of mine either.  I just can’t get onboard with the crop flares.  I haven’t even bought a pair because I just don’t care for the style….I’m a straight or skinny bottoms gal all the way.  I do really like this color combo though, and the sleeveless turtleneck is cute.  I appreciate you trying different looks because we all don’t like or feel good in the same styles, so it’s still beneficial to see them and decide for ourselves.  

  29. I love the sleeveless turtleneck.

    I’ve worn a black sleeveless turtleneck with white jeans, and white shorts all summer. It’s a classic look–think Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffanys style.
    Perfect transition piece as you said. Denim jacket and you are good to go.

  30. Happy September! I am happy to see you and Cyndi doing a collab again.  I love that you featured walnut as a neutral.  It is such a beautiful neutral as an alternative to the black, navy and greys. It sure is hard to find walnut, chocolate, coffee, dark taupe in clothing though- it is just not as popular as the yellow toned camels and beiges. I am a cool undertone, so i have to be careful of the yellow undertones. I order a lot and end up sending a lot back! But I would love to see a comeback of the walnuts, chocolates, dark taupes, etc. Last year you shared a cool toned camel cardi from Loft and I snatched that right up! Lol! Thanks for all you do! Have a great day! 

  31. These colors go great together! Thank you for posting this. As a pear the flares may work for me. Can you tell me if the olive leans toward cool or warm? I am a cool. Looks cool on you but warm on the Nordstrom site.

  32. I love the sleeveless turtleneck look. I think it may be the most beautiful garment a woman can wear. It has all of the flattering effects of sleeveless and of turtleneck combines – it’s the best of both worlds. And that sleeveless turtleneck looks amazing on you!

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