My Daily Looks: What I Wore Lately Vol. 9

Happy April 1st, my friends!!! We made it through March — usually the looooongest month of the year.

Somehow, this crazy virus turned out to be something of a distraction, and March didn’t feel that long at all. Am I the only one?

I read somewhere that Google is foregoing their usual April Fool’s jokes and pranks this year out of respect for all those fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Which made me think…

Don’t you wish you could turn on the news today and find out this whole Coronavirus thing was a big April Fool’s joke?

I actually posted that to my Instagram feed yesterday. If only…

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is neither a joke nor a nightmare, and so we continue pressing on.

Meanwhile, it’s Wednesday, and you know the drill. Every other week on Wednesdays, I share what I’ve been wearing, and today’s the day.

I usually talk about where I wore these looks and why I chose them, but I’ve spent most of the past two weeks at home, so I think it pretty much goes without saying that I wore all of these looks at home.

We’ve been under a Stay-At-Home Order for the past 10 days, and before that it was a strong recommendation, so I haven’t been going about my normal activities for quite some time.

While yes, I do work from home, and I’m used to being home a lot, this lockdown is cramping my style… quite literally!

That said, this feature is about real life and what I’m really wearing, so I’ve continued to take pictures on a daily basis. Yep, I’ve documented it all… the good, the bad, and the ugly!

We’ve had some cold, chilly days and some beautiful, warm days, and everything in between, so these outfits are all over the place.

Oh, March, you are a fickle one!

I’m not even going to try to post in order or remember which day I wore what. I’m just going to share a little about each look, and then link the items I’m wearing, along with sizing notes, underneath each picture.

For size reference, I’m 5’5″ and 135-ish, and I typically wear a small in tops, 28 in jeans, and a 6 or 8 in dresses.

My Daily Looks #CoronaDiaries

I wore this cozy sweater and jeans and sneakers on a chilly weekday to run to the grocery store. I probably wore slippers the rest of the day.

They can’t seem to keep these sneakers in stock, but they’re currently 20% off if you can find your size. Also, these jeans are so good and currently 25% off at Shopbop.

grey sweater (old) // AG Farrah skinnies (size 28; 25% off) // P448 sneakers (TTS or size down if in between; 20% off) // earrings // specs

This next outfit features one of my favorite spring sweaters. I think the color is so pretty, and it has such pretty details in the knit.

It’s currently 50% off at both Madewell and Nordstrom, and it runs TTS; I have the small.

pink sweater at  Madewell or Nordstrom // Rag & Bone skinnies (size 28; 25% off) // Tory Burch flats (size up half) // earrings // necklace // specs

I’ve taken to wearing leggings more days than I care to count. These Beyond Yoga leggings are the ultimate in softness, and they feel so good against the skin.

They finally got restocked, but unfortunately, they’re back to full price.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly pair, my daughters love the 90 Degree leggings at Amazon. They’re very thick and soft, and they pass the squat test!

Barefoot Dreams cocoon cardigan (size M) // BR scoop neck tee (size M) // Beyond Yoga leggings (size M; budget option) // Ugg slippers // earrings // necklace // specs

Another day at home, another casual outfit…

This cardigan is super soft and cozy and very affordable, and I love these espadrille flats for spring and summer. They’re very comfortable, but I recommend sizing up half.

Goodhreads cardigan (size S) // AllSaints tee (size S; 25% off) // AG Farrah skinnies (size 28; 25% off) // espadrilles (size up half) // earrings // necklace

This cardigan is one of my favorite purchases from the #NSale last summer. It’s no longer available in this color, but the 3 current colors are 50% off!

Madewell cardigan (size S; 50% off) // tee (old) // Beyond Yoga leggings (size M; budget option) // Ugg slippers // earrings // specs

And probably my most worn item from the #NSale last summer… this Vince pullover is soft and cozy and stretchy, and I love the relaxed casual vibe.

It’s back on sale again — 40% off!

Vince sweater (TTS; 40% off) // Rag & Bone skinnies (size 28; 25% off) // P448 sneaks (TTS or size down if in between; 20% off) // earrings

We had some chilly days last week, so I took the opportunity to wear this pretty white mock neck sweater one more time. It was a splurge, but I know I’ll wear it for years.

