Up Your Athleisure Game with Athleta (30% OFF!!!)

As we hunker down for another month of social distancing and staying home, leggings and sweatshirts are fast replacing jeans and sweaters as my daily uniform.

It’s especially convenient now that I’m trying to do yoga every day. Once my video is over, I don’t even need to change out of my tank top and leggings. I just throw on a hoodie and sneakers — or, let’s face it, slippers — and I’m ready for the office… my home office, that is.

Then later on, I can take a break from work and go out for a walk around the neighborhood without having to change. It’s a great way to eliminate excuses, because we all know that changing is half the battle, and I still feel stylish and put-together all day long.

If you’re also trying to up your athleisure game, this is a great time to check out Athleta.

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Athleta has a wide selection of pieces that are perfect for WFH days (that’s Work From Home… in case you were wondering!) and at-home workout streaming.

As an added bonus, they just launched a rare 30% off sitewide sale starting today!

Since I won’t able to get my order in time to share them with you before the sale ends on April 6th, I rounded up all the items on my wish list for your shopping inspiration.

From easy tees and tanks, to sweatshirts and wraps, to joggers to leggings, they have everything you need to stay comfortable and well-balanced at home!

Do you have any Athleta favorites to recommend? I’ll be sure to share the ones I order in a try-on haul as soon as they come in.

Also, if you’re looking for workouts you can do at home, Athleta just released a new Homebodies Collective page under the Community tab. It’s full of resources like free workouts and meditation classes.

Shop My Athleta Favorites:

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11 thoughts on “Up Your Athleisure Game with Athleta (30% OFF!!!)

  1. Wow…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sale at Athleta (except for the season end clearances).  This will be pretty big news around my house.  Thanks, JoLynne!

  2. Love love love Athleta! Not only their athleisure wear but they’ve got some great dresses that I use regularly (and always for travel!) 
    Off season now but I always get a down coat from them annually. Their return policy is the best! 

  3. Today I have on more comfy pants, just because, but they are still presentable.  In case you haven’t heard, starting tomorrow all of GA will be under a stay-at-home order at least until April 13th.  If you are caught out and about for non-essential reasons, you can be ticketed or arrested, so they are serious.  Because we live in the rural country, some of our neighbors aren’t taking all of this too seriously, and think it doesn’t apply to them.  Wrong!  It is taking a lot longer for orders to get to us now, as in close to 1 month wait for some things from Amazon, like paper plates.  Have a great day!

    1. Love Athleta! I have one of their cardigans… So soft and comfy. I’m going to have to check out the sale!

  4. I had to laugh out loud when I read this, I thought I was the only one that thought changing outfits was half  the battle!! I also agree it’s become much easier to work out due to wearing athleasure wear all day. Thanks for the great post!

  5. Athleta is hit and miss with me, but the things I have from that work for me I LOVE. I carry my weight in my hips and thighs and struggle to find pants that fit me well. Their Brooklyn pants work very well for me. They are slim without being form fitting, and fit me in the hips and thighs. They look smart enough to wear to the store, or even for travel, but they are super comfy around the house. I’ve been wearing them a lot lately. Their All Day Skort is another favorite of mine and I will be living in that as soon as summer gets here.

  6. My 23 yr old daughter recently went from shopping at Lululemon to Athleta and feels the quality is much better for the price. She ordered a few pairs of bike shorts for the first time in two sizes (she’s a member of a nice cycle studio) but one pair was too small so she had me try them and I was pleasantly surprised how well they fit and how well they kept everything in. Now I was doing kickboxing 3 times a week before “the stay at home order” and wanted to be sure they would be comfortable so I wore them to do a kickboxing video and they held up great. No riding up on the thighs or rolling at the waist so I may have to order another pair. I think they come in a variety of lengths. 

  7. Great post idea!   There’s really no need for “real” clothes right now, but doesn’t mean we can’t still look cute and be comfy!  Would you consider doing a post of affordable athleisure?  I’ve seen a lot of bloggers mention a couple amazon brands but don’t know if they’re really a decent option.  Might make a fun try on haul.

  8. Athleta sales are rare, but 30% everything is unprecedented! Salutation Stash Pocket leggings are my go-to for workouts, but a recent love is the Trekkie North Jogger (TTS, great for dressing up AND dressing down.) One discontinued item that’s one of my most-worn staples was the Studio Wrap; I think the Canopy Wrap in Nirvana is pretty similar, tho’. Their swimwear is my fave for my over-50 self, and the Glory Bra, tho’ not exactly comfortable (is ANY supportive sports bra comfortable??) is the best I’ve found for my 36DD figure. I’m anxious to hear what you end up loving and NOT loving! 🙂

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