25% off Everlane Sale: My Everlane Spring Favorites

You guys. I could not BELIEVE it when I woke up this morning to find an unprecedented Everlane sale — 25% off sitewide through Friday!!!

Happy Monday, indeed. It almost makes the news of another month of social distancing and isolation seem bearable.

Today I’m going to share a roundup of my Everlane spring favorites, but first…

Your response to yesterday’s post was overwhelming. Thank you so much for the solidarity and for reassuring me once again that we’re all in this together.

I’m feeling a lot better this morning, thanks to you, and also because it’s Monday.

I’ve always said Mondays get a bad rap. I love the fresh start, and having a whole week ahead to accomplish what I need to accomplish. My editorial calendar is full, and I’m eager to get back to work.

If you’re also stuck at home and have been feeling lost and out of sorts, I urge you to treat weekdays differently than weekend days. Get up, shower, put on some makeup.

Create a routine that makes weekdays different than weekends, and stick to it. Don’t neglect your exercise schedule, or create a new one if you don’t have one.

I miss my strength training workouts terribly, and I can’t even run right now due to this stupid hip. So my goal this week is to do Yoga with Adriene every morning, go for a 45-minute walk each day (weather permitting), and to drop and do 10 push-ups at least 3 times throughout the day.

I’ve been doing pretty well with that over the past week, but the days I skip any piece, I definitely feel it… physically and mentally.

I’m also not allowed to sit down and watch TV until my work day is done. That’s nothing new for me, but over the weekend, I found myself watching too much TV. Even though the shows I watch are light, it made me feel like a couch potato and definitely contributed to my funk.

So who’s with me? Let’s harness the power of Monday, and take charge of this week.

And what better way to kick off a new week than with an epic sale?!?

25% off Everlane Sale: My Everlane Spring Favorites

Everlane has never done a site-wide sale before, so this the time to grab any of those items you’ve had your eye on and were hesitant to pull the trigger. Or perhaps you have a few favorites, and you were debating another color? Now is the time to stock up!

I love to support Everlane because it’s a company you can depend on for transparent pricing and ethically produced eco-conscious shoes, bags, and apparel.

Their sizes are a bit inconsistent, so I will do my best to guide you on the items I’ve tried. Also, as far as returns go, I usually use Happy Returns for Everlane because it’s free, and you don’t even have to package them up.

But with so many malls closed right now, you may need to use their mail-in returns, and they make that easy (and right now, it’s free) online.

Okay, so! My Everlane Spring Favorites….

The Soft Cotton V-Neck $40 $50

This is my favorite spring sweater. It’s 100% cotton, and it has a flattering v-neck and a relaxed fit.

It’s on the shorter side and seems to flatter those of us who are shorter and/or short-waisted.

I find this sweater to run true to size; I have a small in both the grey and navy.

Everlane The Cotton V-Neck $15 $20

This tee is thin and soft and has a nice drape. It’s plain and almost resembles your husband’s undershirt, but it’s perfect if that’s what you’re going for. It has a casual, boyish vibe that works for a lot of purposes.

It’s definitely on the thinner side, so I wear it mostly as a layering piece. It also comes in a wide range of colors. Size up in this; I have the medium.

Everlane The Air Scoop-Neck Tee $21 $28

This tee has the same super soft cotton feel as the white v-neck above, but it’s a little bit thicker with a slightly more relaxed fit. It’s also an inch or two shorter.

I think this Burnt Senna color is gorgeous, and it also comes in blue, black, and white. I find this tee to run true to size; I have the small.

Everlane The Pima Micro Rib Cap-Sleeve Tee $22 $30

This tee is made of a stretchy ribbed Pima cotton, and it has a body-con fit. I love the seaming detail up the back and the feminine neckline and sleeves.

It will make a nice layering piece this spring and summer, but it also stands alone nicely. I sized up to a medium in this one.

Everlane The Linen Scoop-Neck Tee $26 $35

This is another Everlane tee I’m liking a lot lately. It’s 100% linen, so a natural fiber and very breathable.

I like the rounded neckline and the easy fit. I sized up to a medium in this one.

Everlane The Day Loafer Mule $108 $145

I’ve already sung the praises of these mules multiple times, but again, they are suuuuper lightweight, and the leather is beautiful. It’s not as soft and supple as some leathers, but it’s beautiful and very durable. I haven’t had any issue getting these marked up.

