More Fun with Red Jeans: 5 Ways to Wear

I’m always trying to find ways to stretch my wardrobe basics and get more outfits out of those investment pieces, so I had fun playing around with these red jeans one day last week, for a total of 5 ways to wear red jeans.

5 Ways to Wear Red Jeans

I’ve already posted two ways to wear them — first a casual look with a denim jacket, white tee, and white mules; and then a dressier look with a black blazer, leopard sweater, and nude sandals.

And today I have three more.

5 Ways to  Wear Red Jeans

#1. Red Jeans + Black Tee & Leopard Slip-On Sneakers

5 Ways to  Wear Red Jeans: Red Jeans + Black Tee & Leopard Slip-On Sneakers

This pima micro rib cap sleeve tee is going to be a spring and summer staple in my wardrobe, as soon as the weather warms up.

I think it’s so cute and flattering, and it’s highly versatile because it layers easily under just about any completer piece.

It’s currently 25% for a limited time, and for size reference, I have the medium. I definitely recommend sizing up in this one.

These slip-on sneakers were purchased last year, and I’ve worn them a ton since. They’re also 25% off right now.

At first, I was thrown off by the warm tones, but they work really well with the cool undertones in most of my closet. I think it’s because there’s enough black to off-set the warmer tones.

FYI, size down half if ordering these sneakers. I ended up with the 7.5.

I should have shown this with a denim jacket layered on top…

Why do I always think of these outfit possibilities when I’m writing these posts, not when I’m taking pictures???

black tee (25% off) // red jeans // leopard sneakers (25% off) // earrings

#2. Red Jeans + Grey Sweater & Fashion Sneakers

5 Ways to  Wear Red Jeans: Red Jeans + Grey Sweater & Fashion Sneakers

I like how the grey sweater tones down the bright red jeans, and this sweater has the perfect relaxed fit for casual days at home or when we start getting out and about again.

And guess what? This sweater is also 25% off!

Everlane is running an unprecedented, never seen before, site-wide 25% off sale until Friday night!!!

That means the day loafers and day loafer mules are also 25% off. OUCH. (The ouch is for me, since I already bought them… if you’ve been holding out because the price tag seemed a bit steep, now is the time, my friends. Now. is. the. time.)

I recently chopped about an inch off the hem of these jeans, and I like them so much better now. I needed them to show a little more skin in the ankle area.

I like how these sneakers repeat the grey from the sweater and bookend the outfit, and the hint of leopard at the heel is a fun touch as well.

jeans // grey sweater (25% off) // sneakers (20% off) // earrings

#3. Red Jeans + Leopard Top & Black Cardigan

5 Ways to  Wear Red Jeans: Red Jeans + Leopard Top & Black Cardigan

Okay, this look is a little outside of my comfort zone, and I’m not quite sure where I’d wear it… especially right now, while we’re all pretty much quarantined. But isn’t it so cute!?!

Unfortunately, this sweater sold out in the black. Womp… womp… This one might work, though. I actually have it on order.

The leopard blouse I’m wearing is from last sprig. It was a Banana Republic find, and I’ve worn it a lot. This one is a similar style.

I would even wear this outfit just like this when it gets warmer (no sweater needed.) It’s such a cute date night look.

Of course, I could also wear it with that black blazer or a denim jacket.

But I think this black duster really takes the look to a whole new level. What do you think? Would you wear it???

red jeans // similar leopard blouse (30% 0ff) // cardigan (option) // sandals

There are so many fun ways to wear red jeans! By way of reminder, here are the other two ways I’ve styled these red jeans this spring:

#4. Red Jeans + Black Blazer & Leopard Sweater

5 Ways to  Wear Red Jeans: Red Jeans + Black Blazer & Leopard Sweater

And here it is without the blazer, which totally works too.

red jeans // leopard sweater (30% off) // black blazer (40% off) // nude sandals // tote (25% off)

#5. Red Jeans + White Tee & Denim Jacket

5 Ways to Wear Red Jeans: Red Jeans + White Tee & Denim Jacket

red jeans // denim jacket (size S; 30% off) // white tee (size M; 50% off + extra 10% off) // white mules (size up half; 25% off!) // tote (30% off) // sunnies

And I actually just realized I have a bonus look! As I mentioned above, I ended up chopping about an inch off of these jeans after I took all these pictures, and I did a demo on my Insta Story — it’s saved under the highlights.