Vince mock neck sweater (size S) // grey Frame skinnies (size 28; budget option) // Tory Burch flats

I think I ran out to the store or something the day I wore this next look… or maybe it was the day I picked my car up from the shop.

We had some work done on it while we didn’t need it, and I left it there for like 3 days afterwards, hoping any germs would have died by then. (And of course, I wiped it all down with antibacterial wipes when I picked it up. These are some crazy times, I tell ya!)

At ay rate, I threw on my grey/black Everlane trainers with this loungewear/athleisure look, and I like how it works together. I originally bought these sneakers with Paris in mind, thinking I could wear them with black jeans and cute tops.

They’ve been discontinued, so I linked a similar pair. All of the Everlane sneakers I’ve tried are very supportive and comfortable on the foot.

Barefoot Dreams cocoon cardigan (size M) // Sweaty Betty tank (TTS; budget option) // Beyond Yoga leggings (size M; budget option) // Everlane trainers

And believe it or not, we had one 75 degree day! I wasted no time throwing on a tank top and shorts so I could soak in as much vitamin D as possible — I went for a walk in the park and then came home and sat on my back deck until the sun went down.

These are going to be my favorite shorts this summer; I’m calling it right now. They’re currently 40% off with code 2DAYs + 20% off with code DEAL. Shipping is free on orders of $25 or more, and returns are always free at Gap.

(Make sure you click on the REGULAR sizes — for some reason, my link keeps defaulting to the tall sizes. They’re available in petites too!)

Treasure & Bond tank // Gap shorts (size 28R; 40% off with 2DAYs + 20% off with DEAL) // Tory Burch sandals // earrings // specs

I’ve been wearing a lot of cardigans lately. They’re nice for those days that start out on the cooler side, and then I can take off the top layer if it warms up in the afternoon.

Madewell cardigan (size S; 50% off) // Everlane tee (size S; 25% off) // Agolde crop jeans (25% off at Nordstrom; more sizes at Shopbop; wearing size 28) // Everlane loafer mules (size up; 25% off) // earrings // necklace // specs

And there’s that Vince sweater again! Hey, at least I know what I like.

Vince sweater (TTS; 40% off) // AG Farrah skinnies (size 28; 25% off) // P448 sneaks (TTS or size down if in between; 20% off) // earrings // necklace // specs

Here I am before yoga one morning. I got both this tank and the leggings on sale a few months back.

I bought them to wear to the gym for weight training, but lately I’ve been wearing them for yoga at home. I like to be able to see my form in the mirror, so wearing form-fitting clothes helps.

Sweaty Betty tank (TTS; budget option) // Sweaty Betty leggings (budget option)

This was last Sunday, the day I was feeling pretty down in the dumps. I didn’t even bother with makeup, but at least I did my yoga, so there’s that.

My Alo zip-up hoodie is a few years old, and I can’t find anything quite like it. It’s thin and lightweight and stretchy — a nice layer for milder days.

This one from Amazon has a similar style to it, though. It’s very slimming.

similar style hoodie // Sweaty Betty tank (TTS; budget option) // Beyond Yoga leggings (size M; budget option) // Ugg slippers // specs

On Monday, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and put myself together. It’s amazing what doing your hair and makeup and putting on pants that zip can do for your frame of mind.

I even got Paul to take a picture outside, although I have to say…

I don’t know if it’s his camera angle or the way I was standing or what, but this outfit does not look very flattering here. I think this sweater shrunk up a bit in the length, or maybe it was never quite as long as the grey one that I have.

Also, I’m not sure why the v-neck is sitting so wide on my shoulders. Definitely not the most flattering picture, but at least my hair looks nice. Ha!

My sweater, jeans, and shoes are all 25% off at Everlane.

Everlane v-neck sweater // Everlane skinnies // Everlane loafer mules // Madewell necklace set // Rag & Bone sunnies

And finally, I wore this Monday afternoon after running to the store, and then again yesterday.

I hate it when bloggers say this, but I am obsessed with these sweatpants… and actually, the sweatshirt too.

I’ll be doing a full review in Friday’s try-on haul, but I have a small in both.