These shoes are also very comfortable on the foot and easy to walk in.

I have narrow feet and have no problem keeping them on. In fact, I like them so much, I got them in cream and caramel.

I do recommend sizing up, though. Size up half if you have narrow or medium feet, and size up a whole size if you have a wider foot.

Everlane The Day Loafer $116 $165

And these are the loafers the mules above are related to. They have the same lightweight feel, soft but durable leather, and the elastic band around the heel keeps them on the foot without digging into the heel.

I also recommend sizing up half in these. I have the 8.5.

Everlane The Court Sneaker $73 $98

These sneakers are incredibly comfortable on the foot — no socks needed! I love how they feel on, and they have good arch support too.

They have a 100% full-grain leather upper with a sole that’s a blend of natural and recycled rubber that’s 94.2% free of virgin plastic.

Everlane The Day Market Tote $131 $175

This tote probably needs no introduction, but if you need a basic leather tote in a classic style, this is the one to get.

The leather is stiffer than some, but like the loafers above, it’s very durable and wears well.

Everlane Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Button Fly $58 $78

These jeans have a really nice off-black wash, and they’re super thick and soft and stretchy. The material is 77% cotton, 17% modal, 2% elastane, 4% polyester.

I ordered the ankle length to get more of a cropped fit, but they come in ankle, regular, and tall lengths.

They have an 11″ inseam, so that’s quite high, but I find them very comfortable.

They run a bit small; I have the size 29, and right now I’m wearing mostly size 28 in other brands.

Everlane The High-Rise Skinny Jean $51 $68

I’m also really pleased with these skinny jeans! They’ve taken backseat to my new white Madewell pair for the time being, but these are actually a bone color, which is really nice to have as an alternative to the stark white.

They’re very thick and not at all see-through, and they are a bit stiffer than most of my other jeans, but not in a bad way. I think white jeans look best with they’re a little on the stiffer side because they don’t show through as much.

The premium 11 oz Japanese denim is 98% cotton, 2% elastane, so they have good shape retention. Also, the leg opening is 11″ — an inch larger than most of my skinnies, so they read almost like a slim straight.

These jeans also come in black and a couple shades of blue. In fact, here they are in the black. Yes, this is a different pair than the ones shown above with the same sweater.

These also run a bit small; the 29 is the perfect fit for me.

Everlane The Cashmere Scarf $73 $98

This is my all-time favorite scarf. It’s on the thinner side, so you can wear it as a fashion statement or a winter accessory.

I always bring it with me when I travel in the winter because it goes with everything, and it slips easily into my tote if I get warm indoors.

Everlane Cashmere Crew $56 $75

These cashmere crews are usually $99, and they were marked down to $75 last week. Now they’re taking 25% off that!

They come in a myriad of gorgeous colors and neutrals, and they’re a wardrobe basic you will have for years to come. These run TTS; I have the small, but you can size up if you prefer a more relaxed fit.

Everlane Varsity Cardigan $84 $120

I’ve enjoyed wearing this sweater a ton over the past winter. I love wearing a v-neck cardigan buttoned up for a fresh way to wear a cardigan, but you can also wear it open over a tank or cami. I sized up to a medium in this one.

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19 thoughts on “25% off Everlane Sale: My Everlane Spring Favorites

  1. if you’re looking for at-home strength training (since the gym and trainer is a no right now), I’d like to suggest FitnessBlender. You can access their free videos via their website or YouTube. Both of the trainers are so encouraging in a calming and gentle way. They have bodyweight only or dumbbells workouts so they’re perfect for home use. I’ve been a fan for years and just since the stay at home order, I finally upgraded to their recommended PowerBlocks Sport weights and it has been awesome! Just what I need during this quarantine to feel better!

    Thanks for all you do. And your new kitchen is gorgeous. Thanks for the ‘extra’ post yesterday 😊

  2. Loved some of the colors of the spring/summer tees. I also enjoyed your kitchen update post. I’m sure you walk in there now & admire it more than ever. 

    We had high gusting winds on Saturday & a section of my old wooden fence blew over. I had a contractor come over & love it & talk new fences. Wasn’t part of the plan for 2020 – but guess those plans will change. Nothing prettier than a new wooden fence. Oh boy!!!

    Glad your week has started out better. Our new normal for a while us what it is. Keeping ourselves busy & mindful will help. 