For that demo, I happened to be wearing the jeans with this look:

#6. Red Jeans + Striped Cardigan & Sneakers

Here’s the before shot…

And here’s after. Much better, yes?

red jeans // grey tee // striped cardigan // white sneakers

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24 thoughts on “More Fun with Red Jeans: 5 Ways to Wear

  1. Love looks 3 and 4! I have a black duster but have never worn it because I just feel it overwhelms my short self. I love them on everyone else and bought it in the hopes that I would get taller, but that never happened! LOL

  2. Honestly, the minute I opened your email, I just thought “WOW!”  What an absolutely striking outfit.  I have a decade on you, and some of my crowd is still a little weird about the leopard trend, but you look amazing and stylish in every good way.  I think your hair coloring and classic style plays so well with it.  My hair is much lighter so it’s less of an outfit for me personally, but I would fall off my barstool coveting it when you walked past. 🤣

    Since I actually own red jeans, I’ve been loving this series.  And if “Tiger King” doesn’t kill the leopard trend, I will totally duplicate your black tee outfit at every opportunity… Lots of leopard shoes in house!

  3. Any chance you could link put the video of cutting/hemming your jeans? Not sure how to find it on Instagram?

  4. Thank you for posting more outfits with red jeans. My fav was with the long black sweater. If you do another series on red pants, how about with a chambray shirt or something flowered and a cardigan. There’s so much leopard out there, it would be nice to see some other combinations.

  5. Wow… who would think a red jean could be so versatile? When I owned a pair years ago I remember wearing my navy and white stripe long sleeve t with them or a white cotton blouse.. great ideas…Our province announced yesterday that schools K-12 will be closed until at least May 1 ( we know they won’t probably be back) and that exams will be cancelled. This does not include the university’s they are finishing up on line classes and exams. Our son has been busy writing papers which some professors have chosen over exams depending on the class.. We aren’t on a lock down but strongly suggested to stay home. With so many businesses and stores and schools closed not much happening out there …even parks and beaches are closed. Our weather is cloudy and cool today but rain and milder weather tomorrow… We need ☀️ 

  6. Such cute ways to wear red jeans and I definitely want to find a pair in petite to go with the Talbots sweater which I’m so excited to say is coming today. I can’t wait to get it but hope I can wear it before it gets too hot in Texas. 
    I would also like the link for how to cut your jeans. When I clicked on the one you provided in the comments to someone else it didn’t work? Have a wonderful day and keep doing what your doing. ~ One day at a time! 

  7. You are definitely creating so many awesome outfits with the red pants!  I really like both leopard print tops and the grey sneakers.  While this type of outfit does not go with my personality, you look fabulous!  We are under a tornado watch now, which is not my kind of weather.  The rain will help wash away some of the yellow pollen, so that’s a good thing.  I hope you have a productive day!

  8. I really like all of your ways to wear red pants. I have pretty much all the things to duplicate the outfits you styled. I have some crop pants I bought at Talbots last year in the exact color I will wear when it gets warmer. In the meantime, I have some Talbots jeggings in more of a primary red and you inspired me to wear them today with a navy button down shirt with polka dots that I already have and it looks great together. I will pin this post so I can remember all the ways to wear them. 

  9. I have shrunk out of my red jeans. i was wondering if I should replace them.  I loved them and now I have seen all these looks I think I better order a new pair.  I have to prioritize my purchases because the new size I hope is just an in between size.   What do you think. Is red just for transition season or will we be wearing them in summer?  Will red still work/be in style come fall?

    1. I think they’re one of those things we can wear if we love them, but they’re not super trendy. Does that make sense? If they work for your style aesthetic, I say go for it.

  10. Yes, the jeans look much better cut off shorter…. good call. I think the outfit with the black long duster is cute. You could wear on a date night but that will be awhile. We are also shut in until end of April from what I hear. (Oregon)I try not to watch much news. Too much of a downer. I can’t even think ahead that far. One day at a time or I go crazy. 

  11. The grey sweater option in a winner! Like the black duster too, I’m a pear shape so Mo duster for me – it would look like a tent!

  12. I love the duster outfit to look at, but that cute Everlane black tee looks great and is the outfit I would most likely wear myself!

    1. Yes, same! 🙂 I love the duster outfit but can’t see wearing that anywhere besides maybe a blogging conference… which, who knows when I’ll ever get to one of those again. Someday…

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