Lou & Grey sweatshirt // Lou & Grey sweatpants // P448 sneaks

And that’s a wrap! I warned you it was all over the place.

I’m hoping we get some better weather now that we’re into April, but it’s still looking pretty chilly for the foreseeable future.

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36 thoughts on “My Daily Looks: What I Wore Lately Vol. 9

  1. Hi Jolynne, I wish it were a bad joke too. It is a scary time, I am a believer and I trust God, it is all in his hands. I am trying to to my part to be safe and stay healthy. On a lighter note, I always enjoys your emails. It is a bright spot in my day and helps me relax. You are looking good, I can tell you have slimmed down, not that you were big to begin with. I loved the red jeans post, I actually love almost anything red!

  2. Great Stay At Home outfits!! I had to laugh at your comments on the outdoor pic your hubby took. You saw negatives, but the first things I saw were the pretty flowering trees, the awesome LV bag and the pretty combo of navy and white, my favorite!! HA HA!!! Enjoy the partial sunshine today!

  3.  I love your outfits! And I love how real you are! Thank The Lord Spring is beginning in Massachusetts too, definitely helps to get outdoors! Couldn’t make it through this without Jesus!

  4. I have been a housewife for the majority of my life and have always gotten ready, hair, make-up & dressed, every single day.  It makes such a difference.  I know there are people who can feel good and get things done when they are undone, but I am not one of them. 

  5. I’ve been alternating between jeans, sweatpants and leggings each day. My favorite leggings are the pocket leggings from PACT and they’re on sale right now. The pockets are perfect for the larger cell phones and they’re very similar to my Zella pocket leggings. They are mostly cotton which has positives and negatives.

    My cotton Everlane sweater did the same thing! The neckline “grew” and I think it’s a tad shorter than it used to be. It’s 2 or 3 years old. I order the gray one anyway,

    Jo-Lynne, what size did you go with for the Gap shorts? I’m placing an order for my grandchildren– the prices are great right now. I think I’ll pop a pair of shorts for myself in.

    Happy Hump Day!

  6. I’m glad to see you styling the leggings and sweats 🤷‍♀️.. I don’t know I just find them so comfortable being around the house.. I do change out of my exercise clothes but then put on another set of comfy’s ( if that’s a word?) I think I’m working on 101 ways to style joggers / leggings lol…. I noticed the beautiful tree  in your background too and thought how nice to see  those blossoms.. We are a ways from that.. cold and damp today .. I think that’s why I like the cozy clothes more right now.. and feel more like dressing on the nicer warmer days… 

  7. Week three at home here and I have to admit that it has been hard. I try to get outside every day on my “lunch hour” to walk the dogs, but it was cold and dreary yesterday (-10C) and I honestly just didn’t have it in me. I have been doing yoga (Boho Beautiful Life) every morning during the time I would normally commute and I have to admit it really helps me start the day off right. Thanks for continuing your blog, it is a nice bright spot in the day 🙂 I find that I have been wearing a lot of cardigans too. Funny story: When this all started, I forgot that we kick down the heat in our house during the day, as we are all usually out of the house. So for the first week I couldn’t figure out why I was so cold! Then I made a comment to my husband and he was like – we need to adjust the temp as it is set to go down at 8am and not back up till 3pm. Haahaa! Got that fixed. 🙂

  8. Funny how you feel like march was faster this year!  My birthday is the 2nd (which was back when life was normal!) and I was just thinking yesterday it feels like that was 2 months ago!

    Thanks for keeping the outfits in this post relatable!  While I enjoy seeing bloggers post dressed up outfits (which reminds me this won’t last forever!), it’s also nice to see cozy pieces that we can wear at home right now, especially if they’re on sale!

    The weather totally makes a difference in this, last week was sunny and in the 80s here, so being stuck at home wasn’t as bad since we could be outside.  This week is cloudy and cool, and it definitely affects my mood!  Maybe the spring weather will return for us all soon!  

  9. You look so cute for staying at home! Hope you and your family stay safe and well. Thanks for these distractions ♥

  10. Just ordered the Madewell Ridgeton sweater. It also comes in Antique Cream with yellow or lime (can’t tell exactly on Nordstrom website) trim. Unfortunately I didn’t see it until after I ordered the Vintage Quartz so ended up ordering both but think I like the cream color better for spring. It is 40% off instead of 50% but thought you might want to link to it as well.