    Have a blessed week!!

  3. I’d say that you definitely like Everlane!  You do have some really nice things from them.  I really like the leather sneakers, but I don’t always like a lady, so I know that I’d slam my feet down, which isn’t very attractive.  That’s why I got rid of the leather Keds I had.  I have committed to wearing something different every day and wearing my nice spring clothes.  It’s helping my overall mood!  Why wait to wear them, since we don’t know when the social distancing will end.  Have a great Monday!

    1. Absolutely! That’s so true, and honestly, don’t we really dress to feel good about ourselves, anyway? It’s not like most of us really are thinking about what other people think. We just want to feel good in what we’re wearing. Why not enjoy our pretty clothes while at home?

  4. I love Mondays, too. Monday has always been my “fresh start” day. I have work at home but have struggled the last two weeks with weekends not being any different than a weekday because we’re not having any social contact. We are usually very busy every weekend with family and friends. For me, I’ve found that declaring a weekend day works. For example, I worked yesterday, but tomorrow is going to be a Saturday– no work, pick up a grocery order and do some organizing in the house, plus a virtual cocktail party with friends. Wednesday will be another workday and at some point in the week, I’ll have another Saturday.

    I’ve been buying from Everlane for a few years. I am ordering the cotton sweater in gray. I have it in the blue. I have it in a L, but am thinking about ordering a L and a M and comparing. My blue one seems to have “grown” over time. But it’s 3 years old, so that could be the issue. I really want the mules, too. I have not found comfy ones yet that I can actually wear. Last year I donated my Frye mules. They were beautiful. And would not stay on my feet. I have the tote in the same color and love it!

    1. If anyone likes graphic tee, Everlane’s “100% Human” boxy T is adorable. Every time I wear it, I get compliments. And I can’t tell you how many conversations with strangers I’ve had in grocery stores and parking lots about this T. “What does that mean?” turns into a conversation about the idea that no matter whether we’re male or female, green or blue, etc, everyone on the planet shares the fact that we’re human.

  5. I’ve always looked forward to your e mails, but even more so now.  It’s such a welcome sight when I don’t want to think about Coronavirus.  Thank you!  

  6. Thanks for being ‘real’. And thanks for the Monday motivation tips to get moving. Outdoor walk…check! Now it’s time to drop and knockout 10! Hugs!

  7. I agree.. I’ve kept up with my workouts daily and we’ve gotten out for walks in our subdivision as a family on the nicer days.. I’m still loving my joggers but it’s time to start putting my jeans back  on again a few times a week lol.. I always do my hair, make up and  put on some jewelry to feel put together. 

  8. I was down yesterday with not feeling well,  so missed your post how you were feeling. I had the same kind of day.  I knew we cant be in this situation with the virus and not have a bad day once in awhile. I felt better after I watched church online and thought about how thankful I was in so many ways through this. My husband still has his job and we are healthy so far. Glad all the comments yesterday helped you not feel alone. You aren’t and I appreciate you sharing with us all and being real. God has this. :). I’ve never heard of Everlane until you and Cyndi post it. I hate returning packages so much I’ve always said I won’t order online unless I can go to a store to return if needed. But, now with malls etc closed that doesn’t work. Love your blog post choices. I’ve always been one to dress and put my make up on daily but this last Winter I got out of the habit and started wearing leggings/work out clothes and skipping make up if I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. I felt it was good for my skin. Now with this stay at home deal I never wear make up and it’s getting to me. I did put it on Saturday for our drive we took. :). I miss dressing normal for sure. I really look forward to yours and Cyndi’s blogs each morning. Helps during this time. I just heard a family friend in Spain has the virus. She was really bad and hospital couldnt take her. She now is feeling alittle better. She said Spain is in a nightmare. This is first person I know now who got it. Blessings to you and your family. Stay safe. I’m thankful for Monday and a new start. This is the day that the Lord hath made….. let’s us rejoice and be glad in it. Keep praying for those on the front lines. My husband is a fire chief my daughter a nurse and my son a firefighter/paramedic. Thankfully my other daughter is a principle and working from home. My job is be mama who prays. :). 

  9. I ordered the Miller sandals in the makeup color when they were on sale. Is that the color of Millers you’re wearing with your green cargo pants? It looks like the Everlane tote is a good match?

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