    I love your blog, thank you for all your hard work. Stay safe!

  11. Thanks for all the links and sizing info-always so helpful. Have you ever tried any Boden sneakers? I got their catalog the other day, and their shoes are so cute but wondered about sizing.

  12. Jolynne, thank you so much for being real! You look so cute in everything you style! This coronavirus thing is a real test for us. God is in control and if it weren’t for Him I’d lose my mind! Thanks also for styling leggings and sweats. That seems to be my main staple these days, especially since I’m trying to fit in a workout at least 5-6 days per week. When I do that I feel more productive and energized!

  13. Thanks for sharing your outfits! I love the navy sweater with white pants and camel color mules combo so much! Good inspiration for me!

  14. Well, I read this post this morning, here it is a little after 2 and I’m just finally getting around to commenting.  I enjoy seeing how you dress for days at home, and I like seeing that it’s not much different from what I could wear, if I chose too.  I am pushing myself to dress better so that my overall demeanor will be better.  It works!  I keep mulling over the Everlane trainers since the price is reasonable.  I am still trying to find a pair of decent camo joggers, so if you happen upon any, please let me know.  The pair of have is looking a bit worn.  Thanks!  Even though the park near you is closed, can you walk there and not get your hand slapped?  I hope y’all have had nice weather today!

    1. I’ll keep an eye out. I feel like I’ve seen some camo joggers and didn’t really register them. I can go to the park – we have an entrance from my development that is not blocked, and I think as long as people are just walking the trail and minding their own business, they’re not bothering us.

  15. While I enjoy seeing the outfits you have worn in the last week or so, I have to admit what caught most of my attention was the gorgeous flowering tree behind you in the outside picture. Where I live it will be 4 or 5 more weeks before I see any blooms on trees. Right now I am enjoying the crocuses in my yard. The crocuses are a sign to me that some things haven’t changed and God has this!

    1. Yes, we tried to stand so we captured that tree. 🙂 We have so many pretty trees blooming right now. The non-flowering trees aren’t green yet, so it’s kind of weird. They’re all twiggy and then we have some really pretty blooms.

  16. I grew up in PA too and I remember when 75 degrees seemed like shorts and a tank top weather. We’ve been in NC for 20 years now, and when it’s 75, I’m still wearing jeans, a shirt and cardigan or jacket! Funny how we acclimate to where we are. Thanks for continuing to post. Definitely look forward to reading your posts each day.

  17. Jo-Lynne, the leopard print sweater from Talbot’s came yesterday! I’m wearing it today, and I love it!  Thank you ❤️

  18. I love the last picture of the sweat suit.  What size do you have on in both? I’m 5’3″ and usually wear size 4 pant in LOFT and size XS tops, but haven’t tried their Lou and Grey before. I love the sweat suit option in the very light grey and its only in the XS.  Just wondering if that would work for me.  I wish they’d put the Lou and Grey on sale.  

  19. PS  Thats weird now they show both available in a small too when I go back to site.  UMMMM. I think I need XS.  I wonder if they’ll go on sale?

  20. March seemed like it was at least 3 months long to me!  My birthday was the 10th and it seems a lifetime ago that we were actually sitting in a restaurant.  Love the outfits and the encouragement to keep getting dressed every day and try to feel as normal as possible.  By the way, I loved the red jeans post.  I will be looking for some soon!

  21. I laughed when I saw & read these. I went to get dressed this morning and looked at my row of blazers I normally wear with regularity and went right for 1 of the 3 cardigans I’ve been wearing on repeat the last couple of weeks. My family and my zoom-mates are going to get sick of seeing them but I do get chilly inside, so typically keep them on most of the day. My ugg slippers are going to need a dry clean too when this is over…they have been on my feet 24/7! Thanks for continuing to keep it real and share with us.

  22. Thank you for keeping up the posts I’m sure it’s not just me but I love a bit of escapism and thinking about fashion for a little bit every day! I also find it I tetesting to hear about your lockdown situation in the USA we are 2 weeks in the days seem li g but everyone is pulling together! Stay safe look fwd to reading some more posts! Xx

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